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Elling Wirum - Offshore Powerboat Racer and Businessman

Elling Wirum is a prominent figure in the boat industry sector. He has a business operating in Oslo, Norway the Fountain Powerboats Scandinavian, one of the leading boat industry that provides a high-end powerboats in the country. In his blog, Elling has written several articles that talks about latest news, trends, and discussion topics on business ideas.


Selecting a strategy on closing deals

Negotiating for business is not an easy task as you have to understand the interests of the other party. This is why it is essential to select a strategy that best responds to their interests and tactics will as well help you achieve your company goals.

On Negotiating: How to tame the irascible

These are usually irritable people or those who are easily angered. This is either just the nature of the person or a negotiating strategy we can refer to as 'mock anger'. Nevertheless, no business person wants to lose credibility so in the face of this type of people, the negotiator should still be diplomatic and understanding.

Strategy for International Expansion and Market Entry

Strategy for International Expansion and Market Entry Global business expansion Every business owners and entrepreneurs think of their international market entry strategies in making their business international. This is necessary when it comes to expanding their business and to help it to continuously grow.

Reasons Why A Company's Big Revenues Can Be Deceiving

A company which is receiving big revenues monthly or annually doesn't necessarily mean that the company itself is in a good shape. There are a lot of reasons as to why a company can earn money, it maybe because of direct marketing, social media updates, or even content marketing.

Building global business relationships

Business relationships play an important role not only for startup but also to those who are already established. This partnership requires trusts, communication and teamwork. Another thing to consider in building a global relationship understands the human-relationship aspects of doing business. Aside from trust you must also know that communication also plays an important role.

Ways on how to Get People to Remember You and Your Company

Set up a good impression. Setting up an impression plays an important role not only to entrepreneurs but also to ordinary people. If you want to be remembered you must be sure that it is for the better, so it won't affect you and your business in any way.

Tips on How To Turn Your Passion Into Profit

Love - Passion into profit Being an entrepreneur is no easy task. One must love what they are doing, enjoys it, knows the basics of how business works and must have a lot of courage and patience. This is where your passion comes in.

Stein Elling Wirum's profile - Bag The Web

Stein Elling Wirum is the CEO of Fountain Powerboats Scandinavian. Since childhood he has been actively involved with speedboats and sailboats. His passion for boating has led him to be a successful boat racer and businessman.

Tips in Driving a Power Boat - Elling Wirum

Home / Safety / Tips in Driving a Power Boat Stein Elling Wirum Driving A Powerboat Sometimes owning a boat and driving it in very safe speed may not be enough to quench your thirst for adventure.


Stein Elling Wirum is a CEO, professional offshore boat racer and successful businessman. Elling was regarded as Europe’s fastest boat racer, the first man to organize a Poker Run Race in Norway and a top importer of Fountain Boats.

Skagerak Across 2013 by Stein Elling Wirum

Skagerak Across 2013 PO Box 197, 4902 Tvedestrand, Norway July 12, 2013 Stein Elling Wirum can be found on Twitter at , Google Plus at and also on Facebook at

Stein Elling Wirum PearlTrees

Stein Elling Wirum is an award-winning Norwegian boat racer. He is the CEO of Fountain Powerboats Scandinavia and MTI Boats. Learn more about the competitions

Stein Elling Wirum Youtube

In 1979, Stein Elling Wirum started joining boat races and he got his first boat race championship in 1985. Since then Elling Wirum joined on several European Championship races. Some of his noteworthy awards are from Jettingloppet in Sweden, European Championships Offshore 1, Golden Eagle in Key West and other Scandinavian races. Because of numerous championship wins, Stein Elling Wirum was regarded as Europe's fastest boat racer with a top speed of over 100 mph.

History | Norsk Båtimport Event AS

History - 20 years anniversary 2006 Vinner av Skagerak Across 1 plass, Hansen og Wirum. 2 Plass, Ugland og Hillestad. Stein Elling Wirum fikk sin første båt på 7 årsdagen og har kjørt båt Race siden 1979, ble Norgesmester i 1985. Han bestilte sine første Cigarette og Fountain båter for videresalg til kunder på Miami Boat Show i 1986.

Stein Elling Wirum - Nyhetsstedet

Stein Elling Wirum er født i Oslo, men er idag bosatt i Drøbak. Han har vært båtinteressert nær sagt i hele sitt liv. Han har vært aktiv i båtrace i mere enn 35 år. Allerede i 1985 ble han Norgesmester i klasse 5. Siden har han vunnet mange løp for eksempel Jettingloppen i Sverige.

Stein Elling Wirum

Elling Wirum was known as a successful Norwegian offshore powerboat racer and a businessman. His full name was Stein Elling Wirum. He was born at Oslo, Norway in 1959. While still a young boy, Elling has been captivated by boats and grew up engaging in activities related to speedboats and sailboats.