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Updated by Barry Feldman on Jul 28, 2017
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Interviews featuring Barry Feldman

I'm often asked to be a guest on podcasts, video interviews and Q&A series. Listen, watch and read some of them here.

Personal Branding from A to Z with Barry Feldman - Brand Driven Digital

Brand Driven Digital helps you build a better brand online with social media and digital marketing through our mix of strategic consulting, coaching, creative services, live learning events, and training and workshop opportunities.

The Road to Recognition: Authors Barry Feldman and Seth Price on Marketing Smarts [Podcast]

Promoting your company comes naturally to you as a marketer or other employee. Personal branding might not come as easily, but it paves the road to career recognition. Read and hear how.

The Road to Recognition is Paved with Branding and Content

Authors Barry Feldman and Seth Price, copywriter and marketing/branding speaker respectively, join the Content Pros Podcast to discuss their debut book "The Road to Recognition" and the intersection of content and branding to achieve marketing success.

The Marketing Book Podcast: "The Road to Recognition" by Barry Feldman

Marketing Book Podcast interview with Barry Feldman, co-author of "The Road to Recognition."

Influencer Marketing with Barry Feldman

We discuss how his book The Road to Recognition came together and how listeners can can put several of the tips covered in the book into practice right away.

Building Authority In Your Market with Barry Feldman

In this interview with Barry Feldman, we talk content marketing, building a business online, and writing for the web.

Easy SEO Tips For Content Marketing Strategy - Scripted

Barry Feldman is an author, search engine optimization (SEO) specialist, and founder of FeldmanCreative. With 25 years of experience with marketing, marketers and SMBs looking to improve their SEO results can probably learn a lot from him. He recently published a piece with Scripted about long-tail keywords and how to achieve success with them, but stopped by Scripted’s podcast to chat about SEO and some strategies you can use yourself.

Creating Content that Appeals to the Audience: Tips from Barry Feldman [Podcast Summary]

Your readers are human beings. Human beings with emotions and limited attention. For your content to be appealing, it has to be aligned with your audience's goals and motivations. Read Barry Feldman's content marketing tips to find out how to understand your audience, how to hold their attention, and what formats they'll engage with based on where they are in the customer journey.

How to Create an Effective Online Marketing Plan w/ Barry Feldman

Digital, content and social media marketing expert Barry Feldman discusses how to create an effective online marketing plan. 


Hack the Entrepreneur on Rainmaker.FM

Hack the Entrepreneur on Rainmaker.FM
048 - Barry Feldman - Claiming to Sell Consultatively Might Be Holding You Back | BOSS ACADEMY RADIO

Stop claiming to sell consultative and start proving your online value! Barry Feldman is the founder of Feldman Creative, a company known for delivering content marketing, copywriting, and creative direction for online marketing projects of every kind. Barry is going to rock your socks off, providing great insights on how to market more effective online.

Barry Feldman- "Content Marketing That Rocks" - Jeffrey Shaw Blog Site

Podcast: Play in new window | Download The world of online content creation can be a overwhelming place for the creative business owner. Even when it's not, at minimum, its daunting. It's common knowledge that in todays content laden eEnvironment that top performers offer meaningful and valuable content that their customers can rely on.

Content Marketing and Personal Branding with Barry Feldman

Have you ever wanted to get a one-on-one with someone who's mastered the art of content creation? Barry Feldman of Feldman Creative Agency is just that guy. He's a content marketing machine, a skillful copywriter and is one of the best people I know at taking complex concepts and making them accessible online.

A Slice A Day - Episode #67 - The Most Important Content Marketing Skill and How to Master It (Barry Feldman)

Edwards Communications: Articles of helpful information to create, enhance and integrate your website, content and social media as well as design basics. Fundamentally as content marketers one of the primary things that's part of our jobs is to listen and to teach.

Picking Barry Feldman's Brain on Content Marketing Mastery | #106 CWP

On this episode of the Content Warfare Podcast we're joined by as we pick his brain on content marketing mastery. Creativity, consistency, copywriting... successful content marketing utilizes all the tools in the content marketers toolbelt. We know this... ...but to be persuasive we must embrace the power of storytelling.

Creative Marketing with Barry Feldman

Looking to create more effective online marketing programs, well you have come to the right place. Join host Gettysburg Gerry as he welcomes Barry Feldman of Feldman Creative to the SteamFeed Radio...Barry is one of the best content marketing strategists in the online digital space.

Content Marketing Spotlight Series: A Q&A With Barry Feldman

Opentopic is excited to present... Barry Feldman answers the age-old question, will creating great content get the job done?

Barry Feldman Talks Content Marketing Strategy

We recently had the opportunity to interview Barry Feldman, an industry leader when it comes to content marketing and social media. Apart from sharing his *challenges and successes in the content marketing *industry, Barry shared much of his valuable knowledge - which every online marketer can benefit from.

The Opportunity Cost of Poorly Created Content - TrackMaven

When it comes to content creation, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more straight-talking guide than Barry Feldman. A veteran content marketing strategist, prolific writer, and founder of Feldman Creative, Barry has advised roughly 1,000 companies to better navigate what he calls "the twisted path that is online marketing."


Content Marketing Expert Barry Feldman shares tips for Personal Branding

Content Marketing Expert Barry Feldman shares tips for Personal Branding

“The key to influencer marketing is to put the influencer first” ~ Barry Feldman
In this podcast episode, content marketing expert, Barry Feldman shares tips for successful Personal Branding and influencer marketing.

Marketing Optimization TV

Content Marketing focused on Conversion is the topic that we chat about on the show - See more at:

7 Questions with Content Marketing Maverick Barry Feldman

It's fitting that we would meet up with content marketing maverick Barry Feldman just a few miles down the road from Folsom State Prison, where Johnny Cash made history for recording a live album and lifting a middle finger at the establishment.

Barry Feldman On Writing to Be Remembered [Interview]

As part of our BlogAbout Interview Series, we're speaking with authors, speakers, and TED Presenters on all things content. Get your content ideas with the BlogAbout tool. "I think the bloggers that are going to be remembered as great bloggers are the ones who would have done it for free."


A to Z of Personal Branding with Barry Feldman - Plus Your Business

A to Z of Personal Branding with Barry Feldman - Plus Your Business

We're going to be talking about personal branding. And the structure we're going to use is an A-Zed (yes, I said Zed, not Z). You'll be writing to Sesame Street trying to get us all to say A-Z. But we're going to be doing personal branding. And I'm going to pass the mic over, as we say in stand up, to Barry. He'll explain what is up. Then we'll go really high energy, rapid fire, through to what you could be doing on your personal branding based on an infographic that's going to be linked near to this video.


5 Questions With Barry Feldman, Content Marketing Consultant

5 Questions With Barry Feldman, Content Marketing Consultant

Barry is a writer but also understands that content marketing is so much more than just writing good content. His approach is one that any business looking to expand their reach should appreciate and implement.