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Forging Products

Here we are sharing a list of forging products like Weld Neck Flanges, hollow forgings, carbon, alloy steel forgings, seamless rolled rings forgings and rings for bearings.
Slip on Flanges & Weld Neck Flanges

Flanges are made to join or connect pipes to pipes or pipes to pressure vessels. Forged flanges go on to provide the extra strength as compared to casted flanges.

Hollow Forgings & Slip on Flanges

While Forging involves shaping of metals through compressive forces, flanges refer to internal/external ridges that can strengthen iron beams or attach to an object. Slip on flanges is quite popularly used for connecting two sections.

Seamless Rolled Rings and Forging Techniques

Using local compressive forces, forging is used for a variety of manufacturing purposes. These seamless rolled rings provide a cost-effective alternative to fabricated rings from steel plate and castings.

Ring Rolled Forgings & Seamless Rolled Rings

Rolled ring forgings are a benefit to both manufacturers and users as they are highly tensile and economical to produce. Forging being a process in which the rings are manufactured in controlled conditions, makes the final products superior in quality and strength reducing rejections to almost negligible numbers.

CHW Forge now offer wide range of Rings for Bearings

CHW Forge, a leading manufacturer of forgings and rings now offers high quality forgings and rings. The list also includes rings for bearings, ring rolled forgings, carbon steel, alloy, duplex steel and stainless steel forgings.

Forged and Flanges: Kinds of Processes Adopted

Metal Forging is by far the best process to produce the strongest parts and components. Besides, the process is not just limited to using iron and steel as the input materials but also accommodates and works on a host of other materials as well, such as copper, nickel, magnesium, titanium, etc.

Seamless Rolled Rings and Forgings Working Processes

Forging is a one of a kind metal working process where the work-piece is squeezed, pounded or pressed under the influence of high pressure environments to yield high strength products. The process is mostly performed under hot temperatures with pre-heating the metals before being worked upon.

Get Wide Range of Forgings and Flanges

CHW Forge, a leading manufacturer of forgings and rings now offers high quality forgings and rings. The list also includes ring rolled forgings, rolled and forged flanges, tower flanges for windmills, hollow flanges, blinds and tube sheets along with slewing bearings and gear rings.

The Leading Flange Manufacturers in India: CHW Forge

Flanges are typically used in pipe fittings where multiple pipes can be joined together allowing easy installation and dismantling. Made of forged metals, these fittings make for sturdy connectors that are ideal for high pressure environments.

How to Choose the Right Forging Manufacturer Company in India

There are many manufacturer companies in India that deal in metal forgings and related components. Selecting the right company to meet the ever-increasing consumer demands therefore assumes a lot of importance. With some simple guidelines, this task can be achieved with minimum effort.

CHW Forge the Growing Importance of Hollow Forgings in India

CHW Forge is a premier manufacturing organization in India. It specializes in building top quality carbon, stainless, duplex and alloy steel forgings. One of its product categories – hollow forgings – are manufactured by using advanced technology and premium grade raw materials.

Open Die Forging: All That You Need To Know

Forging has been an ages old process that has been increasingly preferred of other metalworking processes like casting because of the tenacity, strength and toughness of its final products. Unlike casting, forging yields seamless products that have less wear and tear through long periods of use and can yield even on high temperatures and pressures without falling apart.

How Forgings are Better Than Other Metalworking Processes

Metalworking as a process has been around ever since man discovered the firs metal. It all began with the need for tools to get food, protect and build homes for themselves. Major revolutions in the metal working industry helped evolve the process to producing metals and also increased their applicability.

How to Select Your Flange Manufacturer and Supplier Carefully

The Indian market is steadily witnessing a growth in the manufacturing sector, the new ones to enter the market are flange manufacturers and suppliers. With many of them working successfully in the market, it becomes difficult to choose the best one.

What are the Points to be Considered before Purchasing Ring Rolled Forgings

Ring rolled forgings are required by organizations operating in a number of industry segments like heavy equipment, industrial equipment, heavy hardware and tools, and so on. While buying ring rolled forgings, consider the points like material selection, part configuration etc.

Developments in The Indian Forging Industry by Ram Prakash

The Indian forging industry is a strong participant in the growth of the Indian economy. Being one of the prerequisites for the manufacturing industry, forged products are also an indispensable part in molding the country’s infrastructure.

How to Select Steel Rolled Rings Supplier Carefully

Steel rolled rings, steel blinds and tube sheets are some of the widely used forged shapes in the processing and equipment manufacture industry. These products of steel are crucial to the smooth functioning of the manufacturing process. It is important to ensure the quality of the rings, blinds and sheets prior to installing them, so that a hassle-free manufacturing process can be achieved.

CHW Forge Offering Quality Carbon Steel Forgings in India

CHW Forge is a renowned company offering best quality forging parts in India and abroad. Among the wide range of products that CHW Forge offers are forging products of carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and duplex steel.

Challenges Faced by Forging Manufacturers in India

The forging industry of India forms the backbone of many industries dependent on it. Some of those industries are the automotive, electrical, power, and textile industry. Indian manufacturers of forging parts have long been exporting products too, which is an evidence of the high growth trajectory. However, there are certain challenges that hinder the progress of the industry to a certain level.

CHW Forge - A Reputed Forging Parts Manufacturer

A part of the rapidly growing forging industry, CHW Forge has bright prospects for the future as it grows with its dictum of providing best quality products every time. The company prides itself on its work culture and customer relationships.

CHW Forge Offers Durable Carbon Steel Forging Products

Carbon steel forgings serve as a feedstock for a host of industries ranging from automobiles to petroleum to aviation and more. While there are many companies in the forging manufacturing industry, there are a few who meet exceptional standards and are preferred worldwide. CHW Forge is one of them. The company manufactures high quality carbon steel forgings that serve as a feedstock to global names like BHEL, Essar, TATA Hitachi, ONGC, Schwing and more.

Buying Quality Forgings

Owing to the strength, finish and stability that forgings offer, they are used for some of the most significant and critical applications. That said, it’s of utmost importance that forgings be of the highest quality and meet the requirement levels with the highest accuracy possible. But how will you determine if the forgings are of high quality and if you can rely on them? The following article provides a brief overview of what should be the lookout factors when buying forgings. Read on to know.

Future of Indian Forging Industry: Greener Roads Ahead

The forging industry in India is gearing up for generating higher revenues through strong diversification plans. Understanding its high dependency on the automotive industry and taking measures to spread its wings over a larger area promises a good bounce back of the industry. Read on for more.

Applications of Forged Bearing Rings

The fact that the parts obtained through the process of forgings are more durable, tensile, sturdy and reliable has been spoken about time and again. However, forgings having a very integral use are rarely noticed, making their expanse of applications unknown to many. The following article throws light on the many and very critical applications of rolled ring bearings. Read on to know.

CHW Forge Ltd - A Leading Supplier of Heavy Steel Forgings & Forged Flanges from India
New Delhi, January 19th, 2015, CHW Forge is an Indian forging products company that has established itself a good reputation in the domestic as well as the international market. The two pillars that hold the company's name in high esteem are its unrelenting pursuit of quality and value based work ethics.