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Updated by Srikar Sumanth on Mar 30, 2014
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Viral Articles around the Internet


Watch Die hard, Star Wars and other Classics in Just a Minute. Don't miss the 3rd one..!

We always want to watch Classic Hollywood movies like Die hard, Star Wars, Back to the Future, Terminator 2, etc.., again and again whenever we are having a holiday or some free time. But in today's fast paced modern world, it became really hard to find time for things that matter most to us, like watching those classic movies.

Top 10 Most Expensive Cars in the World for 2014

Everyone wants to own a race car or atleast a car from well known brands like Mercedes Benz, BMW, Rolls Royce etc..; If you are a millionaire then it won't be a problem for you. But there are some cars that not even millionaires can afford. Yeah those cars are actually real.

14 Crazy and Interesting Facts That Will Blow Your Mind For Sure..!

People always show interest in learning about facts, especially the ones related to the celebrities, places, machines , history etc..; But the facts shown here are a mix up of all those categories that we can assure you these facts will blow your mind for sure.

Top 10 Amazing Art Works That Are Lost Forever. You Can't Take Your Eyes Off Them..!

Many think that Art is forever. Yeah i too agree with that, but technically they aren't. A lot of amazing art works are lost over the centuries. These works of art are considered priceless and sadly they cant be restored to life now.

Dad Created A ROBO Suit For His 13 Month Old Baby And This Is Awesome

A Dad in Germany has created a Robo Suit for his 13 month old baby. This Robo looks like an exact clone of the Robo we saw on the movie "Aliens". This video is posted in the YouTube on 6th march ,2014. This creation took an entire 100 hours for the Dad.

Foldscope: Make A Paper Microscope In 5 Minutes With Just 50 Cents...!

Owning a Microscope will be no longer an expensive issue. TED Fellow Manu Prakash and his team created a new 'Origami' based microscope called as " Foldscope." This new microscope is made out of paper by folding it. Another main thing is that this paper microscope only costs around 50 cents to make one.

This Funny Infographic Shows Exactly How A Blogger Thinks...!

Bloggers are definitely a different kind of beings. They do get different nicknames from their families, friends and the society. Some of the names can be "Nerd", "Geek", etc..; But have you ever wondered how a professional blogger thinks and live most of his day or night.?

A 13 Year Old Boy Creates Nuclear Fusion Successfully...!

Have you ever created a Nuclear Reactor? Well most of them would answer "HELL NO" for that. But recently a 13 year old boy from Preston in England, successfully created a Nuclear Reactor. Jamie Edwards, 13-year-old boy from Preston has become the youngest person ever to successfully carry out atomic fusion.

The Science Of Yawning...!

Have you ever wondered why almost all the living beings on this Mud Planet(Earth) yawn a lot.? Do you think Yawning is Contagious? What exactly is Yawning? Well there are a lot of definitions. Lets check what exactly yawning is according to Wikipedia.

These Sculptures Of Underwater Museum Will Make You Speechless...!

"Ever been to an underwater museum..! ?" You heard it correct my friend. There is an underwater museum situated off the coast of Grenada in the West Indies and this one is now listed as one of the Top 25 Wonders of the World by National Geographic.

Amazing Science Facts That Will Blow Your Mind..!

Did you know that almost all Alcoholic beverages contains necessary minerals to sustain the Human life and also did you know that 1% of the world's population is drunk at this instant. If you think these facts are cool, then check this out...Did you know that Cashew actually grows on Apple.

Every Parent Should Watch This Video. The Science Behind Teenage Brain

Teenage is really a messy and also a crucial part of everyone's life. Being a Teenager is really hard. This crucial part of our life can actually determine how our entire future can be..! If we give up to the unusual problems and conditions we face during this period, we would eventually be going to mess up our entire life..!

This Infographic Teaches You How To Say I Love You In 23 Different Languages. Check It Now..!

Learning a new language is not an easy task. An average adult can't learn more than 6 languages in his lifetime. This is an exception if you are one of the genius level guy or the prodigy kid. But i think learning how to speak a word in different languages is really easy.

These 13 Most Expensive Gaming Apps Can Empty Your Pocket...! [Infographic]

App world includes millions of apps. Hundreds of apps are added every hour and so on. Of all those apps, majority of them are free to install and experience the fun. But only a few are paid ones. Especially when it comes to gaming apps, people show a lot of interest in them.

This Video Explains How Facebook Is Earning Revenue By Cheating...!

Facebook is like the heaven for spammers. No matter how popular you are If you use Facebook ads to increase likes and engagement of your Page, then you are getting dumped for sure. Certainly the page like will increase at a level of 100%, but the engagement will decrease to half than before.

Is Telepathic Communication Possible ? This Video Will Answer You..!

Do you really think that telepathic communication is possible? Whatever your answer might be, i still believe in that. There are a lot of definitions on Telepathy, but the simple one might be "Brain to Brain Communication." Now lets check how our favorite website Wikipedia explains that.

10 Unsolved Mysterious Airplane Disasters..!

As the world is searching for the reasons behind the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, lot of us shown interest to learn about such mysterious airplane disasters that happened in the past. From the Famous Amelia Earhart to the Mysterious Bermuda Triangle incident to the recent Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 incident, this world had offered us a lot of mysterious airplane disasters.