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Updated by David Lynch on Apr 22, 2014
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My Favourite Internet Marketers

Here's a list of the "top ten" internet marketers that give value to their subscribers and followers.

Sue Fleckenstein

Sue is a PLR provider and hosts the Practical PLR group on Facebook. It's a great group with some really helpful people who are a lot of fun to interact with. Topics aren't narrowly targeted at PLR, and you can find general discussion about related subjects, such as writing tips, blogging, WordPress and other software, accountability and support. It's an open group, so new people are welcome to drop by and join. Just follow the link.

Justin Popovic

Another content marketer/PLR provider from Canada (anyone else noticing a trend), Just is a zany kinda guy --check out his poses on his blogs! -- who creates motivational and internet marketing PLR. For this link though, I have added his motivational blog. I was hugely influenced by a lot of what Justin shared on this particular blog. He also shares a lot of great stuff with his customers.

Alessandro Zamboni

Alessandro hails from Italy and is a pretty smart guy. I used to come across him from time to time on the Warrior Forum and now we interact a lot on Facebook. He is a good product creator and always helpful with advice and ideas.

Barb Ling

Barb is a deceptive woman. at first she comes across as not so much a "business" person - and a bit wacky - but as time goes on I really see how smart she is. I belong to one of her Facebook groups, and even though I own a couple of her products, it's through watching what she does on Facebook that I have learned a lot. Barb is one of my "secret mentors" (though truthfully that's probably everyone in this list. I'm not paying them all the time, but I am making damn sure to take every opportunity to learn from them!)

Peggy Baron

Peggy is who I call the "First Lady of PLR" - probably cos she was the first person I learned bout it from. She seems like an unassuming person and her writing has a fun style. Three products she has that are of note are: How to Rewrite PLR, How to Become a PLR Writer and her Easy Article Starters set of products.

Alice Seba

Alice is "head cheese" at Seba Info Systems (LOL). Usually she is more well known as one of the people responsible for, which is one of only around 5 sites I bother buying stuff from on a regular basis. Alice herself is smart, good looking and quite charming. Check out her Content accelerators - only $5 a pop for 100 niche ideas for blog posts and content!

Jason Fladlien

Jason reminds me of a kind of Quentin Tarrantino of the IM world. I'd like to put an IM Celebrity Deathmatch video together of him facing off against Justin Popovic in a ring.. One plasticine motormouth against another. That would be fuuny! Jason's main talent is seeing clearly and directly into the heart of an issue and he's a master of the 'one problem, one solution' product. Even when I have no interest in buying the particular product he might be selling at the time, I always listen in to his webinars just to see how his mind works.

Chris Bloor

I only came to discover Chris recently through his very, very excellent Facebook group, Marketing Secrets. This is an amazing group and it's just full of helpful people and insights. Chris himself shares a TON of stuff that you would pay a lot of money to learn elsewhere. His Facebook group is open to everyone. A note of caution: I have seen him kick out quite a few people with permanent bans for trying to spam the group and add affiliate links or self-serving material. If you learned your internet marketing from some kind of 1990's internet has-been, don't bother joining.

Steve Dotto

Not technically an internet marketer, but the skills he teaches are very, very useful to internet marketers. I only discovered Steve recently and I love the guy! I love how enthusiastic he is about stuff he (and I) care about that probably nobody else does, like which browser is best:-) Ok - obviously a lot of other people care, cos his YouTube channel has a big following. Check it out through the link here.


The Mystery Man of the bunch. Anthony runs Clever Gizmos and his products include Keyword Researcher and Keyword Organizer. These are the two BEST keyword tools I have ever encountered. As far as I am concerned this guy is a genius. I watch any videos he shares and I have had a couple of brief email chats about a topic very close to my heart (call me strange, but I really love keyword research!) I have no idea what Anthony looks like, where he hangs out, nothing. All I know is - when I see the name "anthony" against an email, I read it. If you are in IM, go check out Clever Gizmos.