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Updated by Kendra Brea Cooper on May 09, 2016
Headline for E.T. on T.V: 5 Television Shows about Aliens on Earth
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E.T. on T.V: 5 Television Shows about Aliens on Earth

There’s an alien on T.V. for every kind of person out there. There are hot aliens, scary aliens, and funny aliens on this list. You'll see every kind of alien here except the real thing.


Not one pre-teen on this continent could resist a melodrama about attractive aliens. It had everything to offer, from corny romance to intense action scenes. The intro song brings back so many late 90s memories. I’m pretty sure it was this show that sparked the alien t-shirt fashion statement in 1999.




I’m sure no one would mind if a furry wise-cracking alien landed in their garage one day. It would be like owning a very rare dog. Just like a dog, you’d have to keep the neighborhood cats away from him. It’s a pretty heartwarming alien show. ALF is a pretty cute, cat-hungry dude.

Mork and Mindy

Robin Williams plays an alien who looks exactly like a human with a terrible fashion sense. Williams was relatively unknown before this performance but as soon as he cracked that egg he was famous. The show is hilarious and I think he sported that same haircut well into the 90s. We should call it “The Mork” from now on.


Every X-Files fan has a wrinkled t-shirt saying “the truth is out there” stashed in the back of their closets. There has yet to be a show about paranormal investigations that sends chills so perfectly up the spine. Even the intro is so recognizable that I’m haunted by Scully and Mulder when I hear it.

Third Rock from the Sun

There’s nothing funnier than a group of aliens who try to fit awkwardly into human bodies and society. This is actually a great show if you want to laugh at our cultural constructs. They observe humans and fumble through stuff that seems completely normal to us. Watching it makes all those little things sort of unfamiliar, which is pretty smart.