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Content Marketing, Content Hubs, Personalization, Cross Platform Tools, Content Curation,

While this started as examples of cross platforms sites, content marketing or content hubs, also known or offered as customer personalization has become so big that its' a business unto itself. Now companies are offering a much different experience than traditional websites which are a variety of platforms that offer different versions of content marketing or personalization, contests, conversions, analytics and more. Because most of the companies offer so many of the different features, we couldn't limit the list to only one feature, but are collecting platforms and examples that provide a wide range of personalized (with of course an emphasis on mobile lately) experience, UX, UI, content calendars, content distribution and more for customers. It's possible that the next wave will be to forgo CMS all together in favor of this much more rich (and expensive) version of platforms that offer out of the box yet customizable solutions for companies to build interactive web experiences.

We found that there are too many numerous overlapping sites to separate out platforms for curation versus personalization versus membership- the end goal for them is all the same: to take some part in making sites personal for the users, relevant for the users, and able to be managed by the company using the solutions to serve their users. So we are creating one larger list that can be segmented to take a deeper look into what is available in different parts of customization, curation, personalization and user roles for the best interest of users and monetization of sites for the owners. Platforms that only do curation are in the curation list. These are for multi use platforms.

Multi platform with personalization on every step of the user experience- this is the wave the founder of Living Labs, Gail Zahtz, has been talking about for five years, and now it's starting to hit more of a main stream. Here are example and resources.

123 Content Marketing Tools from Industry Professionals

Looking for the top content marketing tools? Here's 123 shared by top industry professionals!

ADAM Software - Introducing the Smart Content Hub

Learn how your organization can provide more engaging and profitable experiences throughout customer and product lifecycles, with the Smart Content Hub from ADAM. A slideshare presentation. Full site

Enterprise Search- Enterprise Search enables users to easily find, reuse and repurpose global/localized and multilingual marketing content, so they can launch products and campaigns faster, while ensuring brand consistency.

  • Provides the familiar feel of a shopping experience
  • Vast options for sorting, expanding, collapsing, limiting and presenting facets
  • Includes the ability to search for marketing content on a deeper level
  • For example, users can search for shoes (product) where the shoelaces (accessory) are striped green and white (pattern)
  • Users can discover the long tail of your rich media

Pricing upon demo request - Hubs stored on the cloud.

Adobe Marketing Cloud

Adobe may be known best for its design software like Illustrator, now offered together in Adobe Creative Cloud, but Adobe Marketing Cloud provides a serious contender in the offerings of digital marketing solutions for all of your marketing needs:

Gather, analyze and act upon your customer data in real time and across all marketing channels.

Audience Manager
Build unique audience profiles so you can identify your most valuable segments and use them across any digital channel.

Deliver automated, one-to-one messages across all of your marketing channels, based on customers’ actions and preferences.

Experience Manager
Reduce the complexity of delivering the right customer experiences by simplifying the management and delivery of your content and assets.

Media Optimizer
Predict the impact of changes to your search, display and social ads, and then easily manage and automate the campaigns.

Create and monetize engaging and personalized TV and video experiences with a multiscreen TV platform.

Use a single solution to create relevant social content, publish to your most engaged audiences and prove your social marketing results.

Quickly create A/B and multivariate tests, understand the most successful content and deliver personalized experiences.

Core services for all of this suite includes:
Tagging without templates
Store. Sync. Share. Repeat: Find and organize all your digital assets in one place. And connect all your files across Marketing Cloud solutions.
Over 200 integrations with third party software
The ability to manage users across all your Adobe solutions—including Adobe Marketing Cloud, Creative Cloud, and Document Cloud—with one simple login.

Bazaarvoice Curations | Social content curation for marketing

Curate social content from others into hubs turning to a focus on products and commerce that you offer.

Collect, manage, and display social content
Build engaging experiences by pulling social content right into your brand website.

  • A wealth of social media content - on your site: Given how powerful user-generated content is at earning trust, it should be the centerpiece of brand communication. With Bazaarvoice Curations, it's never been so easy to leverage social content throughout your site.
  • On-brand content, every time
  • Bazaarvoice Curations pulls in content from across a wide variety of social platforms, including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You can organize the photos, videos, text and links that match your filter preferences in our easy-to-use portal. : Keep your visitors on-site and engaged
  • You no longer need to send visitors to off-site social destinations in order to showcase user-generated content.: By integrating it directly into your site, you can leverage the power of user-generated content while minimizing the distractions that social networks can provide.

Expert moderation and advanced filters
Rely on Bazaarvoice's professional moderators to find the right content for your site.

  • You control the filters, and you can count on Bazaarvoice's professional moderators to ensure only authentic, on-brand content is approved for display on your site.
  • Your brand voice. Your guidelines.
  • We know that one set of guidelines doesn't work for all businesses. That's why we work with you to establish the moderation, tagging, and filtering guidelines that work best for your brand.
  • Powerful automated filters: Our powerful automated filters zero in on the content you decide is most relevant. Whether it's photos to fill a gallery, or specific keywords and hashtags from certain locations, the filters sift through the content streams finding the content most relevant for you. Concerned about profanity and off-brand content? It's easy to set up rules to exclude things like curse words and mentions of your competitors.
  • A social content moderation team you can rely on: The same expert team that moderates over 750,000 pieces of user-generated content each week for Bazaarvoice Conversations, provides the same professional level of moderation for Bazaarvoice Curations. Our experienced moderation team evaluates and tags all the user-generated content destined for your site according to the agreed-upon moderation guidelines, giving you peace of mind that no problematic content will slip through.

Branded social content hubs
Use a Lifestyle Gallery to create a branded destination bringing together content from across the social web.

  • The centerpiece of social marketing campaigns
  • Gain more influence over the experience of photo contests, promoted hashtags and other social marketing campaigns, by creating a branded central hub to display exactly the social content you need.
  • Create your own mix
  • Create an engaging mix of social posts and combine it with your own social content marketing. Bazaarvoice Curations enables you to organize and curate content by source and type, then bring it back together to create the ideal content marketing mix.
  • Make the most of rich social content
  • Bazaarvoice Curations pulls in more than just text and links. The Lifestyle Gallery displays photos and videos inline to create a more engaging visual experience, and of course it's mobile and responsive-layout friendly

Product page galleries
Feature great content from real people that already love your brand, directly in the shopping experience.

  • Bring the power of visual commerce to your product pages
  • Consumers are sharing hundreds of millions of photos on social networks each and every day. They're talking about and sharing photos of the products and brands that they love - including yours.
  • By integrating that visual content onto your product pages, you provide the authentic social proof that real people are using and enjoying your products - increasing engagement and conversion.
  • Photos from multiple social sources
  • On-page Inspiration Galleries can pull in content from multiple social sources. Whether your visitors are snap-happy Instagrammers, fans of Facebook, or Twitter trend-followers, Bazaarvoice Curations can find, curate and display photos according to the guidelines and hashtags that you set.
  • You can even incorporate photo content from your existing Ratings & Reviews implementation.
  • Keep your visitors on-site and engaged
  • With an Inspiration Gallery on your product page, you no longer need to send visitors to off-site social destinations in order to showcase user-generated content.
bigtincan Mobile Solutions

bigtincan hub™ delivers a powerful, intelligent, collaborative and secure solution that delivers the most relevant content direct to users' mobile devices.

Integrated Platform
Everything you need to access, customize, present, collaborate & share content while on a mobile device in one integrated, intuitive platform

  • Automatically “push” the most recent & relevant content to a user’s mobile device
  • All the tools to create, customize, annotate & share content
  • Work with content on or offline, on any mobile device or desktop
  • Capture data & automate manual processes with interactive forms
  • Completely customizable user interface (layout, colors, logos, fonts)

User Experiencebigtincan® hub delivers an incredible user experience that ensures rapid user adoption

  • Render any type of content with complete fidelity on any device
  • Present & share content in new & more impactful ways
  • Powerful content search, subscribe & collaboration capabilities
  • Workspace for users to access & work with content from personal repositories
  • For users on the web, bigtincan provides a consumer-app like user experience for both content publishers and content viewers. Created in a native dynamic responsive design, bigtincan now brings the benefits of secure, controlled content enablement to everybody in the enterprise using a web browser. Users can view content published to them, share, edit, annotate and more – all from their web browser.

Content Management
Automatically deliver the right content to the right mobile device users, regardless of where the content resides, directly to their mobile device. Content is organized based on relevance attributes and renders with complete fidelity on any mobile device.

  • Organize & deliver content based on relevance attributes (role/group, task, event, date/time, location, customer type, stage in a process & more)
  • Sync content changes from a repository directly to a user’s mobile device
  • Set size limits for how much space content can take up on a user’s device
  • Controlled authoring so users can only add, edit, delete or modify content within approved areas
  • Identify under utilized content that needs to be optimized or to be archived
  • Our visual search technology allows additional visual elements to be added to a content structure. Users can not only search through their content, inside files, rich media descriptions and metadata but also through internet feeds and people information.

Communications Hub
Extend your communications capabilities. You now have the the ability to send secure messages between individual users or entire groups, real-time video and audio chatting, linking content to social networks, on-the-fly presentation broadcasting to remote meeting participants as well as the ability to subscribe and follow specific bigtincan hub users and content in the system.


Content Intelligence
bigtincan’s Content Intelligence system provides visibility & fine-grained measurement of your content’s utilization as well as intelligence for content that is most relevant given a number of attributes such as a mobile user’s role, association, a company’s particular industry or customer type or content that’s best used at a particular stage in a process, time, location & more

Integrates with all of the adobe, microsoft, salesforce and similar products. Did not see integration with wordpress.

bigtincan hub™ Lite

  • $9.50 Per User/Month
  • Automated Push Content Publishing
  • Annotation
  • My Content Workspace
  • Workgroup Sharing
  • Email Sharing
  • Interactive Content Designer*
  • Storage: 500GB
  • Self Service Support

bigtincan hub™ Standard

  • $19.50 Per User/Month
  • Automated Push Content Publishing
  • Annotation
  • My Content Workspace
  • Workgroup Sharing
  • Email Sharing
  • Social Sharing
  • Document Editing
  • Mobile & Web Online Meetings
  • Document Creation
  • Single Sign On
  • Deep SFDC Integration
  • Video & Message Chat
  • Customizable User Interface
  • Controlled Authoring
  • Interactive Content Designer*
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Self Service Support
  • 24/7 Support
  • Gold Support/Dedicated Contacts*

bigtincan hub™ Enterprise

  • $29.50 Per User/Month
  • Automated Push Content Publishing
  • Annotation
  • My Content Workspace
  • Workgroup Sharing
  • Email Sharing
  • Social Sharing
  • Document Editing
  • Mobile & Web Online Meetings
  • Document Creation
  • Single Sign On
  • Deep SFDC Integration
  • Video & Message Chat
  • Content Aggregation (30+ repositories)
  • Advanced Customizable Reporting & Dashboards
  • Customizable User Interface
  • Controlled Authoring
  • Business Form Creation
  • Lead Creation & Routing
  • Interactive Content Designer*
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Self Service Support
  • 24/7 Support
  • Gold Support/Dedicated Contacts*
Crescendo: Content Marketing Tool | Plan Your Editorial Calendar | Free Trial

Organize content marketing efforts with our new content planning, creation and collaboration tool. Assign and schedule content. Share your calendar.

Crescendo includes all of the steps of planning, assigning, editing, publishing and promoting content around a content calendar system. Free trial.

Included in all systems starting at $59 a month- 2 editors, 1 social media manager, unlimited content contributors
Free onboarding
Out-of-the-box editorial workflows

Shared editorial calendar

Direct WordPress integration
(including featured images, tags and categories, meta fields, and publishing)

Preserve formatting and publish to other blog platforms
Preview and direct publish to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook

Real-time content optimization suggestions

Content effectiveness analytics
Online content marketing and support communities

Added at $99 a month- 4 editors, 1 social media manager, unlimited contributors
Content contributor training

Added at $199 a month- 10 editors, 4 social media manager, unlimited content contributors
Ongoing one-on-one phone support

Curation Suite™ - Content Curation Platform for WordPress

Curation Suite is a content curation platform for WordPress. Works with any theme and any plugin you have.

Curation Suite is one time fee of $97 and Listening Engine is $9.97 a month

Curation Suite

  • Curate from: Google News, Bing News, Reddit, Twitter, Giphy, YouTube, Slideshare
  • Curate text, videos, images, and social embeds
  • On Demand Content Search
  • Curation shortcuts (CurateThis & AddLink)
  • Point & Click Visual Editor for Easy Curating
  • Curation Sidebar - Works in Standard Post, Page, or Custom Post Type screens
  • Built exclusively for WordPress
  • Works with any theme & any plugin
  • Unlimited Personal Site License

Listening Engine

  • Discover trending, highly curatable & share worthy content
  • Keyword & RSS Feed Content Discovery
  • Finds content even Google Alerts won't find
  • Social Media Share Count on Content
  • Daily Email Digest with Trending Stories
  • Keyword & Website Filtering
  • Curation Workflows for Quicker Publishing
  • Follow or Block Specific Domain/Websites
  • Quickly Create Draft Curated Posts with the Click to Draft Feature
  • Unlocks the Content Reading Page to Quickly Discover Content to Curate, Publish, or Share
  • Works for any market or niche
Drip Email Campaign Plugin

If you're looking to focus your email automation and campaigns around email, and integrate with many other programs you may already be using, Drip fills the hole in making these campaigns work. Among many other 3rd party integrations, this integrates with Wordpress as a plugin

Try it free, and then set up at $1 a month until you're ready to do campaigns, then it's $49/ month for up to 2,500 emails a month and $99 for 5,000.

Create workflows with the kind of chart set above, and then automatically send out emails, make integrations, create rules and automate your emails and other marketing via drip.

In addition to email, you can capture your emails via a pop-up widget, embedded on your site, triggered at exit and they are all hosted as an option on the drip website.

Actions work as an if this then that. Choose a trigger of a customer even with drop downs, name it, then choose an action to automate.

Send targeted emails via drip campaigns (a sequence of emails like an email course or user onboarding), broad email blasts, one-offs for specific events or a specific tag.

Each email goes through the Liquid templating system so you can have all of the basics set up, but also each customer gets exactly the content they want or need.

Identify your best leads via their scoring algorithm and its' reports.

With 11 automated triggers and 14 actions, automations can be used to move subscribers in and out of campaigns, apply tags, record conversations, send to another application (like your CRM) and more.

Other integrations include landing page providers, payment gateways, shopping carts and CRM systems including: SumoMe, unbound, leadpages, stripe,, gravity, gumroad, wistia, gosquared, zapier, kickofflabs, segment, calendly, shopify, textiful, pipedrive and Paypal.

Newer features include: reports, split testing, concierge service, campaign blueprints, RSS to email, multi-user access, custom email templates, custom redirect pages, localization and more.


Elcom global provider of .NET Enterprise Web Content Management Solutions (CMS). Through the features listed below of the core product, elcomCMS assists organizations in meeting their digital objectives for websites, intranets, portals, mobile, social, online marketing, eCommerce and learning management. (note- by being a .NET solution, this ties you to microsoft and higher hosting fees.)


  • AA Compliance
  • Ad Serving
  • Admin Alerts
  • Admin Dashboard Google Analytics Panel
  • Advanced Search
  • AGLS Metadata
  • Article Comments
  • Best Bets
  • Blogs
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Bootstrap Front-end Support
  • Carousels
  • Change Log
  • Code Blocks
  • Compare Versions
  • Content Alerts
  • Content Archival
  • Content Auto-save
  • Content Collaboration
  • Content Explorer
  • Content Numbering
  • Content Ratings
  • Content Review
  • Content Sharing
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Custom Metadata
  • Document Manager
  • Document Upload
  • Download Counter
  • Drag and Drop Layout
  • Dynamic Widgets
  • Embedded Articles
  • Enterprise Search
  • FAQ Manager
  • Federated Search
  • Flash Library
  • Folder Explorer
  • Forms
  • Form Results
  • Friendly URLs
  • Front End Publisher Controls
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Google Site Map
  • Image Gallery
  • Image Manager
  • In-line Editing
  • Javascript Library
  • jQuery Management
  • Link Management
  • Local Administration
  • MasterPage Manager
  • Media Center
  • Menu Creator
  • Metadata Management
  • Most Popular Content
  • Multimedia Library
  • My Work
  • Online Dictionary
  • People Listing
  • Persona Panel
  • Print to PDF
  • Performance Optimisations
  • Polls
  • Premium Content
  • Quiz
  • Ratings
  • Real-Time Personalization
  • Real-Time Search
  • Recycle Bin
  • Redirect Management
  • Related Content
  • Reports
  • Request Feedback
  • Responsive Admin
  • RSS Import
  • RSS Reader & Publisher
  • Scheduled Publish/Expiry
  • Search
  • Sitemap
  • Stylesheet Library
  • Surveys and Testing
  • Templates
  • Tag Cloud
  • (Most Viewed Content)
  • Taxonomy Manager
  • Team Workspace
  • Themes
  • Thesaurus
  • Top Downloads
  • User Access Logging
  • User and Group Security
  • User Import
  • Version Control
  • Workflows
  • WYSIWYG Editor



This is a hard system to classify- because it really does a lot of different items with the goal of monetizing your knowledge. Kajabi says "the one system you need to sell your knowledge online". Create a website, sell your digital products, and grow your customers.

Some features:


  • build beautiful online courses, membership sites, training portals, simple file downloads, or any other type of digital product you can imagine
  • Choose the right fully-customizable theme for each of your products
  • responsive
  • video hosting powered by Wistia
  • add file downloads to your products. Upload documents, presentations, images, and audio files to really make your content valuable to all types of customers.
  • With interactive in-course discussions, your customers can actively engage with you and other customers. Your customers will get notified by email if someone replies to their comments, bringing them back into the discussion.
  • increase retention and prevent overwhelm by setting your content to drip out to users on a schedule based on when they bought the product. They’ll automatically receive an email when new content is released to them.
  • There are lots of ways to get your videos, images, and downloads into Kajabi. Simply drag-and-drop files from your computer, provide a URL to your content, or even pick files from your Dropbox or Google Drive account to have them copied to Kajabi lightning-fast.


  • Use Kajabi to bring all of your products together onto one beautiful website.
  • Create a product marketplace where your customers can buy additional products with just one click.
  • Make your site look just the way you want it to. Pick a theme for your site from their library of fully-customizable themes.
  • Give your customers one place to login and access the library of all the products they have purchased from you.
  • This is your site, so make it look and feel the way you want it to. Add your logo, images and colors to brand your home on the web.
  • Each Kajabi site gets a domain ( automatically so you can get started quickly. To really add your own branding, easily use a custom domain ( or subdomain ( if you wish.
  • Create as many pages as you want for your website to include information that rarely changes, such as an ‘About Us’ page, ‘Contact Us’ page, Privacy Policy or legal disclaimers.
  • Use the integrated blog to give value to your audience, bring in subscribers, and convert cold prospects into rabid fans. The look of the blog is completely determined by the Site Theme you choose, so it will perfectly match the look of your website and store.
  • Site Navigation - You decide what links go in the header and footer of your site. Link to other pages within your site, your blog, or connect to externally hosted pages.
  • Customize All Text - Every word that your prospects and customers see is customizable. Use the language, terminology and writing style that you want on any of your pages and automated emails that send out to your customers.
  • Pre-built Disclaimers - Every Kajabi site comes with a default Terms of Use and Privacy Policy which you can use as a starting point to customize for your own use on your own site.

Sales Tools

  • With just a couple of clicks, you’ll be set up to receive credit card payments from anybody around the world.
  • Affiliate
  • Coupons
  • Upsells
  • Stripe integrated payments


  • Rich membership management features to help you nurture your existing customers and make them eager to purchase more of your products.
  • Member List
  • Member Dashboard
  • Bulk Import
  • Comment Moderation
  • Announcements


  • All the features you need to collect leads and nurture them into knowing you, liking you and trusting you.
  • landing page builder
  • landing page templates
  • custom forms
  • capture leads
  • email broadcasts and analytics


  • Integration with over 500 applications
  • multiple admin users
  • support
  • code editor
  • hosting
  • multiple sites
  • scalability
  • instant upgrade

$311/ month

  • 100 Products
  • 40,000 Marketing Emails /mo
  • 5 Admin Users
  • 10,000 Active Members
  • 3 Sites
  • 0% Transaction Fee
  • 100 Landing Pages

$719 / month

  • Unlimited Products
  • 100,000 Marketing Emails /mo
  • 25 Admin Users
  • Unlimited Active Members
  • 10 Sites
  • 0% Transaction Fee
  • Unlimited Landing Pages
Marketing and Content Calendar for Blogging, Marketing + Social Media - @CoSchedule

"CoSchedule is the best way to plan your marketing and save a ton of time. Trusted by more than 10,000 bloggers, editors, and social marketers world-wide."

Branded the same as the properties under Jay Baer - content marketer - but it has it's own team and he isn't on the official team. The graphics and links, etc are all connected with convince and convert media, consulting, network of podcasts, and the co-schedule blog- all of them are in the top positions in their niche of content marketing.

Coschedule Features include:

  • Collaboration of content
  • Sharing blog posts via social media scheduling at the same time you create your blog and social media content- before you publish.
  • Social Media scheduling and blogs on a single, consolidated editorial calendar.
  • Schedule from old posts
  • All media scheduling included: content, photos, video, eBooks, podcast, email marketing, webinars, google docs, press releases.
  • Separate new analytics for response of content marketing.

Third Party Integrations

  • Wordpress
  • Buffer
  • Google Docs
  • Coogle Calendar
  • Google Chrome
  • Drop Box

Social media included:

  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • LinkedIn
  • Tumblr


Team Marketing:
$79 a month (or $720 a year)
Custom Team Workflows
Social Media Templates
Premium Integrations
5 users
10 guests
10 social profiles

Team Automation
$149/ month (or $1,440 a year paid annually)
Social Automation
Auto-pilot publishing
Data Driven Intelligence
10 users
20 guests
25 social profiles

Team advanced
$359/ month ($3,600 a year paid annually)
Calendar gives more control and insight
25 users
4 guests
100 social profiles

Marketing Cloud: Digital Marketing Software

Like the other Salesforce enterprise options, Marketing Cloud offers everything you could want in email, multi channel, content marketing, social media marketing and real-time relevant communications.

Major Features and Components Include

Journey Builder
Guide customers on 1-to-1 journeys across sales, service, marketing, and beyond — uniting your brand’s voice and providing a seamless experience.

  • Create personalized customer-focused experiences at scale
  • Map the customer journey and prioritize every step of your strategy
  • Spark conversations with customers based on real-time interactions
  • Test multiple variations of content, channel, timing, and frequency
  • Automatically monitor and respond to customers
  • Connect your apps, products, and spaces to customer journeys
  • Leverage data from any source
  • Automate internal journeys for your employees
  • Reach across the customer lifecycle, creating Salesforce contacts, leads, cases, and tasks

Email Marketing

  • Utilize drag-and-drop native Predictive Intelligence content recommendations
  • Automate the entire customer lifecycle with Journey Builder
  • Create 1-to-1 experiences with dynamic content, JavaScript, and AMPscript
  • Utilize mobile-optimized email templates
  • Employ drag-and-drop audience segmentation tools integrated with dynamic content creation
  • Store all your data in one place for a single view of the customer
  • Analyze comprehensive campaign performance at a glance
  • Collaborate across teams with approval workflow processes
  • Leverage CRM data from Sales Cloud and Service Cloud
  • Access Marketing Cloud email features in Sales Cloud and Service Cloud

Mobile Marketing
Every company should approach marketing with a mobile-first mindset — and Marketing Cloud is leading the way. With 1-to-1 personalized messages, our mobile solutions put you in touch with customers’ ever-changing context, from smartphone to tablet to laptop.

  • Engage in two-way mobile communications that include pictures, videos, and audio with MMS
  • Track and send mobile messages across campaigns
  • Drive app engagement with push messaging
  • Track when a customer opens your app, how much time they spend interacting, and details about their location
  • Create and automate custom solutions with mobile APIs
  • Utilize automated geotargeting
  • Automate mobile app activities, such as refreshing a list or triggering a send

Social Media Marketing

  • Listen and analyze social media conversations
  • Publish and plan social marketing campaigns
  • Engage and connect across the social Web
  • Use social throughout the Salesforce Customer Success Platform
  • Take your social media strategy mobile
  • Monitor your social media presence
  • Drive social advertising results at scale

Web Personalization
The website remains a key point in the customer journey – often marking the first interaction with a brand. Our Web marketing tools make it easy to create beautiful, dynamic Web pages and personalized content, then track every action your customers take, in real time, to make the insights actionable.

  • Collect explicit and implicit behavioral data
  • Build a single view of the customer
  • Leverage customer data and personalized content from a single platform
  • Recommend products, content, and offers
  • Trigger messages based on real-time behavior
  • Track page views, click-through rates, and more with actionable Web analytics
  • Create smart content with prebuilt and custom layouts

Advertising using

  • Advertise on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Use your Salesforce customer data to power your advertising targeting across channels
  • Manage ads at scale using creative permutations, rules automation, and team collaboration tools
  • Visualize data with an optimization center
  • Coordinate advertising with sales and service to create unified customer journeys across your organization

Content and Messaging across all of your platforms

  • Upload files with drag-and-drop tools
  • Assign content expiration dates
  • Utilize customer preferences to present relevant content
  • Generate custom offers for individuals or segments
  • Edit assets and preview content without leaving the application
  • Use search and filter tools to quickly locate marketing content

Customer Data Platform
Customer data is their catalyst for 1-to-1 journeys. The Customer Data Platform brings all of your customer data into one place, with real-time analytics that are actionable and predictive, plus tools to measure everything. Make informed, automated, and predictive decisions with next-generation tools to personalize every step of the journey.

  • Bring in data from any source
  • Build a single, 360-degree view of each customer
  • View, analyze, filter, and segment data in real time
  • Spot trends and opportunities faster, and target audiences more precisely
  • Manage complex data with ease
  • Tap into your data to gain new insights and drive business outcomes

Predictive Intelligence
The world has become a “noisy” place. Predictive Intelligence gives marketers the power of data science to understand each customer’s preferences and intent to automatically optimize every interaction, in any channel, across the customer journey. Drive more conversions, win loyal advocates, and cut through the noise every step of the way.

  • Collect implicit and explicit customer data
  • Generate predictive scores about customer engagement likelihood
  • Infer customer preferences and discover key behaviors
  • Filter and segment Predictive Audiences at lightning speed using predictive scores
  • Incorporate your tribal knowledge with merchandising or business-centric rules
  • Configure predictive content and product recommendations with drag-and-drop tools
  • Automatically tailor the content in every message for each individual
  • Deliver a personalized journey for each customer that adapts based on behavior and engagement

While none of the full salesforce cloud platforms are entry level (and for these you do need to be in contact to even get prices) they do offer this suite in smaller bundles for clients who are only interested in advertising, social, B2B lead generation and/or Email, Mobile, and Web Marketing.


Have an eye for creating converting websites? Marketing Research: Articles, Reports and Case Studies at Marketing Sherpa all focus on that. They are not an agency or vendor, but a focused site on creating conversion focused websites and other digital. We've put this in with content hubs and other resources, even though they are not a platform, to give you somewhere to go to get a lot of case studies.

Moz Content – Audit, Measure, and Discover Relevant Content

Moz Content for publishers automatically audits and sorts content according to topic, type, and author so you know which tactics are more effective at engaging your target audience.

Sample Features

  • Content Audits- Audit any website and drill down into the topics, authors, and content types that generate the most links, shares, and page views.
  • Competitor Site Analysis- Uncover the content strategies other sites are using to attract and engage their audiences.
  • Content Analysis- Uncover top performing topics, authors, and content types like lists, articles, and videos.
  • Google Analytics Integration- Add traffic data to your content performance monitoring.
  • Intelligent Topic Tagging- Categorize all of your content by subject matter.
  • Content Curation- Find and share content with your social audience.
  • Research- Search the web's most popular content.
  • Competitor Discovery- Find competitors who create content about the topics you care about.


$59 a month

  • 2,500 Pages Per Audit
  • 10 Audits Per Month
  • 1 Tracked Audit
  • 10 Saved Content Searches
  • No Google Analytics Integration

$129 a month

  • 5,000 Pages Per Audit
  • 20 Audits Per Month
  • 10 Tracked Audits
  • 50 Saved Content Searches
  • Includes Google Analytics Integration

$199 a month

  • 10,000 Pages Per Audit
  • 50 Audits Per Month
  • 20 Tracked Audits
  • Unlimited Saved Content Searches
  • Includes Google Analytics Integration

Moz other Products Include:

Moz Pro
Track weekly search engine keyword rankings for your site and the competition
Track keywords on Google, Bing and Yahoo in 200+ countries plug segment by campaign, keyword label and location.
Represent overall rankings performance with one metric based on positions and Click Through Rates (CTRs).
Discover your top competitors and compare your ranking performance.
Keyword Research-Discover and prioritize the best keywords to target using Keyword Explorer.
Access and evaluate the most important links on the web with our industry-leading metrics- Moz Page Authority and Domain Authority.
Quickly identify the SEO fixes that will take your website to the next level.
Search top-performing content across the web to find winning strategies and accelerate your content efforts.
Prove and improve your impact on site traffic via reporting.

*Moz SEO tools *(all included in pro- included in different packages)
Campaigns- organic traffic, keyword rankings, search visibibility
Open site explorer (link building opportunities by researching backlinks)
Fresh web explorer for mentions of your brand
Keyword and Rankings- On-Page Grader, Rank Tracker, Keyword Explorer tools
Crawl Test- a site audit of up to 3,000 pages against any public domain.
Moz Bar- Access SEO metrics for every page your visit

Moz Local for local search marketing
Followerwonk for Twitter Analytics - connect with influencers and prospects, search and compare users, learn how to engage and optimize your social presence.

ONTRAPORT | All-in-one business automation

ONTRAPORT is an all-in-one business and marketing automation platform that removes the burden of technology for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Publish, market, sell and organize with this platform for $297 or $597 a month.


  • conversion pages,
  • pop up forms,
  • templates to buy and sell at their marketplace
  • webforms,
  • wordpress integration (including x theme),
  • facebook integration,
  • split testing.
  • grant access to levels based on user/membership to Wordpress and other functions


  • Marketing automation- DOES NOT automate social media but items below
  • email marketing,
  • 2 way SMS messaging,
  • postcard marketing,
  • partner/referral program,
  • marketing tracking,
  • personalized URLs for individuals.


  • membership sites - need to activate one of their plugins
  • sell digital downloads
  • Order forms,
  • Trials/subscriptions/coupons/ payment plans,
  • one click upsells,
  • lead management and scoring,
  • task management,
  • abandoned cart follow up.


  • CRM,
  • business automation,
  • custom objects,
  • metrics dashboards,
  • mobile,
  • open API,
  • integration partners for gateways, carts, others,
  • projects gives training to product experts.
Percolate | Calendar, filters, web and email publishing and sharing automation


  • Content and Marketing Calendar with user roles (for editing, approval, etc): includes website content, social, email newsletters, media buying, events, and local initiatives in one calendar workflow from multiple contributors.
  • Social Media and publishing options: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, blog, email (works with marketo), or print. Use hashtag campaigns to include UGC in our assets.
  • Percolate lets you quickly identify influencers, discover trending content across channels, and engage with customers via an integrated monitoring dashboard and social inbox.
  • Campaign Briefs- Add tags to organize and track marketing efforts by brand element, topic, event, product category, theme or campaign. Filter campaigns by platform or topic to quickly find what you need. Share campaign for collaboration.
  • Asset Manager- keep branding elements, tagged photos and digital assets with folders. Edit your digital assets (like adding text to photos) within the system. They have a marketplace of partners for content, photos and digital assets.
  • Creative workspaces- Creative workspaces let you develop content — from blog posts to social ads — with ease and efficiency. Custom templates lay out creative like emails and print pieces without leaving Percolate or bothering your designer.
  • Percolate’s automated flagging and routing notifications can instantly alert sales and marketing teams when an existing Salesforce contact interacts with your brand, enabling immediate, personalized, and consistent customer conversations. Integrated social listening.
  • Integrated with wordpress for publishing.
  • Publish content to social, websites, blogs, marketing automation, and even custom destinations.
  • Analytics
  • API
Pressly - create curated hubs from social media and other people's websites

Build content hubs quickly and easily, collaborate with your team, publish for any audience, and share everywhere. Sign up for your free demo.

Pressly collects all of your content into gorgeous, customizable hubs, giving you and your team or community a unique place to organize, publish and collaborate.


  • Create- Build a beautiful hub on any subject that matters to you in just a few minutes - no coding required.
  • Discover- Find engaging, relevant content and then publish it. Connect RSS feeds, social networks, or use the bookmarklet or apps for seamless collection
  • Collaborate- Engage your community around any subject that matters to you, simply and instantly. Ensure that everyone has a voice and learn from each other.
  • Socialize- Share to all your social channels with a single click and tether your engagement to a destination that belongs to you.
  • Control Take the wheel of your community with the Pressly dashboard. It's simple, intuitive, and packed with powerful features for people and business of all kinds. Use it to create and manage your hubs with ease.
  • Go Anywhere- Access your hub, publish content, and engage with your community anywhere and everywhere at the touch of a button with our state-of-the-art mobile app.
  • Learn-Improve your hubs and your content activities with valuable analytics and weekly reports, available on the dashboard or sent regularly to your inbox.
  • revenue=Create powerful calls to action that convert readers into customers and supply useful insights that boost your bottom line.
  • email-Drag and drop your hub content into gorgeous newsletters in mere moments, then generate code that exports with ease, ready for all major email services.
  • Integration- Integrates with Slack, Marketo, Hubspot, and Google Analytics. And our easy-to-use API allows you to extend our platform even further. Does not integrate with wordpress directly

PRO- Starts at $499/month*
Consider annual pricing
$499 is based on a 10% discount given to organizations who sign annual contracts and pay for year = $6,000

Plan includes:

  • Curate from all public sources
  • Desktop/smartphone access
  • Integrations with the tools you love
  • Share with social accounts
  • Searchable archives with unlimited posts
  • Calls-to-action
  • Email/Chat support
  • and much more…

Enterprise Pricing- Contact them
Everything in Pro plus:

  • Multiple user roles and permissions
  • Compliance/approval workflows
  • Enterprise security features
  • Premium integrations
  • Unlimited data export
  • Premium calls-to-action
  • Dedicated support

Rebel Mouse, when it was started ,was a tremendous way of taking social content that you posted and getting it up almost immediately into a constantly changing website look of the site. In the original iteration of Rebel Mouse: you could create a blog, website or social page in seconds by connecting your social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn. RebelMouse is used by small businesses, individuals, publishers and brands using the RebelMouse Platform and being able to integrate it as pages or sections into your wordpress or other site.

In time, because the engine underneath RebelMouse must be extremely robust, many large companies and agencies started doing amazing campaigns using RebelMouse- but this came at a hefty price tag.

"RebelMouse 2.0" seems to have moved in the direction of being a web platform that has a heavy emphasis on content distribution- great for those who can afford it. While they do not post their prices, when their less expensive item "Rebel Runner" launched they had a "very limited special introduction" of $5,000 a month to run the program. Being that is the lower end, and the emphasis is on their second product in which you work hand in hand with a development team throughout the entire process, we imagine that whatever heft there is behind RebelMouse is so great that it is now saved for the very large brands that can afford it.

Rebel Runner- at prices that appear to probably be around $10,000 a month- put up a templated type of website that may or may not be a mix of other people's content or just your own. One of the features is taking advantage of their distribution graph, that appears on the site to help you publish and distribute at the best times and ways. The site examples appear like upscale blogs.

Rebel Roar is definitely now a publishing platform. It appears to offer a lot of weight underneath to enable large properties to create endless sites and campaigns to reach markets. The Rebel Mouse site includes these as its' major benefits/ features:

  • Entry Editor Built to Create Viral Content - Create content quickly with our intuitive entry editor that supports the kind of viral media you see every day in your own feed, including listicles, quizzes, media-rich posts, etc.
  • Digital Asset Manager - Enjoy a centralized database of all your images, and even search for new ones. You can house, edit, and reuse all your best pictures.
  • Personalization Audience Building + Community - Personalize your properties across two dimensions: Social graphs ingested from networks like Facebook when readers sign up and by visitor behavior based on articles they read. Paired with our CTA tools, you will grow engaged, high-value audiences that go beyond liking and sharing.
  • Leverage the Rebel Distribution Graph - Maximize SEO with Rebel Roar's built in distribution tools to optimize your content's reach before publish. Then, use our analytics and insights to tweak your social strategy and capitalize on viral moments.
  • Actionable Analytics - Optimize content performance with A/B testing, velocity alerts and dynamic "most popular" units to capitalize on viral opportunities in real time.
  • Native Apps - RebelMouse-powered native apps for iOS and Android allow you to read and create content from your mobile device.
  • Efficient Teams - Be a part of our collaborative and enterprise workflow done in simple, intuitive ways. Use horizontal and vertical approval processes in content development with UGC permissions supported for social networks.
  • Developer-Friendly - Facilitate third-party integrations and customize CSS, HTML, JavaScript codes using our platform integration with GitHub.

RebelMouse has even created a developer program or partners through GitHub:

There is definitely a lot underneath RebelMouse I have seen some extremely creative and successful campaigns using Rebel Mouse. But the question remains on whether it is appropriate anymore to stay on the list of content curation tools, or if it has morphed into a high end (expensive) web platform with an emphasis on multi channel and social media distribution. Content Director | Content Curation and Marketing Software

Content marketing software for small marketing teams and small business. Save time planning, curating, publishing and distributing content. Generate SEO, traffic and leads.

Advanced Content Curation

  •’s smart suggestion engine crawls more than 35 million web pages every day and filters them on your own specific keywords. Filter by format or date. Rank by popularity, freshness or relevance.
  • Publish curated content in minutes directly to your website
  • Create blog posts 4-8x faster by annotating curated content and publishing them to your website. Content Director lets you quote, edit and enrich third-party content and automatically formats the result to fit your site’s look and feel.
  • Turn Google Docs or web pages into perfectly formatted blog posts
  • Beyond content suggestions, Content Director lets you publish anything you read online thanks to our bookmarklet. And with our Google Docs integration, you can also save time collaborating and authoring original content.

Content Calendar and Library

  • Define your content objectives through simple rules. Your smart calendar instantly highlights when content needs to be scheduled for your blog, social channels and newsletters.
  • Bring clarity to your and your team through a crystal-clear, color-coded editorial calendar that’s updated in real time.
  • Your smart calendar synchronizes with your WordPress, HubSpot or Drupal CMS so that it’s always up-to-date.
  • Manage contributions from your team, freelancers or contributors from your community.
  • Share visibility with them on your content plan, make it possible for them to submit drafts while retaining control over what gets effectively published.
  • Assign contribution rights to users to let them either suggest curated content or contribute drafts.
  • Content Director synchronizes with your blog, website, social channels and email system so you can manage all your content assets from the same data base. Your content library is automatically indexed in real-time with rich meta-data and performance metrics so you can have an understanding of your content operations.
  • Make all of your content instantly searchable. Filter by keyword, format, channel or performance metrics such as generated traffic, shares and leads.

Content Distribution and Scheduling Social Media

  • Program your websites' distribution to multiple social channels: corporate accounts and pages but also team members’ personal accounts. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, G+, Buffer, Tumbler
  • Reach your followers whenever they’re online by responsibly repeating your content over time and channels.
  • Easily identify high-converting content based on data. Or tag content as evergreen.
  • Re-share popular content over social channels and email to amplify your publishing efforts and generate more traffic and leads.
  • Create email newsletters through a simple drag and drop from your blog’s content.
  • Distribute through your existing email platform to subscribers for additional traffic, social media shares and leads.
  • MailChimp integration allows you to export your newsletter created in Content Director directly in MailChimp as a campaign draft.
  • Work with predefined templates and adapt them to your brand in a few clicks. Or build custom HTML templates to make your newsletters unique.
Skyword : manage content contributors, calendar, editorial

Skyword is a collaborative content calendar and publishing system (including to social media). Pricing not on site.


Help putting together a talented, committed team of content creators via their creative pool, content strategists and a technology platform that streamlines management and payment processes.

The Skyword Marketing Calendar is built to align your strategy with the rest of marketing, and provide other teams across your organization visibility into your content marketing game plan. Preview your entire month at a glance, or highlight specific assignments to see even more detail. View and create assignments, RFPs, projects, and events. Capture activities such as marketing events, product launches, corporate announcements, paid media flights, conferences, as well as organizational milestones, and keep them organized within the Skyword Marketing Calendar. Ensure that stories are being assigned and published in support of your organization’s efforts for a more solidified brand experience.

The Skyword Platform helps you make sure content editors in London, Brazil, and Beijing are all rocking to the same brand story groove. Each contributor can easily pull up program-specific guidelines and editorial standards, and our content strategists can help you develop creative briefs that communicate your vision clearly. When each content contributor can dive in knowing the parameters, the message, and the keywords for his or her particular article or video, it makes a huge difference in the scalability of your message.

The Skyword Platform was designed to streamline the process and bring visibility and clarity to everyone in the enterprise who has a stake in your project. At the same time, it is fully customizable to your approval processes. You can invite as many reviewers as you need to, at whatever point of development it makes sense for them to step in. Reviewers can make comments within the body of a shared text document, or as time-stamped comments on videos in progress. Everything stays in one place, and everyone stays sane.

Search engine optimization plays an important role in content strategy, and the SEO Scorecard on the Skyword Platform makes it a clear, simple process. When you assign keywords to a particular article, contributors must meet your SEO standards before they can send it out for review. You can even optimize content for search in local languages and locales.

Do they move audiences to act in the ways you hoped they would? Or do they sit around collecting dust? We help make sure it’s the former. From the Skyword Platform, you can publish content to various social media platforms. You can even promote and track content performance directly from the Platform, so everything stays in one place. Take advantage of our partnership with content discovery services to distribute your content to the sites and social networks where your audience is.

When you’re looking for clarity on how well your content program is performing, it helps to have all the metrics in one place. From the Skyword Platform, you can track storytelling metrics such as content, contributor, and social performance alongside Google Analytics such as channel, acquisition, engagement, and goal completion metrics – giving you the full performance narrative without leaving the page. Content marketing is a learn-as-you-go strategy, and metrics are your audience’s way of telling you which stories resonate with them the most. The more clearly you receive that feedback, the better you’ll be able to fine-tune your strategy and create a brand voice that gets shared, noticed, and amplified.

The marketing content hub: 360° Marketing content management for the enterprise

The marketing content hub is the Microsoft enterprise software solution that provides marketers with a 360° interaction on all of their content and processes.

Timberlake Association Software

Interestingly, when comparing features for membership, directories, online sales and many of the other items included in the comparative SaaS solutions we've found, we tripped over association management software and found that, depending on what you are creating, this may be an all in one solution to all of your needs. While we created another list only on association and member management software, we are including Timberlake as an example of features and pricing. With the case of Timberlake's program, for example, they even include all the costs of the website design, development and hosting. So we are sharing this and all the features and pricing as another option when you're looking at whether you piece together solutions for your content, membership, online sales, events, directories and more and see if your needs are better met by an all inclusive solution.

As with most programs, Timberlake (run by Naylor Association Solutions) has three levels of service and product. Unlike most sites, they are willing to put out your full first year (with set up fees being more) and second year pricing on the website in addition to all of the features and individual fees.

The entry is "GO" at $295/ month licensing, a $2,495 setup and thus first year costs total $5,035 and second year $3,540. This is designed for associations migrating from manual processes and older databases to an AMS, Website CMS and training. Unlimited staff users and up to 10,000 contact records.

The middle level PRO at $595/ month, a $2,495 setup comes to $9,635 your first year and $7,140 your second year in monthly fees. Timberlake says this is their most popular edition and provides a full featured AMS, Website CMS and unlimited support. Unlimited staff users. 30,000 records.

Enterprise level is $1,495 / month, $8,750 setup for first year cost of $26,690 and second year monthly of $17,940. This includes every module offered by Timberlake and features can be completely customized to meet any association needs. Unlimited Staff Users. Up to 75,000 contact records, the "Sandbox Environment."

Features for all Editions

  • Membership & Dues Management (AMS)
  • Website Development & Hosting
  • Mobile & Tablet Friendly Member Portal
  • Event Management
  • Committee Management
  • Online Directories & Buyer’s Guides
  • Financial Management
  • Mail Blasts, Texts & Voice Broadcasts
  • Reporting
  • Donation Management
  • Standard Data Import from MS Excel
  • Data Conversion from a Single File Competitor Format
  • Online Support Portal
  • Unlimited 24/7 Phone Support
  • Product Updates
  • Remote One-on-One Live Webinars
  • On-Demand Video Reference Library
  • Printed Product Documentation

Added with Pro

  • Exhibitor and Booth Sales Management
  • Certifications / CEU’s
  • Online Quizzes / Polls
  • Blog
  • Member Forum
  • Surveys, Ballots & Form Building
  • Job Board
  • Product Sales & Digital Downloads
  • Task Management
  • Document Resource Library
  • Banner Ad Management
  • Data Conversion from Multiple Sources
  • Available on site training
  • API Access to Existing Partners
  • API Access for Developers
  • Business Process Analysis

Included only in Enterprise

  • Online Newsletters
  • Subscription Management
  • Abstract Management
  • Professional Support 24/7 and after hours dedicated contact
  • Custom Programming at $150 / hour
Triblio Personalized Software, Content Hubs and Content Marketing

Account based marketing (ABM) software to personalize the web like email to increase leads, engagement, and sales conversations for target accounts.

Triblio provides account-based personalization software that creates personalized messages and CTAs in minutes. You can promote messaging, content and CTAs across multiple channels to unify your campaigns and extend your marketing-automation campaigns to website and other corporate channels. Triblio defines your campaign-audience segments by persona or account, and you can choose to personalize by any of the following:

  • Acquisition, upsell or retention accounts
  • Known and unknown accounts
  • Funnel stage or firmagraphics
  • Persona or visitor behavior

Triblio helps you create personalize content marketing to drive future sales:

  • Deliver specific content to different target audiences with HERO banners and content hubs
  • Engage the prospect with microsites and dynamic content
  • Increase conversion of inbound traffic by promoting the content relevant to the prospect
  • Curate the best performing content from asset libraries or from 3rd parties
  • Target persona and buying stage with whitepapers, videos, and infographics that fit audience specific campaigns
  • Discover content that resonates using our persona-based algorithms

Triblio connects multichannel lead nurturing campaigns

  • Integrate web and email channel campaigns for consistent messaging across channels
  • Increase engagement of prospects with consistent and relevant content and offers during their buying journey
  • Personalize content shown to increase ROI of lead nurturing through segmentation, account type, persona, and pages viewed
  • Easily create and integrate lead nurturing campaigns into your website channels without needing IT knowledge

Use Triblio to personalize your web and cross channel campaigns:

  • Increase lead score and conversions for your email campaigns and digital advertising campaigns by creating custom web campaigns
  • Maintain consistent messaging across sales, web, email, and social channels
  • Target contacts within accounts according to role while they learn about your product with personalized web pages, overlay cards, content hubs, or microsites
  • Deepend engagement and reduce bounce rate by personalizing content to specific personas and account interests
  • Create customized website content consistent with email campaigns for every Oracle|Eloqua segment
  • Target prospects location to promote geographically fitting and interest-considerate events
  • Simplify user experience by automatically generating personalized product information based on specific accounts, audience segments, and company size
  • Create and execute personalized campaigns without needing IT knowledge.

Use Triblio to personalize your web and cross channel campaigns

  • Increase lead score and conversions for your email campaigns and digital advertising campaigns by creating custom web campaigns
  • Maintain consistent messaging across sales, web, email, and social channels
  • Target contacts within accounts according to role while they learn about your product with personalized web pages, overlay cards, content hubs, or microsites
  • Deepend engagement and reduce bounce rate by personalizing content to specific personas and account interests
  • Create customized website content consistent with email campaigns for every Oracle|Eloqua segment
  • Target prospects location to promote geographically fitting and interest-considerate events
  • Simplify user experience by automatically generating personalized product information based on specific accounts, audience segments, and company size
  • Create and execute personalized campaigns without needing IT knowledge.


$1,800 / month

  • 5 Active Audience
  • Marketing Automation Integration
  • 5K Anonymous Accounts
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • 25 SFDC Named Accounts
  • Silver Customer Success Package - Onboarding, Training, 30 Day Managed Services, Monthly Checkup

$3,200 / month
25 Active Audiences
Marketing Automation Integration
50K Anonymous Accounts
Analytics and Reporting
100 SFDC Named Accounts
Gold Customer Success Package - Silver + 90 Days Managed Services, Design and Deploy 3-5 Campaigns

Unpickle – Customer Experience Platform Provider and Management

Unpickle Customer Experience Platform helps drive Customer Service Delivery and Management, Monetizing Customer Experiences, via synergistic combination of business priorities, Big data deployment, Process Automation, analytics and technology.

They pick up customer actions at key touchpoints and produce the analytics to make better decisions on when and how to engage with customers during the buying cycle of dream-plan-buy-share.

They are mostly a business analytics solution, not a curation or publishing system.

  • Stay tuned as we merge our numerous multi-media properties into Living Labs. Lists will be one foundation of the thousands of curated resources, products and services offered for Baby Boomers, patients and the organizations and professionals who work to make their lives easier. Contact us now to sell your innovations at our marketplace, share spaces that inspire Design for Life or create or curate your best expertise including service, sensory, accessible, user-centered, sustainable, evidence based and universal design experiences. Pre-launch opportunities to be selected from your expertise for media, travel, products and pay. Living Labs is connecting creators and users for independence, dignity and beauty for all.

  • Tools