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5 Ways To Check A Vasectomy Reversal Clinic

Here are the top 5 things you need to look at when researching a clinic for your vasectomy reversal

A Surgeon's Testimonials

These should be dated and regularly updated. There should be an indication of whether records are kept of the testimonials. Were they written of an individual's own free will or were they solicited (asked to write them).

A Surgeon's Credentials

At a basic level, check to see if the surgeon is actually a surgeon. Do they have surgical qualifications? In the UK, the minimum is the FRCS (Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons). This is a rigorous exam to ensure that surgeons learn their anatomy and skills to be safe.

Check and ask questions. If the "surgeon" refers to themselves as "Mr" or "Ms", this is a good start. But still check. The "Dr" suffix is for all non-surgically qualified doctors.

Surgeons become "Mr" after passing the exams for the FRCS.

A Surgeon's Experience

Is Vasectomy Reversal Technique Important? Yes, vasectomy reversal technique is important in so matter as the surgeon must show competency through consistent positive, genuine testimonials and pregnancies. What Technique Does Mr Harriss Use? Method After performing a scrotal incision, Mr Harriss explores the anatomy to find the ends of the vas deferens and then uses the single layer technique to rejoin both sides.


A Surgeon's Outcomes

A Surgeon's Outcomes

There are 2 aspects to this. What they say they do and evidence to support what they say they do.

All surgeons in the NHS are expected to audit their surgery. A proficient vasectomy reversal surgeon will provide evidence of their outcomes for all to see. This should be readily accessible.


Independent Feedback

Independent Feedback

Following on from the dated testimonials, there should be evidence of independent reviews.

These are obtained via a third party so are truthful and indicate clearly how others found the clinic.