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core strengthening

6 Core-Strengthening Exercises

Tone your core with a 15-minute workout, three or four times a week. The Routine Okay, perhaps you're enough of a realist to know that you'll never have a six-pack.

The Best Core Exercises

Jade Brookbank/Photodisc/Getty Images The best core exercises may surprise you. It's not enough to just do ab crunches and sit ups. To build a strong core you need to exercise a variety of muscles from your hips to your shoulders.

Flat Abs Fast: The Core-Strengthening Workout

How This Workout Works How do you create the ideal belly-flattening routine? You start with a short list of exercises that have been proved in the lab and then hand them to a fitness pro to give them a little twist.

Forget Crunches: How to Actually Strengthen Your Core

Forget crunches, hanging leg raises, and the Shake Weight. I'm about to tell you what the single biggest bang for your buck, core stability exercise is. But first we need to look at the function of the core.

Back Pain Relief With Core Strengthening Exercises

Relieve Back Pain With Core Strength Training Exercise may be a better option for back pain than surgery. Pierce Dunn thought surgery had put an end to nearly 15 years of back pain. After a double discectomy about eight years ago, he says, "I could wake up in the morning without worrying that I wouldn't be able to get out of bed.

How to Strengthen Your Core

Strengthening your core is one of the best ways to get fit and is very helpful in many sports, like football and Parkour. In fact, core muscles are engaged in all activities making them extremely important muscles to keep strong and...

10 Yoga Poses That Improve Core Strength (And Tone Abs!)

Core strength is critical for yoga, as well as maintaining spinal health. These 10 poses work the core and tone the abdominal muscles without overdoing the crunches

Four Key Core Exercises For Runners

By Linzay Logan Published Oct. 17, 2013 Updated Oct. 18, 2013 at 11:28 AM UTC Table of Contents Reduce the risk of injuries without ever leaving your living room! Strong legs are a must for runners, but to become a more resilient athlete making sure you have strong core is key.

13 Essential Core Exercises for Runners

We know that to improve your running, you have to run. This is classic specificity in action-you train what you're looking to improve. It reminds me of this great quote: "You can't plant potatoes and expect to harvest carrots." Genius, isn't it? But this doesn't mean that you can skip core workouts and only run.

Core Strengthening Exercises for Seniors

A strong, defined core provides more than just a poolside fashion accessory. Strengthening the 29 muscles of your core -- comprised of your stomach, back, hips and pelvis -- improves all functional ...

Get Ripped Abs with the Ultimate Core Workout

Are you ready for a full body workout that will strengthen your core and give you six pack abs? A strong core is key to better performance, and we'll show you where to start if you're stuck busting abdominal muscles and seeking muscle growth without much