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Updated by Kendra Brea Cooper on Sep 05, 2014
Headline for Revolutionary Fashion: Top 10 Inspirational Thrifting Blogs
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Revolutionary Fashion: Top 10 Inspirational Thrifting Blogs

Whether you are on a tight budget, love recycling, or want to challenge the labor practices of the garment industry, thrift store shopping is the way to go. Unfortunately it takes time to hunt and discover a trendy outfit. Here are some blogs and websites that will inspire you to put together great outfits and have a great time doing it!


This blog has an ethereal quality. It’s fresh and visual which makes it perfect for fashion inspiration. The blog owner, Bethany, models the outfits she finds in thrift shops along with her brilliant text about the best parts of life. She shows us that thrift shopping is not just about a way of dressing but a way of thinking.


Following from the hands-on approach to thrift fashion, Refashionista is another great example of thrift and D.I.Y. The lovely writer, Jillian, discusses thrift shopping as an ethical decision to resist the cheap and quick fashion industry and the use of sweatshops. She refashions clothing from thrift shop finds into something beautiful and responsible. There is also a spot for you to post your own designs on her blog.


I have to point out the clever play on words for all the Clint Eastwood fans who noticed the High Plains Drifter similarity. Nice title work. This blog is creative not only in the visual realm but because it has an amazing How-To section. From “How-to Remove Stains from Boots” to “How-to DIY Mulling Spice Kits”, this blog offers not just thrift inspiration but a hands-on approach to your life.


We all dig responsible fashion and Thrift Shopper for Peace has it right in the blog title. This blogger makes a point to explain how thrift shopping is a lifestyle connected to charity and community action. She offers photos of her experiences in thrift shops as well as her fantastic finds.


Thrift and Shout is all about the trends. It is an excellent blog for the fashion conscious shopper looking to stand out from the crowd. The author, Lindsey Turner, writes a how-to section complete with ways of thinking, planning, and taking charge in thrift shopping. She also links all the blogs that inspire her which can lead to a full night of net surfing for thrifty goodness.

Life as a Thrifter

Life as a thrifter offers great inspiration for those who love to find old furniture and give it new life. Furniture is really fun to hunt for second hand, as these shops are the best way to find unique and antique pieces.

Pyrex Thrifter Sisters

Winning an award for top vintage blog, this is the site for all your old school dreams. I personally love vintage trinkets because they remind me of a world before the one I entered.

Thrift and Style

Thrift and Style has some great D.I.Y. projects for refashioning some of your thrifted pieces. It's a great way to make unique and inexpensive gifts for weddings, birthdays, or the holidays.

Living the Good Will Life

This blogger, Beautiful Existence (yes, her name), has an excellent blog about thrifting as a lifestyle. She weaves in her eco reasons with the bonus of saving money. All for a good cause in the good will life.

Thrift Shop Girl

Thrift Shop Girl has brilliant photographs of thrifted finds that would make any fashion lover swoon. The writing is also excellent, as she dives deep into the mind of a thrift lover with whimsy.