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Incentive Solutions

Incentive Solutions creates custom, online employee, and customer incentive programs that increase ROI at competitive prices. Incentive Solutions can help you deploy customized, high-impact, online incentive programs that reinvigorate how you go to market, motivate your people, retain and grow business and measure performance.


Who We Help

Who We Help

Whether you run a company, or you're in charge of sales or marketing, or responsible for HR initiatives, Incentive Solutions can work with you to create an effective incentive/performance improvement solution. We have more than 80 years combined experience developing a range of incentive-based programs for companies in a variety of industries all in need of solving business challenges.


Increase brand awareness
Improve customer satisfaction
Maximize customer loyalty

Increase sales force productivity
Exceed sales goals
Build loyalty with your distribution channel partners
Human Resources:

Improve employee engagement and loyalty
Motivate desired behaviors
Improve retention rates


Incentive Solutions :: Online Registration

Incentive Solutions :: Online Registration

For corporate meeting planners, our secure registration management tools enable full control of the registration process without all the headaches.

Our online travel program registration package offers:

Attendee registration forms customized for the event
E-mail confirmation to selected, or all participants
Financial management
Reporting on all aspects of information collected from registrants


Incentive Solutions Marketing

Incentive Solutions Marketing

Good ideas become great ideas when you can access the ability, the talent and resources to bring them to fruition. Incentive Solutions partners with you to establish value optimized marketing objectives that address specific goals to get measurable results. Our marketing professionals work with you to build and manage comprehensive, full-service programs or a la carte campaign or project services.

Incentive Solutions :: Site Selection Services

Incentive Solutions can offer travel destination and site selection services independent of our full-service group travel and event or meeting planning services, through our sister company. Why take advantage of Incentive Solutions' no cost travel site selection and contract negotiation services?

Incentive Solutions :: Employee Productivity Measures

Incentive Solutions' suite of internet-based incentive tracking tools help track and measure employee productivity.

Incentive program management has come a long way since the days of faxed or mailed-in participant registration forms and paper-based sales-tracking tally sheets. Today, through Incentive Solutions' suite of internet-based incentive tracking tools, you can simply and easily administer all of your organizations' sales and rewards programs.

Our program and rewards management systems facilitate:

Incentive travel program registration
Accurate data collection for incentive program enrollment and sales tracking
Ongoing program updates and email communications.
Administrator data access for complete program evaluation.
Incentive Solutions provides customized systems development services to manage any facet of your reward program, with fully customized design to incorporate your brand identity or the program's creative theme.

Incentive Solutions :: Ad Specialties

Memorable logo-branded promotional items are an integral part of your marketing effort. Incentive Solutions online ad specialties shopping mall makes ad specialties sourcing, order and utilization easy and cost effective for you. Search and order high quality branded business gifts and ad specialties from the best manufacturer's at the most competitive prices. Watch your positive results add up! Place your logo on almost any item! To view our Online Ad Specialties Mall, click here.


Travel Videos

Incentive Solutions offers a wide range of incentive travel options giving access to premium travel destinations at advantageous costs.

Los Cabos, Mexico Los Cabos, is its name, a different concept from other locations in this country, areas like The Tourist Corridor, in between the cities of San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, provide a new understanding and enjoyment of what a great group incentive travel should be.

Incentive Magazine Gift Card Survey

April 9th, 2014 Incentive Magazine recently completed their 2013 " Gift Cards IQ" survey where they analyze all matters related to incentive program gift card spending, habits, opinions and more. The survey had some interesting results. The first result of the survey shows that spending is up on incentive program gift cards from an administrative perspective.

Retaining Customers With Online Incentives

April 18th, 2014 Over the past decade the Internet has become the most used and relied on venue of shopping in the world. Customers and businesses alike trust and rely on it more than ever before to conduct business, commerce, social interactions and more.

Identifying The Right Target Audience

For manufacturers developing incentive or loyalty programs, the most important step is identifying the appropriate target audience. Most manufacturers are used to selling and marketing to their distribution partners. They have company or agency sales reps who actively call on the distributor partners.

Don't Wait for Customer Loyalty: Create It

Customer loyalty is a fundamental concept for any business. A loyal customer not only continues buying the same product or service, but has the potential to develop trust and expand into purchasing other products under your brand. Loyal customers are also more likely to recommend brands to their friends and family.

Improve Brand Loyalty by Creating Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty 101 - What is a customer loyalty program? Why should you use one. What are the benefits. How do you implement one correctly. When do you know its time to implement one.

CEO Steve Damerow - Learn How The Benefits Of A Sales Incentive Program Can Increase ROI In Your Industry

The ISI Group's CEO Steve Damerow explains which industries can benefit the most from a sales incentive program. Is your industry on the list? Watch to find out how a rewards program by The ISI Group can increase sales and drive brand loyalty for your company.

Steve Damerow: Learn How The Benefits Of A Sales Incentive Program Can Increase ROI In Your Industry

CEO Steve Damerow - Learn How The Benefits Of A Sales Incentive Program Can Increase ROI In Your Industry from The ISI Group of Companies on Vimeo. Is your industry on the list of who can benefit the most from as sales incentive program?

Get to Know Our CEO - Steve Damerow

Steve Damerow - Atlanta Business Chronicle Steve Damerow is The ISI Group's Chief Executive Officer, overseeing all functional areas and providing strategi

Two Approaches to Business, One Successful Company

Mark Herbert is President and Chief Operating Officer of Atlanta-based incentives company Incentive Solutions. His path into the role of President and partner at the thriving company was lined with well-timed choices, foresight and good fortune. Together with CEO Steve Damerow, Herbert helps lead the company with a forward-thinking and all-inclusive approach that has proven to be very successful.

Facts on Why Travel Incentives Are The Ultimate Motivator

2014 Trends in Engagement, Incentives, and Recognition Incentive Travel brings key top-performers together to learn from one another, to grow, and to engag

Drive Customer Loyalty & Gain Mindshare from Employees

CEO Steve Damerow - Drive Customer Loyalty and Gain Mindshare From Your Employees in the Plumbing Industry from The ISI Group of Companies on Vimeo. Learn how to keep your product top of mind over your competitors in the plumbing industry by gaining repeat business and keeping sales people engaged with an incentive program.

Loyalty Programs vs Incentive Programs. Which One Is Right For You?

CEO Steve Damerow - Talks Loyalty Programs vs Incentive Programs. Which One Is Right For You? from The ISI Group of Companies on Vimeo. Learn the ins and outs of loyalty programs and incentive programs with Steve Damerow, the CEO of The ISI Group of Companies.

Who says incentives have to be merchandise based?

There is a certain satisfaction for incentive program participants when they receive a debit card reward for a job well done. In our industry, merchandise redemptions may reign supreme, but I believe that our debit card programs put up stiff competition. Creating a debit card rewards program generates an "eyes on the prize" mentality.

Why the Advantages of Debit Card Rewards Stay Strong

Incentive Solutions also offers the option of adding employee performance tracking along with all of their reward programs. With Incentive Solutions' incentive technology, clients can add on a Performance Tracking feature to set goals or arrange specific promotions for salespeople. For instance, companies can set up a promotion specifically for sales channel distributors to increase sales.

Pairing Online Technology With Debit Card Reward Programs

Gift cards are familiar to American consumers as an easy, convenient way to give the gift of choice. Businesses use gift cards to recruit, recognize, and motivate employees; to reward workplace safety; to forge relationships with dealers and distributors; to build trade show traffic; and encourage consumers to buy their products 3.

How NOT to Motivate Your Sales Team

There are many ways to motivate your sales force, some more effective than others. But there are a few common motivators that are often used when setting up incentive programs that can have pretty severe, unintended consequences. Today, we'll explore a few of these concepts and consider some of the negative side effects.

More Than Just "Stuff" - Why Rewards Are So Important

Why are objects and success symbols so important? For the same reason that an object can be meaningless to one person, but priceless to another-we attach personal significance to objects. Objects are clues and links to our thoughts, memories and emotions.

Turning a Job Hopper into a Long-term Team Member

One of the problems employers face when considering younger-generation prospects is the job-hopping phenomenon. The Millennial generation has gained a reputation for fickleness when it comes to employment longevity. Job-hopping isn't a reflection of wishy-washy work attitudes, however. Millennials learned their work ethics in a fluctuating, unpredictable job market.