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Blogs Are Dead. The Death of Blogging

The blog is dead, long live the blog

Sometime in the past few years, the blog died. In 2014, people will finally notice. Sure, blogs still exist, many of them are excellent, and they will go on existing and being excellent for many years to come.

Why Blogging Is Dead--And What's Next

The blog is dead. I don't say it lightly; I've been blogging since 2000, moving from an email list I started in the '90s to Blogger to TypePad to to My blog is now directed off my Stealthmode blog domain to SVBTLE, where it lives under an alias.

R.I.P. The Blog, 1997-2013

R.I.P. The Blog, 1997-2013  Nieman Journalism Lab asked me to write a piece for their end of the year series, Predictions for Journalism in 2014. I don't know a whole lot about journalism, so I wrote about something I'm pretty familiar with: The blog is dead, long live the blog.

The Content King Declares The Blog's Dead

You may not have heard of Shane Snow yet, but in his area of expertise (content marketing) he is already a rock star. Last year he made Business Insider's Silicon Alley's "100 Coolest People in Tech" list, and was named one of Inc. Magazine's 30 Under 30. Shane runs Contently, which [...]

Eulogy for the Blog

In November 2011, he dusty old form of the personal political blog has required some updating. Twitter has replaced any individual blog as the place the political conversation plays out," he wrote. "Other successful bloggers-from Andrew Sullivan to Michelle Malkin, Chris Cillizza to Ezra Klein-have been edging in different ways toward institutionalizing what works, staffing up and formalizing their beats to better serve their audiences."

Blogging Is Dead Just Like the Web Is Dead

Blogging is on the decline, according to a New York Times story published this weekend - citing research from the Pew Center's Internet and American Life Project - and it is declining particularly among young people, who are using social networks such as Facebook instead. Pretty straightforward, right?

Blogging Drift

The New York Times has a pretty prominent article today called Blogs Wane as the Young Drift to Sites Like Twitter.

Blogs Wane as the Young Drift to Sites Like Twitter

SAN FRANCISCO - Like any aspiring filmmaker, Michael McDonald, a high school senior, used a blog to show off his videos. But discouraged by how few people bothered to visit, he instead started posting his clips on Facebook, where his friends were sure to see and comment on his editing skills.

Why all the angst? Blogging is far from dead

A decade or so ago, journalism went through a mini-spasm of angst about one of the changes then roiling the trade. Many worried about a practice they considered weird and, they concluded, at best semi-professional: blogging. But what became known as the "bloggers v journalists" affair ultimately faded into obscurity as just about every major news organization added blogs to its website.

Blogging Is Dead... Here We Go Again

ReadWriteWeb's post, Blogging Declines Across the Inc. 500, was bound for linkbait heaven. Who doesn't love dumping on a once popular platform - especially when it looks like it is being abandoned by corporate America and the bigger brands?

Blogging Declines Across the Inc. 500

A new longitudinal study at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth focusing on the online activities of the Inc. 500 has found a huge drop in the number of companies maintaining corporate blogs over the past year. The UMass researchers, under the direction of Nora Barnes, has been following this group for several years.

Jason Calacanis: "Blogging Is Dead" & Why "Stupid People Shouldn't Write"

"Blogging is largely dead." "There are a lot of stupid people out there ... and stupid people shouldn't write." "There needs to be a better system for tuning down the stupid people and tuning up the smart people." Serial entrepreneur and publisher Jason Calacanis has never been opposed to saying what is on his mind.

Brands Aren't Dead, But Traditional Branding Tools Are Dying

Back in the days when the internet was young, many believed that as it grew brands would become a thing of the past. Leading information economy thinkers propagated this view, including Carl Shapiro and Hal R. Varian, who published the highly influential book, Information Rules, in 1999 (Varian is now chief economist at Google).

Eulogy for a Blog

Dearly Beloved, We gather here today to honor the memory of our friend, Web Log. That was his birth name. Most knew him simply as Blog. Blog's life was tragically cut short at a very young age. I'm saddened to say, he never really hit his stride or had the chance to grow up to enjoy what might have been his prime.