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Suggestions for List Ideas & Tips for Creating Collaborative & Crowdsourced Content

List Ideas: Playlists - 8 Ideas to Collect, Organize & Embed Video

Video enables us to deliver a message, or entertain, in an engaging manner. As the volume of available video content skyrockets, so does the challenge of finding engaging video content to share on any given topic.

List Ideas: Blog Post Series - 21 Reasons Blog Post Series Rock

Our life is becoming serialized. Series simplify our choice to consume content. We've learned from repetition that " series trump movies ". There are many parallels between serial/episodic content and blog post series.

List Ideas: Alternatives - A powerful search term

What Alternatives Your Customers Searching for?

List Ideas: Twitter Lists - Making your lists crowdsourceable & embeddable

Have you learned how to get more value from your Twitter Lists?

List Ideas: Pop Culture Meets Local Content

Here's a 3 part series on the why, how and what of local content. The lessons learned here can be applied to other types of lists.

List Ideas: Crowdsourcing Blogrolls : Simple but effective collaboration

Finding the best blogs with the of friends & strangers is fun. The only people who help will be people who share your passion for a given topic.

List Ideas: Contests - Amplifying Your Exposure and Building Engagment

There is a fine art to running the perfect contest. Discover how Edublogs saw 800% amplification from contests on Listly

List Ideas: Tracking Guest Posts & Citations

Tracking and sharing all your guest posts is made much easier with Listly.

Tracking your citations is a similar challenge that Listly makes easy.

List Ideas: FAQs, FUQs & FROs

Are you asking & answering enough questions?

Tips: What Makes a Great List?

A great question. Read on to find the answer.

Tips: Getting Started Guide

Here's a deck on why lists, contrasting Listly to traditional HTML lists. Reminder that Listly is a tool, the Swiss Army Knife of Content Marketing

Tips: Findability - +1 Million Views

8 Reasons Listly is great for Search Engines & generating organic traffic?

Tips: Google Authorship - Add Yourself as a Contributor to Listly via Google+

Getting your avatar to appear in Google search results means more people will discover your lists. Follow these simple steps.

Tips: The Psychology of Lists

Why do people read, share and contribute to lists?

Tips: Collaboration - Why it's hard and how to succeed.

21 Hidden Rules of Content Collaboration & Crowdsourcing. Learn how to play the collaboration game.

Tips: Shared Content Ownership

Learn how Christian Piatt sought to curate a list of the best Christian Blogs & got over 250+ nominations, 30k views & thousands of votes in matter of days.

Tips: Living lists (not HTML zombies)

Have your explored the value of keeping your content ever changing? Did you know your community can help?

Tips: Content Audit - Slides vs Lists vs Video etc

We audited 130 blogs & 3500 posts. Learn about content mix and the power of embedded content

Tips: Tools vs Apps

How many apps to you use? Have you lost the power of tools?

Tips: Lurkers & Crowdsourcing : Getting People to Participate

Lurkers ∩ (intersect) Crowdsourcers. Is there an intersection? If not why not? And how? Let me first introduce the two terms for the sake of clarity. Who are : Someone who observes and consumes but does not contribute.

Tips: Humans & Collecting Together

I had the pleasure of being a guest on Pamela Muldoon's podcast. A fast paced 57 minute interview into the thinking behind lists and