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Headline for Be Like Them: 5 Film/T.V. Characters who Sparked Fashion Trends
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Be Like Them: 5 Film/T.V. Characters who Sparked Fashion Trends

Wearing an object of style from one of your favorite characters can make you feel closer to the story. This is why fashion trends from visual characters always get pulled from the screen to the streets.


Seinfeld-Every Character-Normcore fashion

Seinfeld-Every Character-Normcore fashion

Seinfeld is a 90s T.V. legend. The show is not famous for incredible fashion sense but that’s exactly what has sparked this new trend. You can (partially) thank the Seinfeld cast for “Normcore”, which is basically a hipster, no-style, fashion trend. Did you get that? Me neither. Everything in your closet is a cross between George Costanza and someone who has lost their luggage and has to wear the flannel and beat up runners they wore on the plane.


Risky Business-Joel-Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Risky Business-Joel-Ray-Ban Sunglasses

If Tom Cruise wore a pair of Ray-Bans today we would all shout “Risky Business!!” This is because he instantly becomes Joel as soon as he puts them on. Because of this film, they are the ultimate “cool” accessory and that’s exactly what Ray-Ban wanted.


Friends-Rachel-The "Rachel" Hairstyle

Friends-Rachel-The "Rachel" Hairstyle

Every version of Rachel’s haircut should have its own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Every other woman who walked into the hair salon during the 90s was carrying a picture of her hair for reference. Eventually you could just say “give me the Rachel” and the hair stylist knew exactly what you were talking about. Every strand on her head was worshiped.


The Craft-Nancy-Goth choker necklaces

The Craft-Nancy-Goth choker necklaces

The Craft was the teen girl drama where the teens had the powers to change their lives (and ruin them) with magic. Nancy was the leader and the bad girl with wild hair and multiple choker necklaces. These gave wearers a "I'll cast a spell" kind of look.


The Hills-Lauren Conrad-Headbands

The Hills-Lauren Conrad-Headbands

This privileged California girl had a headband for every day of the week. At one point, I thought maybe she was hiding bad highlights or something. But it was actually just preppy overload. After that, headbands were covering the walls in every drugstore hair section.

New Girl - Zooey Deschanel Glasses

Zooey plays the hopelessly sweet, irrational Jessica Day in New Girl series. Her character's style isn't too different from that of her own, and nor is her cheeky persona for that matter. Yet one accessory Zooey gains while playing the part of Jess are the stylish frames she wears as part of her character. With Jess's sweet girl-next-door style and long locks, her soft oval face shape suits square and rectangular framed glasses perfectly.


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This is How Hair Styling Products Market Will Look Like After 5 Years.

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