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Best tips to clean vehicle's air filter

Get best tips to clean our vehicle air filter for better mileage

How to Clean Your Car Air Filter

Most people know that they need to replace their car air filter at specific intervals (usually every 15,000 miles). The build up in the filter that causes it to clog doesn't happen all at once. It accumulates gradually, choking off more and more air supply to the engine.

Car Talk Service Advice: Air Filters

The air filter stops airborne contaminants from getting sucked into your car's engine.

How to Clean An Air Filter, How to Clean a Car Air Filter

Replacing your stock air filter with a Performance Air Filter improves both your engine's functionality and its performance. You'll enjoy torque gains and horsepower increases, as well as the sort of gas mileage enhancement that makes a difference in your monthly bottom line.

Clean Air Filters Help Gas Mileage

The good news is that gasoline prices are stabilizing. The bad news is that the market can suddenly change. The up and down activity of gasoline prices make it important to get as many miles per gallon (MPG) as possible out of the engine.

K&N Air Filter Cleaning Instructions

K&N Air Filter Cleaning Instructions - Dirty K&N filters are cleaned using a six-step maintenance system designed to recharge any K&N Filtercharger® Air Filter. Completely restores air flow efficiency so your Filtercharger performs like new!

Clean Your Car Air Filter: 3 Tips

If you want a clean car air filter, there are simple tips to follow. Doing your own maintenance on your air filter will save you time and money and you don't have to worry about replacing it. After you clean your air filter it will be as good as new.