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How to increase adsense Earning?

Yet I suggested you few of adsense alternatives before but its true that truly Adsense don't have any alternatives. For earning from advertisement, adsense is unparallel. Some people I got in facebook, they are doing adsense click exchange which is completely beyond the terms and conditions of Google Adsense.

How to get Advertisers for your blog

Getting Advertisers on blog is a great way to monetize your blog. If I compare a blog with car then Advertisers are the fuel of that car. But it's not a rocket science to get advertisers in your blog. Even I got some mail from advertiser to put Advertisement in my blog.

How to get huge traffic from Google image search?

Images as an asset for organic search results and search engine optimization are often overlooked. Images can drive traffic through image search as well as inclusion in universal search results. Proper optimization in images can bring more visitors than using stumbleupon, pinterest, Digg etc.

Top 10 best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are the best way to make money online. Using affiliate program you can make more than even adsense. With this affiliate program what you have to do is promote advertisers product on your blog or website. If anyone bought item through your reference you will get a commission.

How to get approval of Media.Net : Yahoo! Bing Ad Network for publishers is the new network combined together by Yahoo and Bing.That website owns neither Yahoo nor Bing.With together they paying a lot than google adsense. That's the reason behind that. Yahoo Bing Contextual Ads Network ( is now popular ads network. Many blogger run after this but don't easily approved from it.

How to get US traffic to your blog

Getting USA based web traffic in a blog is like a cash machine to adsense publishers. Most of the webmasters knows that visitors and traffic from USA, UK and Canada through Google search gives a high CTR ( meaning that clicks from them offers a high conversion rate because they are high paying regions according to Google Adwords), as compared to other regions traffic.

How to reduce bounce rate of your blog?

Before we can fix our bounce rate, we have to fully understand what bounce rate is. Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who come to your website and leave without viewing any other pages on your website. If you look into your Google Analytics, you will see a percentage.

How to increase Alexa rank of your website is California based subsidiary company of who provides the analytical data regarding any websites traffic level. Founded as an Independent company in 1996 but in 1999 Amazon acquired collects data using their toolbar and transmits it to their website, where it is stored and analyzed, forming the basis for the company's web traffic reporting.

Love Google+ then only the great Google search will love you!

Google plus is social media network which is completely integrated with Google search engine. Google+ is not just like other social networks, it has a great power which can impact on Google search result.

Earn Money from Bounce Traffic with Exit Junction

ExitJunction is a pay per click advertising program operating science 2008. A very smart adsense alternative I have ever used. Unlike some other advertising programs ExitJunction is little different. ExitJunction don't use your site spaces to show advertises, it just monetize your site by using bounce traffic coming from search engine.

Top video Ad networks: monetize your video inventory

Learning from video tutorial is more acceptable than learning from reading a big boring article today. This concept already created the demand of video content in online market along with some other video entertain products like songs, movies etc. Video sharing social sites, tutorial sites and video blogs are now very much popular.

Get Paid to Write Reviews: 15 Sites that will pay you

If you think you have that creativity to play with words, don't let it to be spoil. Turn your creativity in writing to cash, yes its not a dream or fun at all. You can earn by writing reviews of different products and can get a handsome money.

Why your blog is not making money!

Blogging is smarter way to create earning source from online. I like it most because it creates multi dimension in earning. Mere content is not the single source of earning in a blog. Most of the new bloggers comes with a huge interest in this field but after passing few days they start to claim that "blogging is wasting time nothing else".

Top 10 Highest Adsense Earners 2014

Today my article is to encourage new bloggers who are very much worried about the reality of earning through blog. Once upon a time Adsense was not very known to common people and today most of the people wish to get approved from Adsense and at the same time they are very much tensed about Google Adsense's strict policies.

How to increase Chitika earnings

Chitikia is one of the best among Adsense alternatives. Chitika is very popular due to it's easy instant approval process and no requirement for being publisher. The most important fact for chitika is adsense friendly, chitika ads can be used along with adsense ads in a same website.

How to get Buysellads approval for your blog

Buysellads is very popular and one of the best alternatives of Google Adsense. Buysellads established in 2008 with the vision of helping hard working website owners. Buysellads is not like typical advertising companies, it's concept is totally different than adsense,chitika and some others.

High paying Chitika keywords

As like adsense, Chitika also shows keyword relevant advertisements. Every keyword has its own value. Few of them show high paying advertisements, when visitor click on those ads you will get good amount per click. Use of high paying keywords relevant to your blog/site niches can increase your earning triple or more than that off.

Top Best Adsense Alternatives for AsianTraffic

"Adsense is ever best" I always used to say. Yet Asian people very much dare about Adsense because of it's strict policy. Asian publishers need to follow few guidelines before apply. Moreover getting banned from Adsense is another issue to get worried for Asian publishers.

Top 10 Best In-Text Advertising Programs

In-Text Advertising is very popular and commonly used process to monetize blog/website. This type of advertisement don't take any space of your website to show ads. Moreover you can use In-Text Advertising with other ad networks in same website, even adsense will not also mind on it.