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Updated by Hamish Hayward on Jan 23, 2017
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Best Emergency Radio 2014

If trouble strikes, you might find an emergency radio a handy way to keep up to date with what's going on.


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What's the best weather radio? Editors analyze expert and user reviews and pick the best weather and emergency radios.

Review of Eton FR-300 Emergency Radio

The Eton FR-300 is an emergency radio that is designed for disaster situations. It features an AM/FM radio, NOAA weather channels, a small light, and a siren. It can be run on AC power (but the cord is NOT included), 3 AA batteries, or a hand-crank which charges an small internal battery...

Best Radio

Quite possibly the second most popular entertainment appliance behind the television, the radio is often the go-to solution for music and information whether you're on the move or hanging out at home. With so many different types to choose from, it's really a matter of deciding on the reason why you need to buy a radio.

Spokane County's upgraded emergency radio system activated

Officials flipped the switch on a $47 million upgrade of Spokane County's emergency communications system last weekend. For the first time, fire and law enforcement personnel will be able to communicate directly with each other, said Bob Lincoln, director of the Spokane Regional Emergency Communications System.

Best Emergency Radio 2014

Keep in touch during a crisis with a solar power, hand cranked, emergency radio.

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Keep in touch during a crisis with a solar power, hand cranked, emergency radio. | Home Building

Best Emergency Radio 2014

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Best Emergency Radio 2014

Keep in touch when trouble hits with an emergency radio. Solar power, hand crank - or both.

Best Emergency Radio 2014

By Hamish Hayward | Keep in touch when disaster strikes...

Best Emergency Radio 2014 - Great Gift Ideas

With so many weather incidents and power outages these days, it makes a lot of sense to make sure that you can still keep in touch during an emergency. An emergency radio is the ideal way to do this. Some are solar powered, some have a hand crack - many...

Best Emergency Radio 2014 | Thoughtboxes

Keep in touch when during a crisis with an emergency radio.

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