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Updated by Michelle Houareau on Apr 28, 2014
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Best No Mold Shower Curtain 2014

Eliminate mold from your shower curtain with a shower curtain liner. Liners are made of plastic and a treated to resist mold. Hook up a mold free shower curtain liner between your existing fabric shower curtain and your shower. Make sure you remove all existing mold from that fabric shower curtain first. Alternatively, if your existing fabric shower curtain is too old and moldy, replace it with a new and fresh one or just replace it completely with just having a shower curtain liner. Read more.

How to Clean a Cloth Shower Curtain

by Robin Neorr The look of your bathroom isn't complete without the right shower curtain. Over time, this bathroom centerpiece can take a serious beating. Shower curtains are exposed to soap scum, dirt, and grime on a daily basis. It's no wonder they start to look dingy, but you can take care of this problem in just a few easy steps.

How Do I Choose the Best Shower Curtain Set?

Budget is an important consideration when choosing a shower curtain set. Synthetic varieties are typically much less expensive than natural types, but both have pros and cons to consider. Deciding between a solid or pattern is another step when selecting a shower curtain, although the latter type is often much easier to find and tends to give more design interest to a bathroom.

What is the difference between a shower curtain and a shower curtain liner?

A shower curtain is for decor and hung on the outside of the bathtub/shower. Whereas a shower curtain liner is hung on the inside of the tub/shower to protect the shower curtain. In simpler terms...SHOWER CURTAIN: gets to hang and look pretty and be dry.

How to hang a cloth shower curtain & use a liner? - Yahoo Answers

Do I put both curtains on the same rod & use same hooks or use different hooks and need a second bar? No directions other than cloth label states liner recommended!