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Harver Health Insurance Counter Fraud Group

The HHICFG offers its members a technical structure to allocate intelligence for the purpose of preventing and detecting fraud within health care. The HHICFG provides a certified training program, conduct a yearly conference and offer its members with custom-designed technology fine-tuned to the industry.

The Harver Group - Your Health Insurance Counter Fraud Services Tokyo: Handling Detailed Interrogation

Here's a guide to navigating the difficult questions that you are asked while buying insurance.

While buying insurance online, the toughest part for most customers is answering the medical-and lifestyle-related queries in the proposal form. Some questions are general, but some are specific and relate to medical condition, profession and hobbies of the buyer.

Millions More People Are Getting Health Insurance Because Of Obamacare, Survey Finds

RAND Corporation released its findings Tuesday, showing that the health care law is poised to spur a net gain of 9.3 million more insured Americans. The survey results were collected through March 28, 2014, and respondents will be part of a follow-up later in April, once new data is available.

"The good news is that the final chapter on the president’s disastrous health insurance takeover has not been written," they wrote. "Conservatives are making a strong comeback with concrete proposals that, if enacted, would create real progress toward better healthcare outcomes for all Americans."

The Harver Group - Your Health Insurance Counter Fraud Services Tokyo: ACA Marketplace Enrollment Solutions

"It is extremely unfortunate when any American loses their job and along with it their job-based health insurance coverage," began Bill Hallberg, Chief Enrollment Officer, ACA Marketplace Enrollment Solutions (ACAMES). "The good news is that with the Affordable Care Act, consumers now have two laws that protect them by providing health insurance coverage options and potentially saving them money on their health insurance premiums. Additionally, for the first time, consumers have an affordable choice beyond the traditional extended job-based health insurance coverage, COBRA."

Tips to cash in on medical expense tax credits of the Harver Group - Your Health Insurance Counter Fraud Services Tokyo

If you are looking for a way to save tax for 2013, try the medical expense tax credit. This can save you tax dollars, but the calculations are often tedious. Start working on your claim well before April 30.

How much tax can you save? For example, suppose you have a net income of $50,000. What amount of medical expenses would you need to make a worthwhile claim? You'd need at least $1,500 in medical expenses to reach your three per cent threshold before any tax credits can be claimed at all.

Harver Health Insurance Counter Fraud Group Fundamental Principles

Harver Health Insurance Counter Fraud Group Fundamental Principles
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The issue on health insurance recently hugged the headlines not just in the US but also in some countries which recognized the need to address the health services that their populace need and expect from their employers and the government.


Harver Health Insurance Counter Fraud Group: Cyberattack Targets Health Insurer Records

One of the US' largest health insurers, Anthem, has announced last week that millions of their employee and client records have been illegally accessed through a sophisticated cyberattack.

While Anthem is still cooperating with ongoing investigations regarding the attack, the initial information given was that around 80 million customer and employee records in a database were compromised. The data apparently include addresses, birthdates, names, employment and income information.

However, they claim that credit card data were not included in the breach and stated that medical records and doctor information were likely not compromised.

This could be one of the largest breaches in client data to date and the largest in the healthcare sector, noted Harver Health Insurance Counter Fraud Group, as Anthem owns a number of brands like Anthem Blue Shield, Anthem Blue Cross, Empire Blue Cross and Blue Cross of Georgia.

According to the health insurer, they learned of the breach by the end of January and have notified the FBI promptly. Cybersecurity firm Mandiant was also called in to secure Anthem's computer systems.

Anthem Chief Executive Joseph Swedish, whose personal data was involved as well, apologized through a letter and emphasized that they are working continuously to ensure their clients' and staff's data.

Security breach threats are particularly concerning in the financial and healthcare sectors that usually collect sensitive information about clients. Even without credit card information, combinations of names, birthdates and Social Security numbers would be more than enough to gain a lot of money in the black market. In fact, the FBI has already ranked cybercrime as a top law enforcement activity.

Technology experts from Harver Health Insurance Counter Fraud Group and other law enforcement officials are saying that getting hacked is inevitable and it's only a matter of when. They admitted that it is a challenge to keep up with the cyber criminals especially since most of them are based abroad.

Anthem promised that it will give free credit monitoring and identity repair services for affected clients.
Foreign travel advice - Japan

Safety and security

Crime levels are low. It is generally safe to walk about at night and to travel on public transport, but you should maintain the same level of vigilance as you would at home and take sensible precautions.

Reports of inappropriate touching or ‘chikan’ of female passengers on commuter trains are fairly common. The police advise that you shout at the perpetrator to attract attention and ask a fellow passenger to call the train staff.

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Foreign Travel Advice by The Harver Group - Your Health Insurance Counter Fraud Services Tokyo


Matrix Absence Management introduces ADA Advantage™

Matrix Absence Management introduces ADA Advantage™

Service platform integrates with full-service Absence management offering

The Harver Group — Matrix Absence Management, Inc., (Matrix), a market leading integrator of insurance and absence management services, has introduced ADA Advantage™, a service platform to help employers administer American with Disability Act (ADA) programs.

The Harver Group - Your Health Insurance Counter Fraud Services Tokyo

7 tips to make retirement savings last

Even if you were smart (or lucky) enough to have a comfortable retirement nest egg, you may still worry that it may not last you through what may be 30 years of retirement. As many retirees and pre-retirees saw in 2008, one unexpected financial disaster can devastate your life savings.

And many others have discovered that even the best-laid plans for retirement can be ripped apart by an unanticipated medical crisis.

Not to worry. We talked to financial planning firms, big and small, across the United States, and asked for their best tips to help retirees protect, preserve and grow their retirement savings.

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Harver Health Insurance Counter Fraud Group: Lawmakers Join All-Out Push to Combat Medicare Fraud

Harver Health Insurance Counter Fraud Group: Lawmakers Join All-Out Push to Combat Medicare Fraud

WASHINGTON, DC - As law enforcement announced a nationwide sting against Medicare fraudsters today, a bipartisan group of lawmakers in Washington was putting the finishing touches on legislation aimed at making a significant dent in the problem.

Federal law enforcement officials in Miami today announced the details of a multi-agency strike force operation that resulted in the arrest of 90 people nationwide for defrauding Medicare out of some $260 million. Continue reading…

Harver Health Insurance Counter Fraud Group: Advance directives clarify choices

Advance directives clarify choices, guide family

Pulmonologist Dr. Rick Blevins often sees patients and families grappling with a decision he says should have been made long before.

Blevins treats many patients in the intensive care unit who won't survive. If they do not have advance directives, their families are left to make hard decisions that they may not have answers to.

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Have You Contributed to a Health Scam?

If it works, the GoBe will be life-changing. But it’s a big if.

The GoBe is a bracelet that looks like a small microplane has been affixed to a black watchband—the top of the microplane is a display, and its underside is a sensor. Through its “patented flow technology,” the GoBe promises to measure the wearer’s heart rate, calories burned, sleep, and stress levels. That’s all conceivable, given what the FitBit and other body trackers already measure. But the GoBe also promises something a little more sensational: Automatically tracking the calories of everything the wearer eats, through his or her skin.

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Harver Health Insurance Counter Fraud Group: Health Insurers may have Fleeced Taxpayers

Report Says Probe Indicates Health Insurers may have Fleeced Taxpayers out of $70 Billion

(NATIONAL) -- A year-long investigation by the Center for Public Integrity has revealed that health insurers may have fleeced taxpayers out of $70 billion in just five years.

The report is posted on the Center's website by reporter Wendall Potter who says taxpayers should not assume their elected lawmakers in Washington will be outraged or even launching a federal probe about this.

Harver Health Insurance Counter Fraud Group Tokyo, The Obamacare Transition: Tips for Buying Health Insurance

Now that the Obamacare transition has come into effect, it is important to understand some of the differences that are now at work. Understanding some of the changes can make it easier to get the greatest benefit from new policy changes that might affect you most.

Harver Health Insurance Counter Fraud Group Tokyo: Where is the Health Care Poverty Gap?

By Gary Votour Learn more about Gary on NerdWallet's Ask an Advisor The Affordable Care Act is already cutting health care costs, especially at hospitals that in the past provided charity care for uninsured, low-income patients.

Harver Health Insurance Counter Fraud Group Tokyo - Hvordan Velge En God Lege

En ny meningsmåling sier at bare 22 prosent av mennesker er overbevist om at de kunne suss ut en kompetent lege. Pasienten anmeldelser på nettsteder føre ikke automatisk til stoler, ifølge AP undersøkelsen.

Financial planner shares tips for protecting your retirement savings

“People have homeowners insurance to protect against fires and floods,” notes independent financial planner Stephen Ng, founder and president of Stephen Ng Financial Group, ( “They buy insurance to replace their car if it gets wrecked and they buy health insurance to protect themselves from medical costs.

Harver Health Insurance Counter Fraud Group: General Insurance Tips

Developed countries such as Japan, USA and Canada have high percentages of people who get insurance coverage for various purposes. It is said that the degree of awareness a populace with regard to the value and benefits of insurance coverage determines the level of economic progress. Or, perhaps, it is the other way around.

After almost 10 years, the results of a long-awaited clinical study has proven that cholesterol drug Zetia of Merck & Co is capable of reducing heart attack risk when it is used together with statin.

However, experts from Harver Health Insurance Counter Fraud Group are concerned that with no other studies backing up such results about heart attacks, patients might be deprived of proven medication, in the form of statins. But the results are certainly highly significant to those patients who cannot take statins.The study was conducted worldwide on 18,000 heart patients using Zetia, an ezetimibe, plus simvastation as compared to treatments with only simvastatin. LDL cholesterols levels, which is singled out as a critical cause in the development of a cardiovascular problem, decreased by 54 on average.

Harver Health Insurance Counter Fraud Group | Home
Maine citizens looking to purchase health insurance on now have more choices for their 2015 plans. We did a quick roundup of the 3 main players in the local health insurance field in Maine.

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. A veteran in the health insurance industry, Anthem has been around even before the launch of the Affordable Care Act website 3 years ago. In fact, it has registered over 18,000 Maine citizens as individual clients (i.e. customers who bought their own coverage instead of getting it through work benefits). Their enrolment rates is almost twice as high as their closest rival which is not surprising since they are getting corporate backing from WellPoint, one of the national health insurers with a big market share.
Tax returns this year require health insurance information, government offers tips.
Because 2015 is the first year Californians will have to provide information about their health insurance on their tax returns, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services released a fact sheet detailing what they'll need to know, officials announced.

In the coming weeks, the administration will continue to provide added resources to help consumers prepare for tax filing season, including online tools to help individuals connect with local tax preparation services and determine if they are eligible for an exemption, officials said.
Tips to consider on getting a health plan

Choosing health benefits is one of the most significant decisions you make every year, Harver Health Insurance Counter Fraud Group provided below some basic points you need to consider in choosing the plan that is best for you and your family.

Balanced Diet and Regular Exercise Curtails Colon Cancer | Insights Care

Colon cancer is the cancer of the lower part of the digestive system called the large Intestine or Colon & Balanced Diet and Regular Exercise Curtails Colon Cancer

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Origin of life has always been a mystery to the man-kind, which further raised a query on how a single-cell turned out to be multi-celled organism.

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