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Updated by Michelle Houareau on Apr 25, 2014
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Best Rated No Mold Shower Curtain Reviews 2014

Here is a quick and simple solution to ugly smelly mold plagueing your lovely fabric shower curtain: hook up a mold free shower curtain liner between your existing fabric shower curtain and the shower. Be sure to wash the mold off any existing shower curtain. If your existing fabric shower curtain is too moldy to keep, freshen things up with a new one or just hook up thicker mold free shower curtain liner and just use that alone.

How to Remove Mold from Shower Curtain : Shower Curtain Mold Removal

Is disgusting and can be embarrassing when unexpected guests pop in for a stay-over. When those tiny black spots begin to appear on the the bathroom tile, walls and the shower curtain; you know that you've got a problem. Shower curtain molds come in many colors, sizes and shapes.

How Do I Choose the Best Shower Curtain Set?

Budget is an important consideration when choosing a shower curtain set. Synthetic varieties are typically much less expensive than natural types, but both have pros and cons to consider. Deciding between a solid or pattern is another step when selecting a shower curtain, although the latter type is often much easier to find and tends to give more design interest to a bathroom.



How to Wash a Shower Curtain Liner in the Washing Machine

Decorative shower curtains commonly consist of two parts -- the liner and the fabric curtain. The material in the liner is usually vinyl or some other synthetic that keeps water inside the tub or ...