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Choosing a Health Plan Is a Pain. Computers Can Do It for You

Stride is among a handful of companies in the country capitalizing on what many consider a failing of the new federal and state health insurance marketplaces: a lack of quick recommendations tailored to specific needs of consumers. These commercial companies are aiming to offer the sort of on-demand, personalized online search results that people have come to expect on the web.

Are You Pregnant? Five Questions to Ask during Your First Doctor's Appointment

Did you just find out that you are expecting a baby? Congratulations! It's time to schedule your first doctor's appointment and learn more about your pregnancy. This article lists some key questions you need to ask your physician in order to better prepare for the next nine months.

13 health issues you're too embarrassed to bring up

Talks every man must have with his doctor. The average doctor's visit lasts 19 minutes. And in that time-with someone you see about once a year-you're expected to disclose personal details about your privates? We know it can be embarrassing. But it could save your sex life (or your life, period).

12 foods to remove from your fridge forever

Growing up, your fridge was probably always stocked with staples like milk, cheese, yogurt, pickles, and on and on. Problem is, if you haven't smartened up about the contents of your kitchen, these everyday eats could explain why you can't seem to drop those last five pounds, or why your doc has suddenly taken an interest in your blood pressure.

What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Relationship

Whether you spoon or sleep back-to-back is an indicator of how happy and satisfied you and your partner are According to a new study, spooning with your partner really does say something about your relationship. Researchers from the University of Hertfordshire surveyed 1,000 people and found that couples who maintained physical contact while they slept were more likely to report being happy in their relationship.

7 secrets to being a more relaxed mom

Trust baby to be able to tell you what he wants -- even as a newborn. They may seem helpless, but babies can communicate with you through their gestures, noises and cries.

Upheaval in How Money Flows Leaves Hospitals Scrambling

By Dr. Michael F. Roizen I frequently write about how you can stay young in face of events you can't control. Today, that focuses on the changes in the health care system that are and would occur due to cost pressures and transparency so big that even President Obama and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) can't make it easy for you.

Foreign doctors 'need tougher tests'

Tests taken by foreign doctors who want to work in the NHS should be made harder to pass to bring them in line with UK standards, a study has said. Research by University College London found a "performance gap" between international and UK medical graduates.

9 foods to 'spring clean' your diet

22 hours ago Want to wring out your system as part of the annual spring cleaning? Skip the weird (and often dangerous) detox diets or cleanses. You can get rid of toxins and purify your body simply by adding these foods into your everyday eating plan.

Take Better Care of Yourself

For some of us, we always seem to be too tired or busy to consider our physical and mental health, which can lead to unpleasant consequences later on. Check out this article to find out how to take better care of yourself and lead a more mindful and healthy life.

Lose Weight the Healthy Way

Struggling to lose those extra pounds? Unfortunately, a lot of information concerning weight loss available online can be deceiving: crash diets are never the way to go; calories can be either bad or good; and, more often than not, exercise is mandatory if you want to get in shape.

Stress Management Tips for Physicians

Doctors constantly seem to be running from one place to the other. As a physician, you have a lot of patients to see and care for, so you need to learn how to efficiently manage your time and how to keep your stress levels under control.

Eco-Friendly Diets to Try Out This Spring

If it's time to lose those extra pounds you gained during winter, why not become more environmentally friendly in the process? You can choose a diet that will not only help you achieve your ideal weight, but will also help the planet. We can all reduce our carbon footprint by following a more sustainable diet.

10 bogus health trends that waste your time

The truth about oil pulling, ear candling, and other health fads. Help or hype? Chances are, you've heard some pretty crazy stuff can help you lose weight or get healthier. While it's obvious that some trends are totally outrageous (like extreme fasting), you may not be so sure about others that seem legit (like going gluten-free).

LG beats Apple to market with heart monitoring earphones

How can big data and smart analytics ignite growth for your company? Find out at DataBeat, May 19-20 in San Francisco, from top data scientists, analysts, investors, and entrepreneurs. There are only 50 tickets left! LG has just launched itself into the wearable health gadget category with the release of its new Heart Rate Earphones today.

10 questions men forget to ask their doctors

An M.D., educates us on exactly what you should ask during your next visit. Paper hospital gowns and fluorescent lighting are no substitute for kicking back with beers, but your annual checkup should be about your doctor getting to know you.

Calming yoga moves for a better night's sleep

17 minutes ago Ron Levine / Getty Images Trouble sleeping? You are not alone. According to the National Center on Sleep Disorders Research, 70 million Americans have sleep problems and 60 percent of those people suffer from chronic sleep issues. It's no surprise then that each year millions of sleep aids are prescribed.

'I tried to give him the best thing I could': 5-year-old boy laid to rest with superhero funeral

15 minutes ago It was a funeral fit for a superhero. After 5-year-old Brayden Denton lost his fight to brain cancer on May 8, his casket was carried by a group of pallbearers dressed as his favorite superheroes. A photo of the touching scene is now going viral after being posted on Facebook.

The New Way to Predict When Pregnant Women Will Deliver

For clues to the due date, doctors may check your bacteria There's growing interest in examining things we can't even see in order to better understand our health. Millions of bacteria make our bodies their home and most of them are not of the disease-causing kind.

Docs get nerdy: Electronic health record use has doubled since 2007

The paper medical chart is not long for this world. After 25 years of false starts, doctors are now accepting the electronic health record (EHR). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a report this week saying that EHR use among office-based doctors has surged to 78 percent in 2013 from just 35 percent in 2007.

Statins: how safe are they and who needs them most

Changes in the way doctors can prescribe the cholesterol-lowering drugs means millions of healthy people should now be taking the pills. But that may not be such a good idea Since the first statin hit pharmacy shelves in 1987, the cholesterol-pills have quickly become a best-selling class of medications.

How to help a troubled child, before it's too late

17 minutes ago The 22-year-old college student who killed six people on Friday had seen a therapist and had even convinced authorities sent to check on him several weeks before the violence that he was not a threat. Shortly before the killing spree began, Elliot Rodger's parents rushed to find him, but they did not reach him in time.

Nursery Design Tips for First-Time Moms

Planning to decorate your baby's nursery? Check out this article for some useful and budget-friendly design tips that will help. When your due date is fast approaching, things can get overwhelmi

The New World of Anti-Aging Dentistry

The human face is made up of the most expensive bits of real estate in the world. In the U.S. during 2012, 14 million plastic surgery procedures were performed to the tune of about 11 billion dollars.

Five Dangers Kids Face When Browsing Online

Letting your kids go online is completely your decision, but be warned: the Internet can be an unsafe place for an inexperienced user. Supervising them carefully and teaching them about the dangers th

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