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Mick Jagger's 17 Unique Facial Expressions

Moody & Pouting (Bay City Rollers)

50 years ago Brian Jones, Ian Stewart, Keith Richards and Mick Jagger formed a band in London called The Rolling Stones. Half a century later the band is still going strong and sits atop the music ...

Disbelief & Amusement

50 years ago Brian Jones, Ian Stewart, Keith Richards and Mick Jagger formed a band in London called The Rolling Stones. Half a century later the band is still going strong and sits atop the music ...


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Wide Square Mouth - Spitting Images

While I'm on the subject of The Rolling Stones lately, I decided to go ahead and post this rough study of Mick Jagger. The source image was horrible so this was just a practice piece and done very quickly. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day and be inspired!

Mick Jagger Obsession Peace - Vulcan Hand Signal

A new book has claimed that Mick Jagger had an obsession with Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie. The new book by author Christopher Andersen is titled "MICK: The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger" and claims that the rock star used to phone the actress constantly.

Mick Jagger Happy

Last night Ben and I were watching the Jimmy Fallon Show, and as part of interviewing those fired from the most recent "Celebrity Apprentice", Gary Busey was a guest. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Gary Busey looked...crazy sauce. He was nonsensical, rambling, and Jimmy Fallon had to work overtime to keep Busey on the right conversational track.

Mick Jagger's Best Facial Expressions (PHOTOS)

By Shaun Kitchener On July 1, 2013 Rock legends The Rolling Stones impressed thousands and thousands (and thousands) of fans over the weekend with their first ever appearance at the Glastonbury Festival. As they busted out classic after classic after classic, we couldn't help but notice how 'into it' Mick Jagger was.

Mick Jagger : Teasing & Taunting

Mick Jagger in concert - Kooyong Expressions of Interest Welcome The story of the photograph: I couldn't afford the $5 for the entry ticket, so I faked a press pass - very seventies 'Blue Meanie Press' - and managed to make my way in.

Questioning / Disdain

A few days ago, my friend Maud sent me a link to an excerpt from " Apollo's Angels," a history of ballet written by Jennifer Homans. The excerpt on The New Republic asked if ballet in its current form is dead.

Mick Jagger's : Tongue in Cheek

Mick started off a Protestant in the Church of England, then converted to Catholicism for his first wife, now he's hanging out with Buddhist monks in Southeast Asia. He's been buddies with many of England's politicians and was even knighted by the Queen but has expressed an interest in anarchism.

Laughing Hyena

MICHAEL JORDAN, basketball player "I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed." "If you're trying to achieve, there will be roadblocks. I've had them; everybody has had them. But obstacles don't have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don't turn around and give up.

Youthful Mick Jagger

Tom Hanley/Redferns/Getty Images Love letters revealing a hot and heavy affair between Mick Jagger and the woman who is said to have inspired the Rolling Stones classic "Brown Sugar" are set to be auctioned in London next month. Marsha Hunt, the young Rolling Stone's apparent muse, is now 66 and living in France, broke and unable to pay her bills.

Extremely Happy

傳記作家Chris Andersen前陣子才說: 「Mick Jagger此生至少和4000個女人打過砲。而我認為,這個數字實在是太低估了。」 如果要細數這位Rolling Stones主唱的風流史,其複雜程度恐怕 超乎任何一本推理小說,帳面上是結過2次婚,官方的小孩有7個,分別由不同的4個女人所生。實際上呢,跟他傳過一腿的女人是不計其數,不是模特兒,就是作家,或者是女歌手和女演員,連 Angelina Jolie也曾是他的座上賓。 Rolling Stones是很偉大,這大家都知道,但是讓 Mick Jagger成為千人斬的秘訣究竟是什麼? 哎呀,標題就洩題啦。The Who的吉他手Pete Townshend在最近的一次受訪時,談到Mick Jagger那根傳說中,插千人陽具: (好像某種另類的懸賞單,Mick Jagger大喊「我要成為海賊王」) 「喔,我記得Mick Jagger的陰莖,超大,看起來超好吃!」(Pete Townshend真的是用了huge和extremely tasty來形容啦~沒騙你~) Pete Townshend繼續一邊說,一邊看著站在他背後的主唱 Roger Daltrey : 「至於Roger的呢...我啥也不記得啦!我也不敢跟你們講啦!」 其實, Pete Townshend只是開開 Rolling Stones的玩笑,可能順便有點私心吧。 「喔,我記得Mick Jagger的陰莖,超大,看起來超好吃」,說這句話的主人,其實是 另一位Stones成員 Keith Richards,出自於前幾年出版的回憶錄。而 Pete只是小小發揮了他的英式幽默,糗了 Rolling Stones,又順便為自己準備要出版的回憶錄打打廣告。 Mick Jagger,屌再這麼大,也沒被機場人員誤以為攜帶對咩,常常出國表演的 資料來源: Rolling Stone 「生化武器」 過,對吧?


Oh shit - The Rolling Stones have announced that they'll be hitting Australia - more specifically, Adelaide - in 2014. The beyond legendary band will hit Adelaide Oval on Saturday 22 March 2014, with tickets going on sale on Monday 25 November 2013 from 9:00am ACST.