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Headline for Potent Compound Safety and Occupational Toxicology Resources
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Potent Compound Safety and Occupational Toxicology Resources

Here's a list of potent compound safety and occupational toxicology resources.

Category 4 or 5 Potent Compounds: Understanding the Risks - Affygility Solutions

Here at Affygility Solutions, we often get asked the questions "What makes a Category 4 or Category 5 potent compound?" In addition, we often get asked, "What are some examples of Category 4 or Category 5 potent compounds?" In this article, Dr. Joe Nieusma, Senior Toxicologist with Affygility Solutions and Dean M.

Potent Compound Safety Training Preview

Provides an overview of potent compound safety concepts. It is designed for laboratory, contract manufacturing organizations (CMO), and pharmaceutical manufacturing employees who may work with potent active pharmaceutical ingredients.

OEL Fastrac: Abiraterone

Need an occupational exposure limit (OEL) for Abiraterone? Available for instant download from Affygility Solutions.

OEL Fastrac: Tetrahydrocannabinol

Get an occupational exposure limit for delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. Available for instant download from OEL

Affytrac: Qualitative Exposure Assessment Software - Affygility Solutions

Qualitative exposure assessments are often used by industrial hygienists and other occupational health professional as a means of assisting their organization in identifying and prioritizing areas of potential occupational exposure risk. In addition, qualitative exposure assessments are used to identify industrial hygiene monitoring needs and identify areas of unacceptable risk.

HPAPI 2014 by Hanson Wade

Conference on the development, manufacturing & handling of highly potent drug compounds. May 28-29th, 2014 in Boston, MA.

ILC Dover Flexible Containment Systems

Whether protecting personnel in hostile environments, containing potent powder pharmaceuticals, or developing unique inflatable devices, ILC's record of performance is enviable.

EHS Podcasts for the Life Science Industry - Affygility Solutions

The voice of Biopharma EHS, expounding on a variety of topics including compliance management, potent compound safety, occupational toxicology and more.

Split {Butterfly} Valves, Containment Valves, Powder Transfer & Handling

ChargePoint are market leaders in the supply of containment valves and integrated material handling equipment for the Pharmaceutical, Chemical & Food industries.

Ezidock Products - Contained Technologies LLC

Contained Technologies markets and sells contamination control & containment equipment to the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Clean Industries. Contained Technologies distributes Ezidock products.

Human Factors Lead to Occupational Exposure of HPAPIs

By Dean Calhoun Each year, pharmaceutical manufacturers spend millions of dollars on engineering controls to prevent employee exposure to highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPIs). These engineering controls can include isolators, local exhaust ventilation, high containment split butterfly valves, downflow booths, and more.

Risk-MaPP and Multi-Use Facilities

No doubt that the Risk-MaPP approach is state-of-the-art thinking when it comes to managing the risk of cross-contamination. David Cockburn of the EMA declared as much at the launch of the new Baseline´┐Ż Guide in Washington, DC this past October.

High Potency Rebuttal

In High Potency Regulations in the November/December 2013 issue of Contract Pharma, Stephanie Wilkins wrote, "While other areas of pharma manufacturing are embracing science- and risk-based approaches, some in industry are back trying to define 'certain' in terms of where dedicated facilities may be required."

High Potency Re-Rebuttal

In the article High Potency Rebuttal (Contract Pharma, January/February 2014,, by Karen Ginsbury of PCI Pharmaceutical Consuting and Destin A. LeBlanc of Cleaning Validation Technologies, it seems apparent that there is confusion and a lack of understanding on the use of risk-based approaches to determine the need for dedicated facilities.

Risk assessment Presentation by Affygility Solutions

In this 81 slide presentation, Dean Calhoun of Affygility Solutions discusses the history of risk assessments, the regulations requiring risk assessments, an...

Insight - Potent compounds: 7 things every pharmaceutical environmental, health and safety professional should know -...

Potent Compounds: 7 things every EHS professional should know Review your potent compound safety handling practices and determine your gaps. Obtain occupational exposure limits for your active pharmaceutical ingredients. Unlike traditional hazardous substances, active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) are designed to have an effect on the human body.

OEL Fastrac Catalog - Affygility Solutions

Browse our catalog of occupational exposure limits (OELs) for active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) or drug substances. Created by potent compound safety experts with decades of experience.

OEL Fastrac: Morphine sulfate

Occupational exposure limit (OEL) for Morphine sulfate. Available for instant download from Affygility Solutions.

OEL Fastrac: Escitalopram Oxalate

Occupational exposure limit (OEL) for Escitalopram Oxalate. Available for instant download from Affygility Solutions.

OEL Fastrac: Oxytocin

Occupational exposure limit (OEL) for Oxytocin. Available for instant download from Affygility Solutions.

OEL Fastrac: Taxol

Occupational exposure limit (OEL) for Taxol. Available for instant download from Affygility Solutions.

OEL Fastrac: Eszopiclone

Occupational exposure limit (OEL) for Eszopiclone. Available for instant download from Affygility Solutions.

OEL Fastrac: Dexamethasone

Occupational exposure limit (OEL) for Dexamethasone. Available for instant download from Affygility Solutions.