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Updated by Mike Rogers on Apr 24, 2014
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My 6 Favorite Kindle Books

Here are My 6 favorite Amazon Kindle Books

The Spartan

After the third Macedonian war Greece is now under control of the mighty Roman Empire. Athens is under control of the Romans. Macedon is plundered and broken. Sparta is but a shadow of its former glory. And yet...A spartan warrior arises and brings a dream of freedom.

The story I want to tell you of him on this day is not one about great heroics or how many enemies he killed. No, this story is about the man behind the warrior.

This is the story of Eclectus.

The Killer Clowns

The Killer Clowns is the story of evil circus clowns and a teen boy's struggle to be accepted.

“Welcome to the carnival,” The clown sang in a hushed tone “here everything’s a game. And once you join our carnival, life will never be the same. Come along dear children, and let’s go for a ride. I know that you’re excited to see what all’s inside.”

Vampire Hunters

The Vampire Hunters is a collection of four stories chronicle the Vampire Hunting exploits of four historical figures.

Lady Gaga, General Douglas MacArthur, Queen Elizabeth I and the King of Hungary are the Vampire Hunters.

How to Speak Serbian: A Practical Guide for Travelers

How To Speak Serbian is a practical guide for travellers that will show you the basics of Serbian Language. You will learn alphabet, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary with common phrases and frequently asked questions. You will find no abstract grammar rules or useless vocabulary, but everyday’s vocabulary that you can really use and grammar rules applied in contexts that is familiar and understandable. We will use words like “sit” (sedeti), “eat”(jesti), “table”(sto), “phone”(telefon) or “newspaper”(novine) – it is practical and useful.

How to Speak Serbian can be difficult, but it is also useful and rewarding. So, do not give up and try to have fun.

Top 80 Awesome Ice Pop Recipes that are easy to make, delicious and healthy too!

These Top 80 Awesome Ice Pop Recipes are easy to make, delicious and healthy too! Nothing tastes better on a hot summer day than fresh-from-the-freezer homemade ice pops. Try one of these awesome ice pop recipes that are easy to make, delicious and healthy too!
. 37 Awesome Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss: The Daily Diet & Cleanse Smoothie Detox Book eBook: Diane Cr...

The eBook provides step-by-step procedure on smoothie preparation, ingredients and nutritional value of each recipe. Individuals who are searching high and low for responsible weight loss and detox program that discourages starvation will surely be interested in this piece written by Mike Rogers.