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Updated by Kendra Brea Cooper on Feb 09, 2018
Headline for Coffee with Room for Cool: Around the World in 10 Cafes
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Coffee with Room for Cool: Around the World in 10 Cafes

Bored of the franchise coffee shop on every corner? Here are 10 cafes that make the visit about more than just the drink.

Café Chat l’Heureux-Montreal, Canada

Already a hit in Japan, the cat cafe now has a home in Canada. This one is for the feline lover. You can enjoy the company of a kitty or even adopt one. This is a great way to highlight animal adoption and over population issues. You should stop by and join a kitten for catnip and coffee.

Red and Black Cafe-Portland, Oregon, USA

This is a wonderful worker owned, non-hierarchical space. They support and run events based on social justice and serve yummy vegan food. This is a place where you can sip some coffee and get involved all at the same time. Here you’ll certainly feel a sense of community.

Close Knit Yarn Cafe-Bournemouth, UK

This cafe offers yarn and knitting courses along with cakes and coffee. There’s a colorful wall of yarn that will even entice the non knitter into picking up the craft. There is nothing better than chatting over coffee and bringing home a handmade hat.

Cafe de la Paix-Paris, France

This place is just gorgeous. It is more of a restaurant than a cafe, but it’s worth the visit. When you walk in you know that you are stepping into Parisian history. I’m sure it’s quite the experience to sit in a place this incredible.

Kyushoku Toban -Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is famous for its unique cafes and restaurants built on pure novelty. This one is, of course, no different. It’s the “School Lunch Cafe”, where you can (almost) time travel back to your childhood and hangout in a school cafeteria. It's a lot like playing house when you were young, only this time in reverse. The adult is playing the kid.

Pulp Fiction Coffee House Kelowna, Canada

Pulp Fiction is where you can get your fix of retro stories and rare books with your cup of coffee. It has a funky atmosphere right in the middle of downtown Kelowna B.C.

Charlie Brown Cafe- Hong Kong

The Charlie Brown Cafe has nailed novelty perfectly. Enjoy a cup of joe with Charlie's face powdered on the top, with just a hint of childhood nostalgia.

Final Fantasy Cafe-Tokyo, Japan

The Eorzea cafe is your chance to step inside your favourite video game, if it's Final Fantasy of course. Coffee shops are about the atmosphere more than the drink, and what better way to sip than in one of the most famous fantasy worlds ever created.

The "Anti-Cafe" -Moscow, London

The anti-cafe was created to bring people together, in a space where they could connect without the hectic pressures of the outside world. It has a pay-as-you-go set up, which basically has you buying time to chill.

Starry Cafe-Tokyo, Japan

You can sit under the night sky in the city while you dine at the Starry cafe. It offers the space experience in a city that blocks out any sight of the real stars. Sometimes you just feel the need to sit and stare into space to become grounded again.