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Digital Learning - Things to Share on Twitter - SIGTE

Grades are in: Digital learning gets more state attention

States are passing legislation to improve technology use in K12 classrooms, having debated more than 450 digital learning bills and having signed 132 into law last year, according to the Digital Learn

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"The Flipped Classroom" is a collection of Inside Higher Ed articles and essays about changing the instructional paradigm by having students review content on their own time and using in-class time for other, ideally better purposes. The articles and essays reflect key discussions about pedagogy, technology and the role of faculty members.

View Job - Teacher Educators Needed to score edTPA

Top education jobs, career advice, and talent management resources from Education Week TopSchoolJobs. Recruit teachers and administrators online and in print.

21st-Century Teacher Education

For almost as long as there have been institutions dedicated to the preparation of new teachers, the endeavor has come in for criticism. Teacher education has long struggled both to professionalize and to fully integrate itself into mainstream academia.

'World-class' teacher preparation

When I work with educators, I get asked on a regular basis, "What about the universities? What are they doing to prepare educators who can facilitate technology-infused learning environments that emphasize deeper cognitive complexity and greater student agency?" Unfortunately, I don't have much to offer them.

No Courses, No Classrooms, No Grades - Just Learning

It took just a few weeks for a group of Boston-based teenagers to develop an affordable prosthetic hand for children. These teens took a brief hiatus from school to enroll in NuVu Studio, a project-based learning program in Cambridge, Mass. that pairs students with real-world projects.

10 Ways to Teach Innovation

Innovation and the current classroom model most often operate as antagonists. The system is evolving, but not quickly enough to get young people ready for the new world. But there are a number of ways that teachers can bypass the system and offer students the tools and experiences that spur an innovative mindset.

Beyond Knowing Facts, How Do We Get to a Deeper Level of Learning?

As educators across the country continue to examine the best ways of teaching and learning, a new lexicon is beginning to emerge that describes one particular approach - deeper learning. The phrase implies a rich learning experience for students that allows them to really dig into a subject and understand it in a way that requires more than just memorizing facts.

Big Ideas in Education

In this era of rapid evolution of informational technology, new Pedagogies need to emerge to meet the opportunities for access and equity in our connected world. Educators can be creators, facilitators, curators and collaborators of knowledge in the 21st Century, and technology plays a big role in these functions.

When are we ever going to use this?

"When are we ever going to use this?" When I was a teacher, this was a question I heard almost daily. I would imagine that has not changed much since I left the classroom five years ago, particularly when it comes to math.

Teaching: The Next Generation

This report takes a close look at the outdated policies that deter talented Millennials from entering the teaching profession and offers prescriptions for modernizing the career to attract them.

The Remind101 Blog

by Andrew Marcinek Photo credit: iStock For years, teaching technology concepts has been a process that required a device in order to teach. Students learned about computers in computer class. Computer class was a stand alone course that rarely integrated with the content area subjects beyond research and word processing.

LEARN - LEAD - GROW : Your Ideas and Comments from #ChatterPix

My previous post focused on how you could use ChatterPix to make your photos talk. After my post, I received so many great ideas and feedback that I wanted to share it with you. Here are some of your ideas: 1.