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Boost your career - Higher Education Courses

Find best articles on higher education courses from India's largest universities and top rated institutions, including University18, Don Bosco Global and Karnataka State Open university etc.


If you are doodling your mind for a professional course then what can be better than an MBA. It stands for “Master of business administration” and in key areas of business, this course offers a comprehensive education. This programme is last for two years and grants a degree after 24 months apart from this if we talk about its growth then in the world of business, MBA is a highly regarded degree.

Interesting Advantages of Online Education.

Online education is a form of distance education. It is also referred as 'e learning programme'. In other terms, we can say that it is a kind of education which has no boundaries in terms of place, time like the way it was in a traditional classroom.

Explore University18 for Degree Programs as per your needs

Colleges and Institutions in India keep on serving a huge number of Indian and International Students at one of the least cost structures in the World.

Learners from over the Indian Sub-Continent, Africa, the Middle East, truth be told from all corners of the World, set out to India to study in its Universities

Distance Learning Programs – Exploring Online Education

Are you confused whether you should get your higher education through distance learning program or not? If yes, follow these guidelines to make a clear and effective decision for higher education learning mode. The programs in distance education differ in the mode of learning only, other than that all the aspects are almost similar to traditional education.

An intro guide to Distance Learning Programs

When it comes to higher education, a distance learning course comes in one's mind at once if he/she is working somewhere. And why not, after all distance education programs are equally adequate in industry and are accredited too from several educational bodies such as UGC, DEC etc.

Learning tips for online college students

The study patterns and best practices of learning has completely been transformed to an advanced and more effective online learning system in which studying over computer devices and smartphones plays an important role.
Along with turning pages of books in a library, students are utilizing computer and mobile devices to explore their study topics with more details and improving their learning capabilities.

Top Ranked Online MBA programs in India

As you all know, MBA - Master of Business Administration is a post graduate professional course in business administration.
There is always an ever growing requirement for experienced business personnel in any company in today's extremely competitive world.
This is because, only such experienced individuals can deal with the extremely challenging circumstances that companies encounter...

Online degree programs from UGC recognized university

University18 is India's largest online education platform to deliver quality education for higher degree courses through its world class e-learning platform.U18's courses are recognized by UGC, DEC and various other educational bodies.

MBA programs with bright career scope

Corporate recruiters keep looking for optimistic and potential candidates who can manage and help to accomplish an organization’s goals efficiently. And to fulfill this corporate need, a large number of students are aiming to pursue management degrees like MBA

How to get scholarship for MBA program

Almost every student want to get scholarship as there are chances of saving up to 50% of tuition fees for their course. While applying for an MBA scholarship, one should keep several things in mind. There are more chances of getting scholarships in online MBA programs instead of traditional class-room based MBA courses.

Which MBA program have better career options

Everyday job markets are becoming harder and tougher for job-seekers to make a step forward and to grab the job. In today's world, satisfying one with a ordinary graduate degree is definitely one of the most challenging jobs. Companies keep looking for optimistic candidates who can manage and help to accomplish an organization's goals efficiently.

How distance education programs provides a reckonable ROI

Any management degree program you decide to join for must give you a measurable ROI. Prominent institutions have the means to regularly work on their learning programs and make sure these support professionals pick up valuable skills and expertise.
If you like the idea of being at some administration position, it is time you look into management education.

Online Executive MBA courses from Top University

Introduction The 18 Month Don Bosco Executive MBA Program is specially designed to equip managers with the skills and knowledge they need to get ahead in their careers.

Some people are unaware of the fact that how an executive MBA is different than traditional MBA. Online executive MBA courses are specially designed for working professionals.

The EMBA program consider many courses for professionals including: management, finance, marketing, human resource as well as entrepreneurship.

University18 for affordable online degree courses

Universities and educational Institutions in India carry on serving lots of Indian and Worldwide Scholars at one of the lowest price tag in the World. U18 inaugurated with the commitment of placing top universities of India on to the online education platform to deliver quality education throughout the world. And till date,
U18 is fulfilling its mission of educating the world with top class education platform.

Getting better jobs after higher education courses

While a bachelor's degree may offer you a job as a high school or diploma school lecturer, but you will need at least a master's degree to compete for higher level teaching jobs and most professors have a PhD. Other than earning your higher education degrees, there are some other things you can do, according to some top college professors.

Higher education colleges as per your needs and interest

A College is a place where a student experiences the turning point in his life. He chooses the subject of his choice and specializes in it. The atmosphere is much more informal than a school. Here the onus lies on the students themselves to study and build their career.

Online Education Courses - for Better Future

Distance education programs are an exceptional but definitely an amazing transformation in the field of education and particularly online education courses. It was a few decades ago that the concept of distance learning was introduced. It was quite less effective system as technology in educational domain was not that advanced but still it was put...

MBA in Finance or MBA in Marketing?

MBA - Master in business administration is one of the most popular and well respected educational qualifications as per getting best job in corporate industry. Further there are various specialization courses are available for mastery in particular domain such as finance, human resource, marketing, MBA in supply chain management, and many more such high paying profiles in business industry.

MBA in HR and Tourism degree for a dream job

Tourism industry is being the demanding sector for young people to build a bright career with an additional degree of MBA in HR for faster growth in that. Human resource management in tourism industry is quite demanding and well-paying job too.

Top ranked online mba degree courses from University18

MBA in Entrepreneurship (2nd most popular MBA specialization) to quick start your own business. This business education program will help the students to develop and explore the skills required to evaluate business opportunities, create new ventures from scratch, and foster innovation.

How to choose best MBA program after graduation

All of us do our best to grab the right job having stability and job security with financial freedom too for a better future and fruitful life. To gain job security stability, students after graduation prefer to go for higher education instead of getting some less-paying jobs.

Popular MBA degree courses from U18

In recent years, Online education for higher degree courses is quite popular and demanding among Indian as well as foreign aspirants. University18's e-learning platform is offering most effective online education platform for prospective learners to enhance their educational qualification.

Why SAP is important for finance MBA candidates

The MBA (Masters of Business Administration) degree program is among the most demanding and popular advanced degree courses in the world. And the reason behind its popularity and worthiness is the vast array of its applications in business and admin...

Online Education Courses For Faster Career Growth - University18

University18 is well known for its business education courses delivered online in collaboration with various National Universities. In recent years, Online education for higher degree courses is quite popular and demanding among Indian as well as foreign aspirants.
University18′s e-learning platform is offering most effective online education platform for prospective learners to enhance their educational qualification.

Finance Management Ideas For MBA Students

Either you are studying at top business school in India or some online education institution; you must follow some of the best habits to learn the critical aspects of resource management.
Managing your fund or pocket money is very similar to managing your educational projects or some work project assigned to you in your job role. You have to look after best ways to utilizing various resources for best efficiency and improved work productivity.