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Headline for Top 10 #elearning apps to keep safe your files in the cloud
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Top 10 #elearning apps to keep safe your files in the cloud

Here is a list with Top 10 #elearning apps to keep safe your files in the cloud

#justcloud Access Your Files From Anywhere At Anytime, From Any Device

Sync all your files across your computers and devices
Automatically sync files across computers. With Just Cloud, you decide which files and folders you want to sync and where you want to sync them.
Just Cloud works in the background so your most important data is always backed up and available to you. You can start editing a file on your office PC and finish it on your laptop at home.

#Carbonite Cloud Backup Services - Online Computer Data Backup

Carbonite online backup is automatic, accessible and affordable. Easily back up your files to the cloud from your PC or Mac. You can now permanently remove "backing up the computer" from every to-do list. Once the Carbonite software is up and running, it works quietly in the background, continually adding new and changed files to the cloud. And when you’re using your computer, the backup takes a back seat so you're not slowed down.

#Zoolz cloud app is designed with big data in mind

The best way to store your online data for a lifetime with Cold Storage technology . Zoolz is designed with big data in mind; it eliminates the need to invest heavily for backing up your big data to expensive storage, paying up-front capital for future expansion, or paying for overpriced storage for rarely accessed data. It provides durability, security and reliability at a very affordable price.
The digital business world is expanding rapidly, with Zoolz all your data is protected in a smart and automatic way. Zoolz is designed to process and protect your data with zero knowledge and with the highest security, durability, and availability out there.

Copy is a cloud app for people, friends, and companies

Use Copy it to keep your computers in sync and your files available from anywhere and from any device. Because Copy is the product of network security and backup giant Barracuda, your files are stored on servers we control and manage, not with a 3rd party like most cloud storage services.
For increased security, your data is protected by multiple layers of encryption, including top-secret grade AES 256, both during transfer and while at rest on Barracuda's enterprise-class cloud storage.
And with advanced features like secure sharing, source validation, and identity verification, you can breathe easy knowing your content can only be seen by the people you want.

#cubby .com - your data shared across all your computers, tablets, and smartphones in the cloud

With Cubby, your stuff is shared across all your computers, tablets, and smartphones and always accessible at It's everything in its everyplace. Cubby gives individuals and teams the flexibility to work the way they want with the security and manageability needed to ensure that company data is safe.

#ZeroPC - Your content navigator for the cloud for all your files

Connect your personal cloud & securely access all your documents, photos, music and videos from many services all under one virtual roof. Drag & Drop any content from one service to another. Search & discover everything in your cloud content across different services. Securely share any content of any size instantly with anyone.

#surdoc free online cloud storage for all your files

SurDoc keeps your precious photos, music, videos, and files backed up online in case your computer crashes or is lost/stolen. Backup is continuous and you don't even have to think about it!
With SurDoc, your files are always with you. You can access, view, edit, sign and share your files from a computer, tablet or smartphone. No more need to carry your laptop everywhere you go.

ParaBlu Sync Your Files Across Your Devices

What is Blu-Cloud? Blu-Cloud is your personal cloud appliance that stores and syncs all your files with complete security and privacy. You can access your data anytime, anywhere over the Internet. It's time you moved your data from public cloud storage solutions to Blu-Cloud. Features: Privacy and Control
All your data is stored with you, on your personal cloud. They don't store any of your data. No one can get a peek into your data. Not their employees! Not anyone else! Unlike many public clouds, you don't give up control of the data at any point of time. Detailed audit information is provided - nothing goes unnoticed.
Create a minicloud (cloud within a cloud) and give access to your collaborators. Your collaborator can simply login into the minicloud to access the files. Think of mini-clouds as sharing circles you create to share data privately between family, friends, work etc. You'll still be able to see all data in your cloud whereas your circles will each be able to only see the data they're provided access to.
Share Securely
You can share files as links. You can also password protect the file so that only intended users have access to your data.
No Storage Restrictions They don't put any arbitrary restrictions on your storage. Plug in an external hard drive and Blu-Cloud will work with it.

#doctape - your personal document and media hub in the cloud

Doctape more than just cloud storage . Features : Drag-n-drop Easy and quick upload,Uploading files to doctape is as easy as selecting and dragging them to the browser window. You can even upload several files at the same time! Upload via email : Direct upload to your personal doctape e-mail Every doctape account has its own e-mail address. You can send new e-mails or forward existing e-mails to [username] and all attached files will be added to your doctape.* This is great for scanners and cameras that can be configured to send e-mails or mobile devices that don't allow file uploads . Auto-conversion Convert and view all types of files …
Every file that enters doctape is automatically converted to a web-friendly format. We keep your originals in case you need to download them in the future. View and share OpenOffice files or AVI videos even on your iPhone or iPad. doctape support a wide range of files . Mobile apps : Viewing files on mobile devices is not always easy. By using the „open with...“ feature when selecting files from Mail or Safari on iOS you can quickly get your files into doctape for viewing and sharing.

#MiMedia MiMedia brings you a totally new approach to backup, protect, access, enjoy & share your digital life.

Online Storage & Online Backup by MiMedia. Not just another online storage solution, MiMedia makes it easy to secure, access, and share your digital life.
MiMedia provides automatic online backup and sync giving you the best of both worlds. Securing files in your online storage account is simple. Then enjoy unparalleled on demand access to your digital life from anywhere. Listen to your music, play videos, view photo galleries, or access any file instantly. Enjoy it all on the go with MiMedia's free mobile app.