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Updated by Kendra Brea Cooper on Nov 25, 2014
Headline for Stages of the Study All Nighter: 6 Songs that will be the Soundtrack to your Essay writing Desperation.
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Stages of the Study All Nighter: 6 Songs that will be the Soundtrack to your Essay writing Desperation.

Almost every college student knows this feeling. It’s the wonderful mixture of panic and power writing that we experience while trying to finish before a deadline. Here are 6 songs that will define your night.

Martin Garrix-Animals

This is the song you play when you’re getting ready to sit down and take on the academic world. You have completed the first step to victory by opening your textbook. Once this is done you reward yourself with a fifteen minute wine break. Just sit back and enjoy the song because you have lots of time to panic later.

Skrillex-Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites

Now that half the bottle of wine is finished, you are ready to write. Blast some Skrillex while you open your laptop and it will definitely get you pumped for the long night ahead. Just remember, this is not time to dance off the wine buzz, this is time to buckle down.

Beethoven-Moonlight Sonata

So it’s now 2 am and you’ve only finished one page of a six page essay. You are wallowing in the wear off of the wine buzz. You can play some relaxing Beethoven and plan your next move. You’re thinking that your next move might be to drop the course, but hang in there and pour another glass of goodness.

Jay Z-Dirt of your Shoulder

Now that you’ve got your buzz back, play a trap version of a Jay Z song. It will brush any feelings of defeat right off your shoulder leaving it clean and ready to take on this paper. This is guaranteed to put you back in the essay game.


Now it’s 4 am and you’re so ready to sleep. Everything is blurry and your thesis doesn’t make sense anymore. This only means it’s time for some hard sounds to wake you up. Tool’s “Undertow” will encourage you to put those fingers back on the keyboard. I cannot explain exactly why Tool can do this beyond just pure metal magic.

Survivor-Eye of the Tiger

Now for the brilliantly cheesy race to the essay finish line. You’ve finished the first sentence of your conclusion and you can pretty much taste the freedom. Interestingly enough, freedom tastes like the stale wine on your breath. But ignore that because you’re so close. Right now, focus is king.