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Headline for Development in Africa
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Development in Africa

Humphrey Kariuki Ndegwa is also greatly involved in the agricultural sector. In the past year, he has also established a place in the blogosphere as one of the most staunch and dedicated advocates of sustainable energy and farming practices in developing countries.

New Education Program for Liberian Women

Liberia's new education program is giving women in midlife second chance to be literate, the Voice of America reported last month. According to the article, only 27 percent of Liberian women are literate either because they never attended school or were forced to drop out due to a decade of social instability in the country.

Rural Development Projects on Generating Social Capital

Prioritizing rural developments in Africa has so much effect in the totality of generating social capital as the masses can create great impact into a certain product. Social capital can be improved through external interventions. It is the social networks and institutions, and interpersonal interactions that are important to farmers' livelihoods.

Converting African natural resources to economic development

With its unique geographical location, Africa is rich in natural resources. This advantage can bring economic advancements in the region if properly managed. We all know that a way to convert Africa's natural resources to an economic development is by exporting minerals.

Renewable Energy in Africa

As the need for safe and clean energy sources increases, the trend for generating renewable energy sources is also continuing to emerge. Renewable energy sources are nature-based, which means that it is sourced from natural processes, such as rains, waves, sunlight, wind, and geothermal heat.

Effects of mobile technology to rural Africa

Nowadays, almost everyone has access to an internet capable mobile device. Economic status is no longer an issue with regard to gadget acquisition since more and more devices are made cheaper. Given the wide availability of the said technology, third world and developing countries are already taking advantage of this opportunity to make a difference...

Strengthening agriculture is crucial to the future of Africa

Many experts believe that the way to boost Africa's economic condition is to focus on the agriculture sector of African countries. Africa holds a vast expanse of arable land, especially in a time of a rapidly growing population like these days.

Small-scale agriculture holds big promise for Africa

The recent discovery of a large aquifer in Kenya is a reminder that far from being dry, Africa has abundant water resources. The problem for farmers is access: only around 6% of cultivated land is equipped for irrigation, leaving millions dependent on rain-fed agriculture.

Ways to Improve Education in Kenya

Sadly, the poor suffer from the lowest literacy rates in Kenya. According to the Population Reference Bureau or PRB, rural-based children are still out of school despite the government-backed free primary education policy that has been going on for more than a decade now.

Natural resources as the key to alleviate poverty in Africa

Posted by Humphrey Kariuki Ndegwa on March 25, 2014 at 10:25 PM Africa is rich in natural resources. From transportation essentials like oil to luxury pieces like diamonds and gold, responsible utilization of these minerals will definitely result to an improved way of life.

Entrepreneurship in Africa

Since 1994 where the first democratic elections were held, the government has realized the important role of entrepreneurship to the point that it can change the totality of the economic status of the nation.

How e-learning for health has made a huge impact in Africa

Expanding your network through medical lectures Technology and communication have come a long way. More and more people are already experiencing the benefits of the collaboration between communication and technology. In this context, e-learning for health is starting to prove its worth among African nations.

How to protect African farmers from extreme climatic conditions

Several African nations are prone to extreme weather condition such as drought. It is something inevitable and has long been endured by the Africans. Several countries have already reached out to help African farmers endure harsh weather conditions the region has to offer.

A quick peek on the Rice Development in Africa

With agriculture being one of the most important economic players in Africa, Rice is among the most important crops that feed many of its constituents. It is considered a staple food in numerous African countries. Over the past 30 years, rice has been a part of the food security planning among many countries and to...

Using Technology as an Enabler of Economic Growth in Africa

Most of us probably know that for many years, Africa holds the title for being the poorest and most underdeveloped continent in the world. Aside from the high levels of poverty, Africa also faced different issues such as low life expectancy, different diseases and famine. In spite of the extensive measures that the African government...

Benefits of Educating Girls

Today, we cannot deny the importance of education in terms of empowering and developing a country, as education plays a major role in improving an individual's well-being and a societies' economic and social status. But let's face it, as of today, there are still a huge number of children today doesn't have access to education,...

Digital Infrastructure: An Important Key To Africa's Future Success

Having a stable and reliable digital infrastructure has played a vital role in boosting a nation economy and poverty. In reality if a country have managed to develop its own digital infrastructure, that country is also going to be able to improve it productivity by increasing it production and reducing the transaction costs.

The Connection of Power in Empowering Africa

Despite the continual support coming from different countries and the enormous natural resources in Africa, the people of this continent remains to be very poor to the event that many African men, women and children die due to poverty.

Benefits of Green Economy and How Can it Aid Global Unemployment

Unemployment is one of the major problems of every country. This is evident in the continuous growth of population and the number of unemployed youth. People in the developing world have vulnerable and informal jobs as per International Labour Organization (ILO). This means that they have limited job security, poor working conditions and low salary payment.

Initiatives Aiming To Help Africa

For many years, there have been different projects initiated by numerous non-profit organizations and government institutions around the world that aims to lessen the number of people who are still in the poverty line and to boost the economic progress of Africa.

Ways on how to strengthen food security in Africa

Strengthening food security in Africa is really important and necessary in order to provide sustainable food source to the people. But one must realize, how long would the security need to be done.

Ways to Promote Entrepreneurship in Africa

For a country who still trying to harness its own economic and development potential such as Africa, it is important for them to promote different activities that can encourage entrepreneurship and social innovations.

Nigeria's Key in Overtaking South Africa's Economy

Up until now, we can still say that the mobile industry has continued to play an integral role in the development of our society; especially today, when the world has become fast phased in which the mobile industry is utilized as a tool in gaining a competitive edge.

Green Economy: Kenya's Key To Boost Their Economy

To help Kenya to improve its economy, the Kenyan government already initiated different activities that can help them in creating new opportunities for the country. In relation to this, Kenya has also made an announcement that they are starting to push through another project that aims to prepare Kenya to move towards a greener economy....

EDUCATION: Africa's ticket to development

Education is the key to success. While there may be other factors that can contribute to achieving success - such as personality, talent, special skills, - this still stands true. An individual who has accomplished a higher degree in education is still in the advantageous position.

How Nigeria Beat Ebola

Posted by Humphrey Kariuki Ndegwa on November 9, 2014 at 10:20 PM By now, you have probably read dozens of news articles, watched thousands of videos and perused every online medical portals that you could find just to learn things that you should know about ebola.