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Cardiac Science Solutions for Corporations

Employees are your No. 1 assets. How are you protecting them from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), the leading cause of death in the United States? In fact, 13% percent of all workplace fatalities stem from SCA. Unlike heart attacks, it can strike people of all ages and fitness levels. And the only effective treatment is a shock from a defibrillator, administered as soon as possible. Having automated external defibrillators (AEDs) readily available in the workplace can mean the difference between life and death.

Cardiac Science Solutions for Schools & Athletics

Each year, we needlessly lose 7,000 young persons to sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). However, most schools cannot afford to have an MD or EMT on school grounds during school hours and after-school activities, but they can afford to have easy-to-use automated external defibrillators (AEDs) with voice prompts to walk users through the simple steps necessary in life-saving defibrillation and CPR.

Cardiac Science Solutions for Police and Law Enforcement

Approximately 365,000 people in North America fall victim to sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) every year. The only effective treatment for SCA is shock from an automated external defibrillator (AED), administered as soon as possible. The life you save with an AED could be that of a fellow police officer; between the high-risk of the job and the levels of stress, police officers are among the highest-risk groups for SCA.

Cardiac Science Solutions for Fire / EMS

First responders across the country deploy Powerheart® automated external defibrillators (AEDs) for the dependability and technology that performs when a life depends on it. Put simply, if you require a reliable AED that can deliver life-saving therapy quickly and dependably, a Powerheart AED is for you.

Cardiac Science Solutions for Military & Government

Whether you are a government employee or a military member, you may be called on to respond to a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Public access defibrillation programs are ideal solutions for military bases with busy public areas such as hospitals, clinics, housing, barracks, and commissaries.

Cardiac Science Solutions for Hospitality

With more than one million sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) deaths in North America and Europe, the likelihood of a cardiac emergency occurring at your hotel is real. The only effective treatment for SCA is a shock from an automated external defibrillator (AED), administered as soon as possible. Providing a safe environment for hotel guests and employees is vital to your reputation. One of the best ways to provide hotel guests that essential protection is with an AED program.

Cardiac Science Solutions for Health Care

Whether you work in a private practice, hospital or dental office, your patients are susceptible to sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Considering that even the best EMS departments can take, on average, nine minutes to respond having an automated external defibrillator (AED) easily accessible may mean the difference between life and death.

Cardiac Science Solutions for the Community

Cardiac Science is a strong advocate for public access defibrillation (PAD) programs that place automatic external defibrillators throughout communities. For example, our large-scale partnership with the San Diego PAD program has led to the saving of more than 115 lives in that community. In fact, San Diego Project Heart Beat wants to make AEDs as accessible as fire extinguishers throughout the community.

Automated External Defibrillators, Cardiac Science Corporation

Cardiac Science Corporation AED and CPR products were created for both first-time and experienced rescuers, to help save a life during an emergency.Automated External Defibrillators
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We also offer AED programs to keep your organization stay compliant with AED laws and help with training.
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