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Updated by Denna Szwajkowski on Jun 05, 2014
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Links about Denna Szwajkowski

This list is simply links where I am mentioned, been a guest on a Podcast, done an interview, collaborated with another company, (or one day) have published content of my own.

Top 5 ways to turn leads into customers | Guests: Zach Price + Denna Szwajkowski | Ep. 19 Introduction: Jill and Brad talk about what's coming up this episode, the dreaded Business Card Pile, majoring in Zackonomics, video testimonials, and how they get 5% of everything their listeners make. They also want to make sure that you've gotten your copy of their smashing e-book! Get it here.

Jill Salzman & Denna Szwajkowski from Founding Moms: The Social Media Panel, March 20, 2014

In this week's interview we feature Founding Moms Founder Jill Salzman and Founding Mums Australia Coordinator Denna Szwajkowski. Work/life balance, co-working spaces and juggling events, commitments and family are all themes we cover in this podcast episode. The Social Media Panel is now on iTunes!

Good Havens Blog | Shining the light on...Denna Szwajkowski

Every so often I like to introduce members of the public who are doing great things and contributing good to the world. Today I'd like to "Shine the light on..." Denna Szwajkowski from Founding Mums and Milk Bottles.

Why I Love Bartercard | Denna Szwajkowski

It was a pleasant surprise to discover Showyou featured this video from my Youtube channel. Showyou gathers the best videos of the day and puts them into a clever lineup programmed just for you.You can create a channel of your own. Make a beautiful video channel from your iPad or iPhone or Android device just by sharing the videos you like. I haven't done this, but it looks like a fun social app.

GeoThinker Junior

Through our audio adventures to foreign countries, your child will be exposed to new cultures, climates, and creatures from around the world. These unique expeditions are interactive, asking kids to draw what they "see" on their journey and stimulating cognitive development and artistic creativity.

Denna lends her voice for the character of Kylie in Australian Adventure, one of the first imaginary adventures around the globe launched by Geothinker Jr.

'It's my family and I'll smack if I want to'

MOTHER-of-three Denna Szwajkowski admits to having given her children a smack as a last resort, and says it should be up to parents to decide how they punish their kids. The 34-year-old mother from Brisbane's New Farm mum says on the occasions she had smacked her kids it was only after she had doled out three warnings and her patience had run out.

Getting Bloggy with It!

Last week I was invited to join a global blog tour by the lovely Denna Szwajkowski of Founding Mums. To be honest I had no flipping clue what a Blog Tour was but said yes coz it sound like fun, so here I am about to get all "bloggy with it" ...