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Crimson Rose Engagement Ring Versus The Original Blooming Beauty Ring

The very unique Crimson Rose Engagement Ring Versus The Original Blooming Beauty Ring is a common issue that many of our brides have to consider. Although these handmade settings may appear similar with only a casual glance, a closer look will definitely point out the obvious differences.

Perhaps the most visible difference is that the Original Blooming Beauty Ring has a single row of channel set diamonds that are framed by a delicate row of Pave-Set diamonds on each side. The Crimson Rose Ring has just a single row of Pave-Set diamonds in the band and no channel set diamonds. This allows the Band of the Crimson Rose Flower Diamond Engagement Ring to be thinner, which some brides do prefer.

Total Diamond Carat Weight Of Each Handcrafted Ring Setting

Crimson Rose Diamond Carat weight = 1.58 ctw
Original Blooming Beauty Ring Diamond Carat Weight = 1.78 ctw

As you can see by the total carat weights above, The Original Blooming Beauty Ring has a greater total carat weight of diamonds. Each Ring Setting can accommodate a center stone in the range of 1.25 carats to approximately 3.5 carats. Please be aware each engagement ring is only guaranteed to accommodate diamond sizes up to 3.0 carats and larger sizes will have to be confirmed.

The shape of the center stone for each ring is recommended to be Round Brilliant however other shapes such as Princess, Radiant, Cushion and Asscher may work as well if the stones are square in shape and not rectangular.

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Beautiful Petra Vs Blooming Beauty Flower Rings

Compare the Beautiful Petra engagement ring versus the Original Blooming Beauty Flower Ring from

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Beautiful Petra 1.58 ctw. Rose Flower Diamond Engagement Ring - bbr607

The Beautiful Petra is our newest addition to the Blooming Beauty Ring Collection. 1.58 cts. in total. Stunning Flower Engagement Ring. The Beautiful Petra gets her name from the ancient Jordanian city Petra. Aptly nicknamed the Rose City due to the rose colored stone that was used to carve and chisel master works of architecture, just like this engagement setting.

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Call (213) 222-8868 To Order The Beautiful Petra Ring Beautiful Petra Versus The Blooming Beauty Product Description: The Beautiful Petra gets her name from the ancient Jordanian city Petra. Aptly...

Beautiful Petra Engagement Ring Video

Beautiful Petra Ring Versus Blooming Beauty's Flower Ring Compared Side By Side


Beautiful Petra Versus Blooming Beauty Flower Ring Photo


Beautiful Petra Ring

Blooming Beauty's Flower Ring

** We've included both the Beautiful Petra and The Original Blooming Beauty Ring below so you can see the difference side by side.**

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Beautiful Petra. 14 likes ยท 1 talking about this. Created by - #BeautifulPetra is a unique Flower Ring design that looks like a Rose to some & Lotus or Tulip to others.

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In this period of time, people's eyes tend to be caught by flower engagement ring . What really attracts people is the flower engagement ring 's uniqueness which is more attractive than any other kind of ring in jewelry stores out there.

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We create unique engagement rings with vintage and antique style. Our ring settings also include the Beautiful Petra ring, seen in the video below.