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8 Travel Destinations To Take You Off The Beaten Path

Looking to go off the beaten path and go beyond what your tourist book tells you? Check out this list for some of the most interesting, inspiring and unusual travel destinations across the globe and be sure to add some of your own suggestions.

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Reykjavík, Iceland

The world’s northernmost capital is extraordinary for a reason—in the summer, the city will see nearly 24 hours of sunlight in each day, while the reverse is also true in the winter. The Blue Lagoon, geothermal pools and vibrant nightlife also make this city a place that should be on the list of any travel lover.

Glasgow, Scotland

Known for its friendly locals and diverse independent music scene, Glasgow is a n absolute must-see for anyone looking to have a great time. Don’t miss some of the city’s famous parks and museums, but also just spend some time wandering through its streets—Glasgow’s unique style is unmatched by any other place in the country.

St John's, Canada

Nestled far on the east coast of the country, St John’s is known as the oldest city in North America (many European explorers would first stop their ships here for over 500 years), but still boasts a friendly, small-town feel for each of its visitors. Check out the family-owned seafood restaurants, pastel-colored houses, and bustling arts and music scene on your next visit.

Cartagena, Colombia

A port city that lies on the coast of the Caribbean Sea, Cartagena has a true fairytale feel (horse-drawn carriages, cobbled alleys and massive villas all mark the city’s central streets) that is matched only by its lively club scene and stylish locals. If you have more time at your disposal, be sure to make a daytrip to the nearby Rosario Islands.

Kyoto, Japan

As a city that has been the capital of Japan for over 1,000 years, Kyoto is a marvelous blend of Japan’s old and new. Today, it is a prime destination for tourists looking to see Buddhist temples and sprawling gardens (various fruit trees start to blossom from February into the summer) as well as experience the city’s rich food scene.

Crete, Greece

Crete is an island that well-known both for its ancient history (the capital city Heraklion is a potpourri of Roman, Arab, Byzantine, Venetian and Turkish architecture) and natural beauty. Come here for the sprawling beaches, mountainous landscapes and, of course, the food.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Perched high above sea level on the Abyssinian Peninsula, Addis Ababa is now one of Africa’s largest and fastest-growing cities. With enough historical museums, open-air markets and ancient churches to keep you wandering through this city for days, you may find that a simple stopover in Addis Ababa will not be enough.

Hobart, Australia

For a quiet city that has recently been revived with the arrival of the famous MONA museum, Hobart is also steeped in rich history and impressive landscapes. Visit this Tasmanian capital for its scenic hiking spots and waterfront markets as well as a wide array of concerts and festivals taking place throughout the year.

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