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EAD102 Privacy

A list of links related to issues of privacy and copyright for the students of EAD102

Privacy on the Internet

Privacy on the Internet - some thoughts on issues and tools that you can use to keep your data private.

Creationistas - Australian Copyright Is Broken

Facebook: Twitter: At this very moment, many people in Australia are breaching copyright. They are doing creative things, commonplace things, public interest things, things that are improving our community and culture, and they are breaching copyright, often without even being aware of it.

Tips for protecting your privacy online

With online spying in the news, you may be wondering who's watching where you go online and what sites you visit. This is a legitimate concern. After all, where you go and what you read on the Internet is your business, right?

Dean Groom

Crossposted I know there are many search engines which offer alternatives to Google. I also know that Google has become a verb and that most people gravitate to it without too much concern about why Google is showing you this particular information (and ads) and how much of what you do is shared with it's ...

Escape your search engine Filter Bubble!

Escape your search engine Filter Bubble is an illustrated guide bought to you by DuckDuckGo search engine.

Mobile phone tracking: it's not personal

What does privacy mean in an age of ongoing privacy breaches? With new privacy law coming online in Australia on March 12, our Privacy in Practice series explores the practical challenges facing Australian business and consumers in a world rethinking privacy. Mobile phone tracking techniques are becoming more commonplace.

The 'Privacy Talk' Is the New Sex Talk Parents Should Have With Their Kids

Parents across the world today need to have a new conversation with their kids. No, it's not about behaving in class, not talking to strangers, or having sex. But in so many ways, it's just as important. It's data permanence. How we can preserve our reputations in the digital era?

How to Protect Your Privacy and Secure Your Accounts Online

How to Protect Your Privacy and Secure Your Accounts Online Online privacy is a big issue, and the increasing popularity of social networks have only aided in adding fuel to the fire of this debate.

Righting the copyright imbalance

In their submission to the ALRC Copyright and the Digital Economy inquiry, the ACCC came out in support of fair use, was cautious about proposals to repeal the statutory licences (but supported changes to them) and called again for the removal of s51(3), which prevents the ACCC looking after...

Home | Stay Smart Online

New privacy requirements for organisations are in force from Wednesday 12 March 2014. If you are still unsure how this affects your organisation, or how your systems need to comply, check out the latest guidance from Stay Smart Online partners, the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

Terms of Service; Didn't Read

We are a user rights initiative to rate and label website terms & privacy policies, from very good Class A to very bad Class E. Terms of service are often too long to read, but it's important to understand what's in them. Your rights online depend on them.

Cyber Safety: An Interactive Guide To Staying Safe On The Internet

It's on there forever and can be used to trace back to you at any time. Keep track of who you interact with on the internet. Some people may not be who they seem to be. Know that privacy is just an illusion. Even personal information on social networks can be easily recovered by anyone.

It's Not Paranoia: The Internet Knows More Than You Think

It's Not Paranoia: The Internet Knows More Than You Think Brought to you by Paranoia in Theaters August 16.

Bloggers Beware: You CAN Get Sued For Using Pics on Your Blog - My Story - Blog - Roni Loren, Romance Author

So today I'm forgoing the usual Fill-Me-In Friday post to talk about something that I've been wanting to blog about for a while but couldn't until the situation was wrapped up. For those of you who are super observant, you may have noticed some changes on my blog over the last few months.

Can I Use This Image On My Website?

The handy flowchart style poster should help you decide whether or not you can a particular image on your website. If yes, the poster also suggest way on how you can properly credit the original source of the photograph.

Creative Commons Kiwi

Creative Commons licences explained. By Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand with support from InternetNZ. To find out more about Creative Commons in New Zealand visit us at

Say Hola! to the newest route around web censorship

The ongoing copyright arms race between content owners and internet users has taken a new turn. Israeli firm Hola! has recently launched a suite of products that are variously designed to bypass geoblocking and accelerate internet-access speeds. Hola! is the brainchild of entrepreneurs Derry Shribman and Ofer Vilenski.

Funny Classic informative Plagiarism video

Student copies a paper and narrator tells walter that plagiarism is wrong and he never does it again.

1. How to Find Plagiarism

Plagiarists rely upon the anonymity and the vastness of the Internet to hide their activities. Almost always, they know what they're doing is wrong (at least morally) and though they seem very bold about their activities, they are betting that you won't learn about their misuse of your work.

The Future of Internet Privacy

Every 60 seconds, over 100 hours of footage are uploaded to Youtube. In a world where our digital footprints are everywhere, will privacy become a thing of the past? From Google Glass and facial recognition software, to GPS tracking and dashcams - Jonathan Stickland invetigates the future of online privacy in this episode of Fw:Thinking.

glass-explorers - Glass Press

Explore the world around you. Glass puts you more in control of your technology and frees you to look up and engage with the world around you rather than look down and be distracted from it. Have a hangout with your friends, get walking directions to a fantastic new restaurant, or get an update on that delayed flight.