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Body Fit 101

Muscle Pills 2014

Building muscle requires a lot of hard work & discipline. It definitely isn't everyone's cup of tea. It is because of this that apart from weight training, eating the right foods and ensuring you get enough rest every day, there are a lot of people who rely on muscle pills (also known as supplements) to help them build their muscles.

Can Chocolate In A Pill Boost Heart Health?

For the last decade or so, we've heard about the alleged health benefits of eating dark chocolate, including lower blood pressure and improved cholesterol levels. Those claims are about to be put to an exhaustive test in a study of 18,000 adults in Boston and Seattle. But instead of eating [...]

Leg pain can hurt and be worrisome. Here's what to know.

Possible problem: Did you just start an exercise regimen or suddenly cut back on one? Both can cause cramping. Other possible causes: too little calcium, magnesium or potassium in your diet, or dehydration from not drinking enough water or from taking certain medications, notably diuretics used to control high blood pressure.

We'll Cure Death in a Decade Say the Stars of the SXSW Doc The Immortalists | Public Spectacle | Los Angeles | Los An...

Immortality is a decade away, insist scientists Bill Andrews and Aubrey de Grey, the stars of the SXSW world premiere documentary The Immortalists. The two make a good advertisement: Andrews is a 61-year-old molecular biologist who runs a 100-mile marathon every month, de Grey is a trim Cambridge-educated PhD with...

  • You are going to discover that when diet was created precisely, concentrating on body fat reduction utilizing a correct fat burning consuming technique allows vascularity to achieve extraordinary l...

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