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Alien UFO Research

Researching aliens visiting Earth since 2007, Alien UFO Research updates with UFO sightings and Government documents when they surface.

Ancient Aliens DVDs, Shirts & Merchandise | History Shop

Ancient Aliens is not just any alien show, but you knew that - you're a fan. Check out Ancient Aliens Shop for Ancient Aliens DVDs.

Latest UFO Sightings of 2014| Latest UFO Sightings

Search the latest UFO Sightings of 2013 for Real UFOs, Alien Encounters, Paranormal Phenomena particular to UFOs and Extraterrestrial Contact.

The Nightshirt

There seems to be a link between a penchant for real-world flying and psychic aviation. For example, decades after his historic trans-Atlantic solo flight, Charles Lindbergh admitted in a memoir that during the 33-hour journey, during which he did not dare actually fall asleep, he experienced a hypnagogic, dissociative state in which he felt his body, soul, and spirit separate-what we might now call an out-of-body experience.

BUFOG Main Page

On Thursday evening it's time for another BUFOG meeting, and this month investigator and radio presenter Ben Emlyn-Jones will be speaking at the group for the first time on energy, the future and UFOs. BUFOG Chairman will also be giving the usual run down of recent UFO activity.

Paranormal People Online

Discussion of ideas and concepts emerging from the fringe of our culture and society, This blog is home to the collected works of Fortean Author, Martin J. Clemens.

UFOs Uncovered - UFOs Aliens Area 51 Space Science etc.

UFOs Uncovered believes that there are alien races living on Earth today. This blog is about gathering more information and spreading the word. THEY ARE HERE.


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