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Updated by Kendra Brea Cooper on Dec 09, 2016
Headline for Indie Games with Imagination: 10 Indie Video Games with Vision
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Indie Games with Imagination: 10 Indie Video Games with Vision

The best things about indie video games are that the creative freedom produces a kind of quirk and substance you don’t see very often. Here are 6 games that are so much more than just entertainment.

Hotline Miami

Here is a game full of strange messages and homicidal hits all in hot 80s flair. From the top down, you have your character mask himself before killing people for reasons only known by the voice on the phone. It’s psychologically messy and so fun to play.

Papers, Please

This is an ideologically heavy game about the life of an immigration officer in fictional Arstotzka. Difficult choices must be made throughout the dystopian experience. You have to be smart and thoughtful while playing this one. It can be an emotional rollercoaster.

Super Meat Boy

Featured in the documentary “Indie Game”, this game was crafted with blood, sweat, tears, and pure love. The characters are charming and the difficulty level is perfect for the serious gamer. There are many subtle references within the game that are glorious when you catch on. This is one for the legend books.

Snowden Run 3D

This one is more for novelty than great game play. It’s loosely based on Edward Snowden and it has characters like “uncle Putin” to help him keep his sensitive information. The music includes political rapper Immortal Technique which is pretty awesome.

Cube World

Build, create, explore, and adventure in this colorful cube world. It is a fantasy action RPG with a Minecraft feel. You'll have loads of fun if you like to create worlds of fantasy outside of your head.




Here is a game about political riots where you can choose the side of the power or the side of the people. Each little character’s reactions are based on the contact of other characters.The creators of the game have an agenda based on social justice and awareness. This is an important way of showing greater society that games are not mindless junk.

Gone Home

This game is about exploring your empty home under the dark, wet pines of the Pacific Northwest after returning from a long trip away. The character, Kaitlin Greenbriar, roams through the home collected bits and pieces of a life and a story she must put together.

Don't Starve

Don't Starve has players fighting against the elements as they try to survive in the woods. keeping your head about you is the name of the game while your lost in a maze of trees.

Steamworld Dig

It's the Wild Wild West in another universe. The main objective is to mine deep underground while avoiding enemies to collect your precious finds. The game itself has been praised for it's visual beauty and ability to capture your attention for hours.

The Stanley Parable

This is a story with many endings. It starts out as a painfully boring work day that turns into something mysterious. Your need to find out what is really going on will drive you through the hallways of this building.