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Badges in Higher Education

College and university programs exploring use of badges, plus articles and other resources.

Passport | Purdue University

A learning system that demonstrates academic achievement through customizable badges.

Faculty Development | Texas Wesleyan

Acknowledge, challenge, and reward faculty and staff who engage in professional development activities.

Sakai Badging | Longsight

Recognizing familiarity with features of the Sakai learning management system

Badges and Certifications | Seton Hall

Seton Hall's Badges program helps you to connect to your campus community, gain knowledge and develop useful skills. It’s also a lot of fun!

Distance Learning Digital Badges | Calhoun Comm. Coll.

Display your skills and mastery of the technology and teaching methodologies needed to create quality learning experiences for our students. Share your badges across personal Websites or blogs, and social networking channels. We have adopted the standards from the Mozilla Open Badges Initiative to ensure that you have the greatest flexibility in using your badges.

UC Davis - sustainable ag. program | Inside Higher Ed

A badging system for a new undergraduate major in sustainable agriculture and food systems. The final product, which went live with a small pilot group in fall 2013, is more about competency-based education than alternative credentials.

Information Literacy | Central Florida

Badges As part of a UCF pilot project, digital badges are awarded to students for completion of any of UCF's Information Literacy Modules. Students earn a digital badge when they score 80% or higher on a module quiz. An email is automatically sent to each student acknowledging their accomplishment and providing a link to claim their badge.

Open Badges | Mozilla

Free software and an open technical standard any organization can use to create, issue and verify digital badges.

Digital Badges | MacArthur Foundation

Digital badges are an assessment and credentialing mechanism that is housed and managed online. They can help validate learning and make it visible in both formal and informal settings.

Mozilla Backpack

Using an email address, create a Backpack to make personally meaningful collections of badges and share them. Badges from any issuer can be pulled in and shared.




Credly helps recognize achievement by offering a platform for verifying, sharing and managing digital badges and credentials.




A free plugin to WordPress that lets you create achievements and issue sharable badges. A BadgeOS site can be customized to your goals, community, visual identity, and the right mix of social and self-directed activity. You define the achievement requirements and choose the assessment options.

7 Things You Should Know About Badges | EDUCAUSE

Badges are digital tokens that appear as icons or logos on a web page or other online venue. Awarded by institutions, organizations, groups, or individuals, badges signify accomplishments such as completion of a project, mastery of a skill, or marks of experience.

7 Things You Should Read About Badges | EDUCAUSE

Badges represent a way of acknowledging achievements or skill acquisition more granular than a college degree. The resources below provide an overview of the uses of badges and their implications for how individual accomplishments can be awarded, recognized, and shared. The 7 Things You Should Read About...

Digital Badges | HASTAC

This curated collection is about digital badges.A digital badge is a validated indicator of accomplishment, skill, quality or interest that can be earned in many learning environments. The world is changing fast and, today more than ever, traditional modes of assessment fail to capture the learning that happens everywhere and at every age.

Rethinking Digital Badges

Leslie Madsen-Brooks of Boise State on the idea of harnessing badges in remaking undergraduate curriculum.

What Is A Badge? video

How do we recognize and value the way we learn today? Badges are a new idea to recognize the learning that happens anywhere and share it in the places that matter.

Expanding Education and Workforce Opportunities

A report from Mozilla and the Alliance for Excellent Education: digital badges offer learners the opportunity to pave their own pathways and allow employers to verify workforce skills.

Questions about badges in higher ed | HASTAC

How can colleges and universities use badges? The disruptive potential makes for compelling headlines, but the real nuts-and-bolts innovation is happening at ground level. (Sheryl Grant)

How Badges Really Work in Higher Ed | Campus Tech.

Digital badge initiatives at colleges and universities across the country are challenging assumptions about learning and assessment.

Open Badge Designer

An open-access image creator to support Open Badge building needs.

Open Badges slideshow

From a conference presentation by Doug Belshaw, Web Literacy Lead at Mozilla.

How Digital Badges Work | COERLL

An infographic that explains how badge issuers provide opportunities for learners to showcase their skills and interests to peers and employers.


Badges - New Currency for Professional Credentials

Badges - New Currency for Professional Credentials

A MOOC-based international discussion on the role of badges as a new currency of exchange for high value, post-secondary credentials for professionals

Badge Alliance

A network of organizations and individuals working together to build and support an open badging ecosystem, with a focus on shared values including openness, learner agency and innovation.