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Most Popular Psych Files Episodes 2013

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Memorize Piaget's Stages | The Psych Files

Podcast: Download Do you need to memorize Piaget's stages for a test? You've found what you're looking for. I'll use some familiar mnemonics ("1 is a bun", etc.) and some wacky images to get those stages - and what happens during them - into your mind.

Dream Analysis | The Psych Files

Podcast: Download What do psychologists really think about your dreams - do they have meaning? In this episode I talk about what psychologists think today about dreams. You probably know that Freud thought that dreams had a manifest content (the people and things that happened in the dream that you remember) and a latent content (the unconscious meaning of the dream).

Getting Absorbed in a Book | The Psych Files

Have you ever gotten to immersed in a book or movie that you actually felt like the character? Why does this happen? Psychologists have studied this experience and we have some ideas regarding what factors have to be present in order for this to happen.

How to teach critical thinking | The Psych Files

Podcast: Download How would you like to have an argument? Turns out that learning how to have a good argument might just be the best way to learn to think critically. In this episode I discuss a neat piece of research in which 7 and 8 year olds are taught how to effectively argue.

Mindfulness | The Psych Files

There is a lot of talk about mindfulness among psychologists today. Find out what mindfulness is and how it differs from meditation in this episode of The Psych Files. What might you use mindfulness for? Well, in addition to what you might expect - reducing stress - mindfulness training is also being used to improve job satisfaction and productivity.

Adam Lanza and the Newtown Shootings - Could We Have Been Prevented it? | The Psych Files

Everyone was horrified to hear that an adolescent, Adam Lanza, walked into an elementary school and killed 20 children and 6 adults as well as killing himself. I'll share my concerns over what I think is going wrong with community mental health centers. I also introduce "Sanctury Model".

Didn't Get The Flu? Thank A Psychologist | The Psych Files

Podcast: Download Didn't get the flu this past winter? Thank a psychologist. What? Well, it could be that a psychologist was involved in helping health care professionals to do what they know they need to do (but sometimes don't): wash their hands.

The Bystander Approach | The Psych Files

Are jail time and new laws the only answers to men's violence against women, children, and other men? Or is there something every man can do to end these tragedies? We take up this important issue in this episode of The Psych files.

What Was B.F. Skinner Really Like? | The Psych Files

Podcast: Download Would you be surprised to learn that B.F. Skinner was a very likable guy and that you may actually be very much in agreement with his ideas? Many people who study psychology have a negative impression of Skinner. Well, I'm about to challenge those impressions by presenting a side of Skinner you probably haven't been exposed to.