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Top 20 blogposts in March 2014

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These are the top 20 posts in Order of popularity - during month of March 2014

2. Instagram is worth using - here's evidence from Cork

Published: 24 March 2014
Votes: 8%
I was sitting next to people from the marketing department of Cork Opera House at the Marketing Institute Ball on Saturday night. We got talking about Instagram. Almost no one in the room was using Instagram to share pics at the event. Despite the attractive prize put up by H+A marketing for selfies [wikipedia link here].

3. Donald Trump - has he bought the runt of the litter?

Published: 19 March 2014
Votes: 7%
Did you love St Patrick's Day? Did your local celebrations fit in well with the global fuss? Are we a stronger community moving forward into better weather? Isn't it time for a bit of sport? Certainly when I saw three men sitting at a bar in Cork with the Sunday Business Post on one knee, I couldn't resist overhearing the word "golf".

9. Women in business - 9 point plan

Published: 15 March 2014
Votes: 4%
Before we get totally caught up in St Patrick's Day celebrations & #IrelandInspires, I'd like to draw your attention to women. Women in business... In the past week : Tessa Barrera was the first keynote speaker at Digital Marketing Conference in Dublin.

5. LinkedIn is what you need - perhaps?

Published: 12 March 2014
Votes: 6%
LinkedIn is great. If it didn't exist - we'd have to invent it. If you're going to a business conference (like DMX Dublin today) you need a LinkedIn to check people out. You need a LinkedIn to plan your day. Going networking with LinkedIn in your pocket gives you edge.

1. The Ballymaloe Suicide Story - case study

Published: 7 March 2014
Votes: 14%
Who doesn't love sweets? There's a huge market for chocolate, toffees and a thousand other lovely tempting sweets. But before we get on to the question of sweets in earnest Let me introduce you to Harvard University... The No 1 university in the world. Famous..

7. Be unforgettable

Published: 3 March 2014
Votes: 4%
Starting into March is like re-starting 2014 again - isn't it? Doesn't it feel a bit like we've come through two of the most difficult months of the year - and now's the time for green shoots to burst through (like snowdrops have done)?

11. There's a gaping void...

Published: 20 March 2014
Votes: 4%
Between mediocre design & great design is one hell of a difference. We are surrounded by design. You could say we're designed in. Look around you - you'll see exactly what I mean. And most of the design you see is worse than wallpaper - it's ugly.

13. Marketing Institute Ball - You Tube isn't always the answer

Published: 22 March 2014
Votes: 3%
Are you having you hair done today? It's Saturday. You might be going to the Marketing Institute Black Tie annual Ball in Silver Springs hotel in Cork. Or you might be going out to your favourite restaurant restaurant - like Fishy Fishy in Kinsale or Cafe Paradiso Cork (Washington Street) ?

17. Your toilet matters a lot to your business

Published: 21 March 2014
Votes: 3%
Getting drunk, annoying others, being hungover after St Patrick's Day isn't good enough. Thank goodness things are getting better on that front (or so it looks from here - agree?) Again, let's congratulate Fáilte Ireland for giving voice to the best of Ireland in this video which has been viewed 989,376 times (so far).

15. Ireland Inspires - what does it mean?

Published: 16 March 2014
Votes: 3%
The messages: Ireland is where...

9. Orla Kiely revolutionises Clarks Shoes

Published: 14 March 2014
Votes: 4%
How are your shoes? You know your shoes? Your shoes say a lot about you, don't they? I bet you think you know all you need to know about Clarks Shoes. At least, Clarks are safe, measured, reliable, sturdy, boring... Clarks are for kids & old people.

20. Two businessmen planning a round of golf

Published: 11 Feb. 2014
Votes: 3%

Sean: I need to do something about my mouth. Liam: Pardon Boss? Sean : Yes Liam - it's too long since it's had a make-over. All the other guys at the golf club have fresh breath.

5. DMXDublin - the party - the inside story...

Published: 11 March 2014
Votes: 6%
Once upon a time, word got out there was a party in a Dublin suburb. A whole lot of people didn't want to miss it. The word on the street was that one of the RyanAir gang was going to open his big mouth.

7. People to meet @DMXDublin on Wednesday

Published: 10 March 2014
Votes: 4%
You have to go networking for your business. And there are plenty of opportunities to do it. For example, you could join Business Networking International (BNI) - a local & global networking group. You could join Network Ireland (or a local branch Network Cork).

11. International Women's Day is a pity?

Published: 8 March 2014
Votes: 4%
Sean & Liam were propped up against the bar when I came in. They were so caught up in their own conversation it was easy to overhear them while I was waiting for my pint to settle. From the body language it was clear Sean was the boss.

14. Balloons connect people...

Published: 2 March 2014
Votes: 3%
Make sure you see the photos... The context is * On 1 March 2014 our wonderful client PartyWorld opened its new store in Waterford, Ireland * The balloon artist & balloon decorator Fiona Fisher was there performing - showing her art * The idea of using a yellow balloon came from North America - from the collaboration of Marti Konstant & Nick Kellet - both of whom I've come to admire as a result of connections forged via Twitter, Skype, & SOBCon.

3. How to launch your new website

Published: 25 March 2014
Votes: 7%
When was your website launched? Was it a Tuesday? Send me the day & date. We'll feature your website here in a List (with a url link for people & search engines to find.) That may be useful to your business. This offer is to reward you for your generosity.

16. Be proud of your face - take a selfie for business

Published: 27 March 2014
Votes: 3%
People like photos of people. Humans like human images. Your face matters. The face of the business owner is one of the assets of the business. People want to see who's behind the business. How many pictures of you are there in the public domain? How often do you post your image online?

18. Best business advice you'll hear today

Published: 6 March 2014
Votes: 3%
1. What's the one most important thing you can do for your business today? 2. Write your answer down. 3. Show that to your three greatest supporters (the ones who won't let you fail). 4. Do the most important thing. 5. Repeat No 1. Stop multi-tasking. Move on.

19. The only 3 supporters you need in business

Published: 5 March 2014
Votes: 3%

  1. You need kindred spirits 2. You need collaborators 3. You need investors (1) "Spirits" People support you in spirit - in the way you probably already associate yourself with other brands - even wear their tee-shirts.