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How to Apply for a Permanent Resident Card

Your Permanent Resident Card is the official proof of your status as a permanent resident in Canada and is required by any permanent residents who plan on traveling outside of Canada and returning to Canada by plane, train, boat, bus, or any other form of commercial transport.

Student Visas: Everything You Need to Know About Successfully Applying to a Canadian College as an Immigrant

Each year, thousands of students from other countries pursue their educational goals in Canada, as our colleges and universities are considered some of the best in the world. Not only does Canada have one of the most respected education systems internationally, there are also permanent immigration options available for international students graduating from post-secondary programs in Canada.

Cataract Surgery

Read More at As featured on KING5 Seattle, Evergreen Eye Center is the first to offer bladeless laser cataract surgery in Washington State. Check us out and call today: Evergreen Eye Center is a recognized center-of-excellence in cataract surgery.

Aesthetic Practice Training Course Calendar | Medical Aesthetics Training - Aesthetic Advancements

Use the checkboxes below to choose which courses you want to view and click on the show button. For your convenience we show all courses by default.

Protect Your Electrical & Electronic Equipment From Surges |

Not so long ago, the need for surge protection could have been considered an insurance policy, and chances of needing it were very slim. But our weather patterns have shifted, and we have seen more and more violent weather in Barrie, Orillia and the Muskoka Lakes.

Checking For The Use Of Subcontractors | Solda Pools Toronto

While there are many factors that contribute to your pool installation going as smoothly as possible, one that doesn't always get a lot of attention is the use of subcontractors. You may not even realize that the contractor you hired is actually using a subcontractor to complete the work, but it is a practice that can leave you with an inferior pool in the end.

5 Clever Bathroom Organizational Tips
It takes only a short amount of time for that new bathroom area to become cluttered with hair care products, accessories, towels and clothes. Few other spaces in the home might also attract this level of disorganization, but as a highly trafficked room, the bathroom seems to constantly have this issue.
What is Low-E Glass?

Thanks to its high versatility, glass has become one of the most widely used and popular building materials of the age. This is partially because it's aesthetically pleasing and partially because humanity has been using glass for such a long time that we have gotten rather good at it.

Untreated Sobriety

Managing to stop using alcohol or drugs can be a major milestone in the life of someone struggling with an addiction. However, remaining abstinent from substances is only a part of recovery. After quitting, a person can be in a state called "Untreated Sobriety," or as it is often called, "Being A Dry Drunk."

How To Fix Your Window Winder - Clera Windows & Doors
Clera Windows + Doors by FM Industries Inc. 31 Pennsylvania Avenue Concord, ON L4K 5V5 © 2014 Certified Window Installers Energy Efficient Windows - FM INDUSTRIES™ All rights reserved. COPYRIGHT © 2014 Certified Window Installers | Energy Efficient Windows - FM INDUSTRIES™. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
Do You Need to Tidy the Home Before the Cleaner Arrives?
We all have those anxious moments when we feel that our home is being judged by those who visit. This is true of many people who hire home cleaning services. Oftentimes, you might feel that you should prepare your home ready for your cleaner to arrive and complete the work.
Electrical Panel - When to Upgrade? - The Shock Doctors

It is important to assess your electrical panel before embarking on any renovation or additions to your home, whether it be a new family room, garage, or even shiny new appliances for the kitchen. You need to ask yourself if you have a big enough electrical service to run everything you need and if your electrical panel is adequate for the job.

We have been really rattled over the recent budget for the year 2015-16 by the government with massive changes to auto insurance being tabled that will further restrict access to accident benefits for those injured, and put the medical and rehabilitative needs of Ontarians in jeopardy.

Tips On How To Plan For Your Closing Costs

When you know that you are going to apply for a mortgage, it is best to begin saving for the closing costs. On average, closing costs cost anywhere from $2,500 to $6,000. These costs vary by location and other matters that also affect the rate.

Aspire Federal Credit Union : Are You Saving Enough for Retirement?

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that if Americans put 3% of their salaries towards a retirement plan, it still may not be enough for a comfortable retirement. The problem is many people don't even want to part with that 3%. In fact, almost half of the people surveyed had no retirement funds at all.

Can you Get Insurance Coverage for your Possessions during Cross Border Moves? | Armstrong Moving

Many people who have not been through long distance relocation often find the process to be mysterious and confusing. If the move originates from another country, you have to clear customs before the moving company can complete the delivery to your new home.

Understanding Green Lighting

If you want to be an even better steward of the environment, then green housing might be something you want to consider. It goes without saying that green housing goes much further than recycling and composting ever could, and fortunately Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation is a wealth of information when it comes to explaining what green housing is and delving into why you should even care.

Will My Bankruptcy Affect My Spouse?

If you are married and need to claim bankruptcy, you may be concerned as to how your assignment into bankruptcy will affect your spouse. If your spouse is joint on a co-signed debt, then a creditor can legally pursue your spouse for repayment of that debt even if you file for bankruptcy.

Aspire Federal Credit Union : How to Handle Holiday Leftovers

When it comes to holiday food, leftovers are inevitable. Some may be excited about this, but others may not know what to do - and no one wants waste! We'll walk you through how to manage the holiday mess to ensure you're getting the most out of your holiday investment.

Quitting Caffeine? 3 Alternatives To Staying Awake | Truck Loan Center

You've probably met other long-haul truck drivers who claim to be able to complete their trips without a drop of caffeine, and it's hard to believe that's true. After all, nothing really wakes you up in the morning like a nice big cup of coffee.

Canadian Housing Market Forecast: Cooling Down

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. (CMHC) reports that this year's upturn in house prices will slowly wear off over the next two years. CHMC forecasts that end 2015 will see national home prices 7.2 per cent higher. However, this rate of increase is not expected to continue.

Pay Off Your Debts - The Financial Forum
  1. You avoid any interest rate increases. If rates go up after the holidays (which is quite likely) but you get your approval now, then you are protected from those increases. If you wait like most people when the demand becomes high, there is a good chance you will be paying a higher rate.