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Top Posts on Social Listening

Here are few posts about social listening, one of the most important component in today's marketing world

3 Reasons To Dig Deeper In Social Listening

Guest post by Connie Bensen, the Director of Community Strategy and Social Media at Alterian, which provides leading marketing products for the enterprise. She also blogs at Brands have realized that social networks offer an opportunity to interact directly with consumers. They create pockets of communities where like-minded people share information and seek advice.

Listening to Understand

Listening. I talk about listening a lot. Which is a really, really funny thing if I think about it. Maybe I talk about listening too much and in fact, should be listening more. Listening is not only under-rated. It is also not being done thoughtfully.

The Art of Social Media Listening and how it can Benefit Your Business

I've said it before and I'll say it again: social media listening is an integral part of any social media strategy. There are over 200 million tweets sent per day, even the tiniest percentage of this figure is a huge amount of potential positive engagement that your business could be leveraging.

How to Create a Winning Social Listening Strategy

Listen, listen and then listen some more! You've probably heard me say that phrase on this blog dozens of times. Why, you ask? Simply because I believe that listening is probably the most important asset you business can have. " I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully.

Six Steps to Becoming a Good (Social) Listener

Listening in social media is all about monitoring, reading and understanding these online conversations. You have to "listen" in order to engage.

How to Use Social Listening to Track Clients and Competitors

Posted by Shelly Kramer on August 21, 2012 ยท 13 Comments Social channels aren't just powerful conversation tools-they provide ample opportunities for social listening, too. And social listening can provide a wealth of information for you, for your clients and the industries they serve, as well as for purposes of competitive analysis.

How Social Listening Is The New (And Improved) Focus Group

Is your business still relying on focus groups to understand what consumers want? Businesses in the United States and around the world are investing in a new method, called social listening, to gather insights about their customers, products and marketing strategies. Social listening, or social media monitoring as it is also known, involves businesses gathering comments from online conversation.