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Gemini K9 Obedience inc.

Dog Smell Strength Vs. iPhone Scent Detection App: Who'd Win?

the iPhone scent detection app can smell better than our canine friends is a big exaggeration, because the dog wins hands down. The way that this application is supposed to work is that you would buy a computer chip, complete with 2,000 sensors, for your iPhone.

Tips For Teaching Your Dog Tricks At Home

Trick training is a fun experience for both dog and owner that can help to build and strengthen the bond they share. Learning tricks can also give your dog confidence, discipline, and an entirely new skill set.

Top 10 Mobile Apps for Dog Owners - Add to Fun & Care

Apps are used for charting activity, listing scent detection or scheduling appointments for your dog. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve had your dog.

Fun Trips & Vacations – Great Travel Tips for Your Pet

At the same time, playing and trick training are fun activities for these trips. This all starts with thinking about what your pet will need and want to take along.

Fun Ways to Teach Your Dog Tricks - Training Practice

Dogs of different breeds can learn how to do a variety of tricks. Some trick training is simple and does not require a lot of preparation and practice.

Dog Scent Detection - Useful Extra Skills and Abilities

Dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes bring immeasurable joy into our lives. These creatures are members of our families, as well as, benefits to......

Encourage Your Dog's Abilities - Scent Detection Training

Dogs with enhanced scent detection abilities are extremely important to many agencies. They have been instrumental to finding lost children and catching criminals.

Treat Your Dog to Training - Learning Tricks & Having Fun

The goal for trick training is that your dog has fun. These classes help to provide pet owners and pets with opportunities to bond.

Treat Your Dog to Training Classes - Learning Tricks that Enhance Life

There are many different types of trick training classes available for dogs. These classes focus on a variety of things.

Travel with Your Dog - Enjoy Vacations and Short Trips

Many owners have provided their pets with thorough training classes. There are trick training, obedience and scent detection classes for dogs of all breeds and sizes.