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Facilitation Tools

Here are a list of resources and information for involving and engaging people in workplace improvement and intrinsic motivation. It is about Facilitation.

Debriefing Teams for Optimizing Impact - some thoughts on facilitation, planning and debriefing

Thoughts and ideas about debriefing team building exercises and facilitating involvement and engagement to enable workplace improvement. Here are some ideas about improving personal leadership effectiveness by leading facilitated discussions.

Fear is The Mindkiller - Thoughts on Facilitation and Engagement

In writing about facilitation and how it seems that some people want to make this simple concept into a horribly complex pedagogical framework understood only by experts (like me, but certainly not approaching the issues like me!), I was reminded of a quip and then looked it up for the whole source. Here are some simple ideas...

Facilitation? Me, a Facilitator? Me, a MOTIVATOR??

Anyone can involve and engage people if they ask for ideas and listen for ways to make workplace improvements. Being more involved is being more motivated -- and intrinsic motivation is the key to accomplishment. Some thoughts and ideas.

Improve Your Engagement of People: The Square Wheels Facilitation Toolkit!

Here is a description of a simple to use and bombproof toolkit for engaging people> The idea is to show them a cartoon and generate reactions and then to take those reactions and ideas and work them into actionable improvement ideas and plans. VERY straightforward.

Facilitation. Why? Ownership Involvement and Employee Engagement

Why is ownership and involvement a key to employee engagement? Simple. It is because
Nobody Ever Washes a Rental Car!*

Here are some thoughts and ideas on improving your effectiveness as a motivator and innovator.

Teamwork and Politics, Alligators and Sharks and Fear as a Motivator

Organizational Improvement and Performance Management and Innovation and Teamwork. These are real issues and represent improvement opportunities in most every organization. To some people, it's "Bring on the challenges" while for many others, it is, "run for the hills!" And there is a ground reality for both groups and their thinking.

Leading People by Involving and Engaging

Motivating, aligning and engaging people are critical tasks of managing, but also something that seems to need consistent attention from leaders at every level of the organization. In my 30+ years of working with people and performance, an Engaging Leader is one who facilitates and sustains an inclusive and supportive workplace for those who they...

On Teamwork, Trial and Error Improvement, and Blame Frames

Thoughts on organizational improvement and teamwork. The ideas are pretty simple but the reality of actually designing and implementing workplace improvement tends to be a little difficult. When we add in issues of corporate power and politics, of sensitivities to criticism and perceived failures, and the framework of collaboration between departments to get things done differently, it...