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Headline for Switch & Shift's Top 75 List of Human Business Champions
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Switch & Shift's Top 75 List of Human Business Champions


Aaron Hurst (@aaron_hurst)

Aaron articulates the powerful influence purpose has on how we show up to work and how we do it. (

Achim Nowak (@achimnowak)

Achim shines the light on how we can tap into influence to be powerful leaders. (

Adam Grant (@adammgrant)

Adam consistently reminds us that we actually get more in life when we give more. (

Alan Kay (@alankay1)

Yes he has charm and wit, but Alan also delivers solutions. Just ask the monkeys he's helped fry - figuratively of course! (

Angela Maiers (@angelamaiers)

Through her tireless work and passion, Angela teaches us that a hashtag can change the world: #YouMatter. (

Blanchard LeaderChat (@leaderchat)

For showing us that when we build up others we develop our own leadership grace. (

Bob Sutton (@work_matters)

To Bob, there's no room for a**hole bosses in the human side of business. (

BreneBrown (@brenebrown)

Brené deepens our understanding of empathy and shame and the leadership implications; strong voice for humanizing the workplace. (

Cali Williams Yost (@caliyost)

Cali consistently shows how to fit work and life into one picture that satisfies. (

Christine Bader (@christinebader)

Christine is a must-follow for any leader interested in the tie between more ethical business and deeper profits. (

Dana Theus (@danatheus)

Dana reframes leadership to help high-achieving women and enlightened men find their voice and create change. (

Daniel Pink (@danielpink)

Dan confirms that motivation is more than a stick and a carrot, but profoundly rooted in the condition of being a human being. (

Dave Logan (@davelogan1)

Dave helps us realize that building tribes in our organizations, to unify people and purpose, is a great way to create value. (

David Grossman (@thoughtpartner)

David is not only out in front of leadership trends that matter, he passionately shares the thoughts of others. (

David Houle (@evolutionshift)

Connecting dots we didn't know to connect, David shows us the future of leadership in ways that astonish and delight. (

Deb Mills-Scofield (@dscofield)

Deb teaches us that connecting is a distinctively human trait, and that the better we serve each other, the better we live. (

Doug Conant (@dougconant)

Doug tells us that human kindness is indeed a leadership philosophy successful CEOs must model if their business is to succeed. (

Dr. Ellen Weber (@ellenfweber)

Ellen's workplace improvement strategies include ground breaking brain-powered tools to lead innovation and renewal. (

Dr. Janice Presser (@drjanice)

Dr. Janice consistently reminds us that the secret to do amazing work is to build amazing teams. (

Dr. Mrim Boutla (@purposeu)

Mrim coaches leaders to deliberately make more of a difference, not just more money. (

Frank Sonnenberg (@fsonnenberg)

Perhaps the heart in this list, Frank eloquently shows us how to lead with grace and humility. (

FUTURE WORKPLACE (@futureworkplace)

Jeanne sheds light on how the future of our workplace might look. (

Gary Hamel (@profhamel)

Gary defines the future of management and is focused on reinventing it to fit the new economy. (

Graeme Codrington (@futuristgraeme)

Graeme pries open the future and shines the light on future workplaces and how the generations work and will work together. (

Irene Becker (@justcoachit)

Through her 3Q Edge and Reach models, Irene weaves together a compelling approach to help you show up as powerful force. (