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Firepunk Diesel Dirt Drags: Diesel Drag Racing Trucks

Dirt flying, engines revving, and a crowd roaring as you fly across the finish line. What more could you ask for? Firepunk Diesel put on their fourth annual Dirt Drags in September 2013, literally bringing motorsports back to its roots with head to head, run what you brung, good ol' boy drag racing!


8 Reasons to Love Berries

8 Reasons to Love Berries

Now with spring in full swing and summer on the way, outdoor gatherings and picnics are here to stay. For the meantime, anyway. With so many to host and attend, you’ll be racking your brain for quick food inspiration. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Read on to discover why you should serve berries at your next soirée.

Downward Drop: Lowering an Avalanche With McGaughys, MHT Wheels and Nexen Tires

What do you do when you want the comfort and interior capacity of a SUV, but you also want the bed cargo space of a pickup truck? Get yourself a Chevy Avalanche. Like the Chevy Tahoe or GMC Yukon, the Chevy Avalanche offers a plush interior with room for up to six people.

How to Choose an Accent Chair

Do you feel like your space is missing that extra something that will tie your decor together? Try an accent chair. The possibilities are endless and it gives you an opportunity to step outside your comfort zone. Discover your options and consider the following five ideas when hunting for your chair.

3 Reasons to Have a Spring Outdoor Gathering

There's no better time to revel in nature than in the spring. Pack a picnic lunch, head to your nearest nature getaway, or invite a few loved ones over for a spot of tea during high noon-the point is to enjoy the great outdoors. Not convinced?

Cummins Gone Crazy: Go Big or Go Home: Custom Doge Truck

You would think that a bright red Dodge Mega Cab 4×4 diesel would attract plenty of attention on its own. But give it 14 inches of lift, wide 40-inch tires and custom touches both inside and out and you end up with a truck that REALLY stands out in a crowd.

Svitlana Flom: Romantic Home Table Decoration Tips

Svitlana Flom is an expert on home entertainment and domestic elegance as well as the editor-in-chief of Art De Fete, an informative website that helps transform home décor form ordinary to extraordinary. Here, Svitlana shares her top 10 favorite things for table settings. 1. White plates and chargers from the Rosenthal Studio-Line.

4BT Basics and Performance Options: Cummins Diesel Engine

The popularity of diesel-powered vehicles here in the U.S. has really jumped in a positive direction in recent years. More and more manufacturers are starting to offer all-new diesel powerplants in half-ton trucks, cars and midsize SUVs-the introduction of a 3.0L diesel in the new Ram 1500 trucks, an EcoDiesel in the latest Chevrolet Cruze passenger car and there's even been talk of a 4.5L Duramax coming down the pipeline.

LINE-X's New Platinum Liner Is Built to Handle Anything You Can Throw at It

It's crazy to imagine that it's been 20 years since the first LINE-X dealers began spraying a two-part polyurethane material designed to protect the vulnerable steel bed boxes of our beloved truck beds.

Cleaning Power Stroke EGR Valves: Diesel Engine Cleaner

A clean diesel engine is a happy engine. Conversely, baked-on carbon and soot deposits make for an unhappy one. Today's high-output diesel engines are extremely sensitive to deposits that build up throughout the entire fuel system. Even small amounts of contaminants can lead to plugged injectors, increased exhaust emissions, reduced fuel mileage, smoke, engine clatter, reduced performance and other drivability issues.

How to Create a Spring Tablescape

With Easter and other spring festivities around the corner, it's time to start thinking about your table setup. Incorporate the following three ideas for a quick and tasteful spring tablescape. This table is ready for the season and for a guest (or two).

4 Reasons Why You Should Grow Succulents

Feel like freshening your home for the coming warmer months? Plant succulents in and around your home for a touch of freshness. Here are four reasons why you should grow succulents. These succulents create a relaxed vibe in this home. Decorate with shells collected from the beach for a further laid-back feel.

The Shop Truck: McClinton Collision's Head-Turning Service Provider

When you hear the words "shop truck" it's pretty typical to conjure up images of a well-worn pickup with a bed filled with dents and scratches and an oil-burning engine with more miles on it than a village bicycle.

A 1-Ton Diesel Rally Racer? - Chevy Diesel Trucks Magazine

When you're a young entrepreneur with a marketing company and part-time gigs as a spokesman for the likes of Xbox and T-Mobile, you can hardly drive around in a stock rig. You certainly need something that will pop and stand out in a crowd from the Las Vegas strip to the glitz of Rodeo Drive.

GM Truck Cooling Solutions for Your LS Swap From Flex-a-lite and B&M Performance

The LS swap craze is in full swing, and with more and more of these later model engines becoming available it's become the go-to engine package. While most enthusiasts of the mid-century GM truck builds, and even some non-GM truck enthusiasts, focus on this engine package, many overlook the additional products that make this swap such a success.

Improve The Braking Of Your 6.7L With The Load Leash From Pacbrake: Diesel World

Owners of the Ram truck with the ISB 6.7L Cummins engine have been blessed with a factory exhaust brake from the beginning. This exhaust brake uses the variable geometry turbo on these engines to increase back pressure and thus improve engine braking, when the OEM unit is engaged.

How to Spend Mother's Day

Make this Mother's Day an unforgettable one by showing your mother-or an equally significant lady-just how much you care. Here are a few ideas on how to spend the day. Start the day right by creating a beautiful side table that your mother can awake to. Decorate with handpicked flowers and your finest china.

How to Start a Collection

Does your home feel a little empty? Is it lacking personality? Bring character into your home with a collection. The following are tips to help you get started today. A collection of clocks in the shape of vintage tea kettles pair nicely beside collected shells and sea stars.

How to Set a Beautiful Table on Mother's Day

A well-cooked meal can go a long way, but a well-set table can go an even longer way. This Mother's Day, enjoy an exquisite brunch in the comfort of your own home. Here are six ways to set a beautiful table that mother can enjoy.

How to Celebrate Spring

While the air is cool and the sun is out, sit back and enjoy spring. Here are a few ideas to help you unwind. Get the following essentials ready to enjoy a relaxing day in tribute of spring. Sip on some tea. Start your morning slow by brewing up a piping cup of tea.

From Construction Truck to Bonneville Salt Slinger: Custom Chevy Truck

The quest for speed is a powerful addiction for any automotive enthusiast. It's the undeniable passion to pin the tachometer needle and record some taller numbers in the old test log that fuels constant tweaking and tuning.

Loud And Proud: Kleinn HK9 Train Horn System

If you've been to any diesel event over the past few years, you'll understand that a set of train air horns on your rig is becoming more of a requirement than a luxury. While many could argue it's not a logical investment, the side benefit of having air horns, other than getting noticed immediately, is the supporting on-board air system required to run them.

4 Victorian Curb Appeal Basics

Get started on achieving great curb appeal with this Victorian Cottage nestled in the Historic District of Orange, California as your guide. What Makes this Home Shine: 1. Exterior color scheme highlights architectural details. 2. Wooden screen door adds vintage charm. 3. Attractive, period-style chairs adorn the porch and invite repose.

C-10 Disc Brake Upgrades From CPP: Disc Brake Installation

One of the reasons why C-10 trucks are so popular is thanks to nearly 30 years of similar platforms having many of the same underlying components throughout model year changes.

Big Bad Mega Cab: A Tall, Black Truck Built To Shine

Jeff Dyer is not your typical sales manager. Weekdays he works for the local cable company dealing with the electronic world of voice, visual and other electronic wonders of the communication and entertainment world. On weekends and evenings he changes gears and heads home to the family... in his diesel truck.