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Updated by Michelle Houareau on Apr 23, 2014
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2014 Top Rated No Mold Shower Curtain Liner Reviews

No mold shower curtains can be used as a liner or seperator between your lovely fabric shower curtain and the shower. Alternatively, a plastic mold proof shower curtain liner, if thick enough, can substitute a shower curtain. It's a simple solution to ensure that moldy shower curtains are a thing of the past.

How to Make Shower Curtains Mildew-Proof

If you take pride in a clean bathroom, you may feel discouraged when mildew creeps up on your shower curtain. Mildew thrives in a warm, damp environment with a relative humidity of 70 to 93 percent. ...

Before You Hang A Shower Curtain, Read This

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What is the difference between a shower curtain and a shower curtain liner?

A shower curtain is for decor and hung on the outside of the bathtub/shower. Whereas a shower curtain liner is hung on the inside of the tub/shower to protect the shower curtain. In simpler terms...SHOWER CURTAIN: gets to hang and look pretty and be dry.

Shower Curtain Liners: Fabric or Plastic?

I've been using a white fabric curtain liner for a while. I throw it in the wash every six weeks or so and bleach it mercilessly so it stays clean, but lately I've noticed that water is making its way out of the shower and onto the floor.