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Digital Portfolio Resources

Articles I read today that might help us answer questions we have regarding a K-8 e-portfolio adoption

Creating and Managing Digital Portfolios

Polls continually reveal that employers are more interested in what you can do over what you studied and traditional resumes are slowly giving way to digital portfolios as the primary gauge of your employability. A portfolio is both a container and a presentation platform for your best work - whether that be written pieces, photography, videos, presentations, performances or anything else.

Using Weebly for Digital Portfolios

A few years ago, I began a search for a better way to showcase student learning to parents. At that time, my Grade 6 students were doing a large portion of their assignments using computers. Traditionally, pencil and paper projects could easily be sent home at the end of the unit.

How to Manage Classroom Digital Portfolios by Using Page-level Permissions in Google Sites

Earlier this week on the Free Technology for Teachers Facebook page I re-shared written directions for using page-level permissions in Google Sites to manage classroom digital portfolios. A couple of people have asked me to elaborate on those directions. I created the following video to demonstrate how you can use page-level permissions to manage a group digital portfolio.

Learn how to Create Digital Portfolios | #TechEducator Podcast #44

Welcome to the 44th episode of the Tech Educator Podcast hosted by Jeff Bradbury, Sam Patterson, Jeff Herb and Jon Samuelson. The Tech Educator Podcast is a weekly round table discussion about current topics in educational technology. For more information, please visit Many great ways to participate in the TechEducator Podcast.

5 Terrific Web Tools to Create Academic Digital Portfolios ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

January 5 , 2014 Digital portfolios are great ways for students to showcase their work and keep track of their learning. There are now a wide variety of web tools that allow users to easily create digital portfolios and share them with others.

4 Steps for Getting Started with Student Digital Portfolios
  1. Pick your platform
  2. Have a portfolio population plan
  3. Turn over the keys
  4. Learning to share, sharing to learn
Student Portfolio's X iPads

Student portfolios have been staple of many classrooms for years, iPads have not. With the emergence of mobile devices in classrooms and as I increasingly worked with schools and districts to establish thoughtful and effective methods of integrating these devices, I kept returning wondering if it would be possible to have students compile a portfolio by only using their mobile device.

Digital Portfolio's are Essential to Every Learner - Rob Schuetz

Our digital footprints should not be left to chance. Will Richardson recommends that all students become " well-googled" by high school graduation. As the accompanying graphic suggests, students should build a positive digital footprint as they progress in their education. My contention is this is sound advice for all educational stakeholders.

5 Reasons Your Portfolio Should Be Online - George Couros

"My prediction is that in the next ten years, resumes will be less common, and your online presence will become what your resume is today, at all types and sizes of companies." Dan Schawbel, 2011 Having a conversation with teachers and administrators, I asked how many of them still had "paper portfolios".

The Beginner's Guide To Creating Digital Portfolios

The Connected Student Series: Last week on the Connected Student Series, I discussed the 'why' of digital portfolios. It is imperative that in 2014, students be able to curate, archive and expand on the work they are producing in class. As an added bonus, student digital portfolios help students authentically learn important digital citizenship lessons.

Using E-Portfolios in the Classroom

For decades, students have been completing assignments in school. Often, these were seen only by the teacher, graded and returned to the student. Sometimes, the work was posted on a classroom wall or in a school hallway. Many teachers kept portfolios of student work for report card conferences, and the rare teacher taught students how to build their own portfolios from their work.

Assessing Student Progress Using Blog-Based Portfolios

The beauty of blog-based digital portfolios, says teacher-author Kathy Cassidy, "is that as the children and I are constantly assessing their learning in a formative and summative way, the students are also demonstrating their growing knowledge for a wide audience and learning about digital citizenship and appropriate online behavior.

Why My Six-Year-Olds Have Digital Portfolios

From the first week of school, the six year olds in my classroom begin to create an online presence in the form of a digital portfolio. We use a blogging platform to do this, and include artifacts that show their progress in writing, reading, math, social studies and science.

PSD70 Digital Portfolio Project - George Couros

Collaborate. Create. Learn. - Parkland School Division’s DigitalPortfolio Initiative
As schools and school divisions progress, we at Parkland School Division believe it is imperative that we work towards providing different opportunitiesto further students’ learning with a balance of opportunities, especially inParkland School Division’s priority areas:1.

Developmentally Responsive Curriculum and Assessment2.
Citizenship and Social Responsibility 3.
Transformational Education

Digital Portfolios

A Storyify collection of resources from Twitter

Digital Citizenship starts in kindergarten

Die deutsche Version des Beitrages gibt es hier als PDF In the U.S. blog I stumbled across a blog post by Sharon E. Davison from Vermont. She talks about her experiences with social media and blogging in kindergarten. Twitter and Facebook in kindergarten?