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Updated by Derek Iwasiuk on Jun 12, 2018
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Top E-Cigarettes

Here's a list of the top electronic cigarette brands, vote on what you like most or see what our editors like best.


V2 Cigs

V2 Cigs are the Hottest selling e-cigarette for past 2 years

  • Great overall product
  • Save money by buying refillable tanks
  • Descent Flavors
  • Best Cigarette looking type E-cig
  • Rechargeable Case
  • Best Flavor V2 Red
  • Best Kit V2 Liquid Starter Kit $82.97
  • 4.2 V battery – higher than industry standard – Recommend Manual Battery
  • Cartridges doesn’t taste as good as using their mini tanks
  • Affordable but not the cheapest coupon code V2discount8006 10%



Green Smoke

Green Smoke

We recommend Green Smoke even though they are limited in what they provide, but they have a unique flavor to them that makes them very desirable

  • Great Refined flavors
  • Amazing vapor production
  • Silent draw on advanced battery technology
  • Not enough flavors to choose from – but improved from 5 to 8
  • Best Flavor is tobacco red, mocha
  • Way over priced – But great discounts if you continue to order
  • No manual batteries
  • No refillable options

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Halo Cigs - Editors Choice

Halo Cigs - Editors Choice
  • Rated #1 by PCMAG
  • Great battery life
  • Cutting edge design
  • Manual battery produces as much vapor as some high end MODS
  • Juices are highest quality and best flavor
  • Save money with refillable tanks
  • Best Flavors Captian Jack, Torque and Tribeca
  • Best Starter kit Jet Black Triton Tank Kit – $64.99 coupon code vapepro05

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Up and coming main player

  • Massive selection of e-liquids
  • Easy way to start with basic Mods
  • High quality batteries and builds
  • Variable voltage, puff counters, eGo style batteries

10% Discount with using this link
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Bull Smoke Cheapest To Beginners

Bull Smoke Cheapest To Beginners
  • Cheap Affordable Pricing
  • Fastest shipping we’ve ever had
  • Amazing customer support
  • Made in the USA
  • Manual batteries available
  • Best Flavor American Ranger
  • Limited Flavors
  • No refillable tanks Coupon code 10% off Ridethebull

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South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke

Great company, lacks in variety

  • American made
  • Available high capacity SuperMax Deluxe Lithium ion battery
  • Refillable cartridges
  • Manual and automatic batteries available
  • Fair market affordability
  • 55 different flavors
  • Great support and fast delivery
  • Probably best vapor production from a cigarette style e-cig
  • Recommend getting South beach Air
  • only one vaporizer available
  • no variable voltages

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